Astroid Framework - #1 Joomla Templating Framework

Powerful framework for designers and developers to create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates.
  • Compatibility: Joomla 3.10, Joomla 4
  • Version: v2.5.4 (Stable)
  • Last Update: 19 Aug, 2021
Astroid Framework has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is powering Thousands of Joomla websites.

Powerful Joomla Template Framework

Powerful framework for designers and developers to create responsive, fast & robust Joomla based websites and templates.
Layout Builder
Layout Builder

Astroid Framework comes with a drag and drop layout builder. You can create unlimited module positions with the flexibility to create any kind of layouts.

Mega Menu Builder
Mega Menu Builder

Design interactive neat & clean mega menu design for your Joomla website and add any kind of content (including modules) in your dropdowns.

Centralized Configurations
Centralized Configurations

You can control your website from a single place. All settings related to the layout of your website can be controlled from the Astroid control panel.


Simple yet Powerful Customization controls.

Astroid gives you all the tools and advanced functionality to customize and control your Joomla website layout.
Appearance Controls
You can customize the appearance of your Joomla website with simple controls available at your fingertips in the Astroid backend.
Header Customization
You can choose any header type from the available header variations. Decide whether you want to enable the sticky header or not, display off canvas menu and much more.
With the theming feature, you can override the default bootstrap colors with your own brand color and you can also add SAAS Overrides to add your custom color variables.
fully customizable

Create Simple yet Complex Website Layouts Quickly

The Joomla template framework comes with a flexible website layout builder which allows you to build flexible and powerful layouts simply by adding or removing elements.
Drag & Drop Interface
You can drag and drop any element from one column to another or any section to another section. In short, it gives you full flexibility to build any type of complex layout.
Unlimited Number of Module Positions
There is no limit on the number of module positions you can have. Unlike the old days, you don’t need to hard code module positions in PHP anymore. You can do all this within the Astroid layout manager.
Different Element Types
The Astroid Joomla framework offers you 4 types of elements to design your website. These are Component, Messages, Banner and module.

Load Your Joomla Website in Seconds

Speed is an important factor when it comes to developing a website and we kept it an utmost priority while developing Astroid. This is why we load only what is enabled thus keeping your load time to a minimum.
Lazy Load
You don't need to install any third party plugin to enable lazy load images on your Joomla website. Astroid offers you a built in advanced lazy load feature to load the images only those which are visible in the view port and giving you a high google page speed score.
HTML/CSS and JS Compression
To reduce the file size and compress your HTML/CSS and JS files, most of the times you need to install 3rd party Joomla extensions.Not Anymore, with Astroid, you can compress & Minify Javascript, CSS & HTML for your website thus further enhancing the performance.

Design Mega Menu With Drag & Drop Builder

Larger websites with lots of products or categories, need to have a powerful navigation system to increase the engagement and conversions on the website. To enhance the user experience on your website, you need to have a mega menu.

Creating a mega menu on any menu item with Astroid framework is simple. It’s actually very easy, just enable the mega menu and start designing it. You can create any Mega Menu layout with the help of Mega Menu builder and add modules and menu items within the drag and drop builder.


8 Types of Header Variations to give your website a fresh look

Header in Astroid is a very powerful feature that gives you a bunch of different options as far as the layout of your website is concerned.

With Astroid you get the option to select from a combination of 8 different header layouts. The header layouts are in fact very powerful and well thought out to suit almost all kinds of design requirements.

The horizontal, stacked and sidebar header layouts gives you flexibility and ease of control over what you want to display and where.


Blended With Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder

JD Builder is integrated within Astroid framework. So now you can create and edit the pages easily with just dragging and dropping the elements.

You can design it easily and quickly with the help of drag and drop page builder as per your requirement.

Be a Joomla Pro and Push to the Limits!

Since I discovered Astroid by JoomDev in 2018, I have found my holy grail. Since then 100% of the websites I build do use the Astroid framework/templates. The first reason is its power and flexibility.
On top of that JoomDev is always so reactive on the forum" ~Marc
Joomla 4 Compatible
Joomla 4 Compatible
Astroid Framework is 100% compatible with Joomla 4 and works without any issues. Get the Latest and great version of Joomla with Astroid on your website.
SCSS Support
SCSS Support
Astroid Joomla template framework is built on SASS, the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.
Security First!
Security First!
Security has been our #1 priority, Astroid uses CSRF token for all post requests to make sure there isn't even a remote chance of your website getting hacked.
Regular Updates
Regular Updates
We listen to user’s feedback and suggestions. We work and release regular updates. These updates, features and bug fixes assure a reliable and useful platform.
Font Awesome 5
Font Awesome 5
Font Awesome 5 is integrated into the core of Astroid framework. You can use it in menu items, content, wherever you want to add any Font Awesome icon.
Dedicate Support
Dedicate Support
Creating a product is not enough. Providing dedicated support to help users is a must. Our technical support team is available around the clock.
Google Fonts
Google Fonts
Play with more than 700 Google Fonts that are integrated within the Astroid Typography section. Apart from the Google fonts you can upload custom fonts as well within a blink of an eye.
Truly Open Source
Truly Open Source
Astroid is 100% Free as in free beer and Open Source released under GNU GPL Version 2. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes 100% Free.
Unlimited Colors
Unlimited Colors
Built-in color picker allows you to quickly change the color of nearly every element of your webpage.

Create Presets and Change Website Look Instantly

If you are a template developer or the one who always tests the different color variations, this feature is most important for you.

Presets allow you to create different sets of color variations and you can change the color of your whole website with just a single click. Give your users a light and a dark theme of your website.

Ready to Use Presets

Lazy Load Images to Increase Website Performance

Lazy loading images improves web page performance by reducing the number of HTTP requests and data needed to render the initial load.

To use the Lazy Load on your Joomla website, you don't need to use any third party extensions. Astroid framework comes with a built in option for lazy load images, just enable it from your backend and you are good to go.

You can lazy load any specific images, images from a specific component, URL, Template view or classes.

Astroid Framework is loaded with features you need to set up a highly functional Joomla website.

Astroid Based Joomla Templates

These templates are designed by talented 3rd-party designers
and developers in the Astroid community.

Joomla users love Astroid Framework. But don’t just take our word for it.

  • Serge Billon


    We use the astroid framework for many projects because it is the tool that allows us to really do what we want in terms of design, and gives our clients the possibility to have a complete control over their layout without any particular knowledge. This framework is simply the best for professionals and amateurs alike.
    Serge Billon
  • Best Joomla template framework ever. We are using Astroid for all of our Joomla Template. The framework gives us the flexibility to build rich responsive websites.

Websites Showcase

These are the great examples of brand new Joomla
websites designed with Astroid Framework.

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