Astroid Framework Features

Astroid is a fastest growing Joomla templating framework. It offers countless features that enable you to design your Joomla website quickly, easily and effectively.



Astroid allows you to add an animated preloader to your Joomla website. You can use built-in animations, custom images or Font Awesome icons.

Back To Top

Back to top feature allows your users to redirect them from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. You can style it as per your website design.

Smooth Scroll

Enabling smooth scroll loads smooth-scroll.js file to make sure the anchor tags within the page scroll smoothly.


Import/Export feature of Astroid allows you to export the template settings from one template and import them to another template. This is useful for backing up your settings.

Open Source

Astroid is 100% Free “as in free beer” and Open Source Framework released under GNU GPL Version 2 or later

SEO Optimized

The Joomla framework is fully SEO friendly. It is created with best SEO practices following the latest HTML5 standards, to boost your SERPs results.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Astroid framework is fully compatible with all the latest browsers. No more worrying about cross browser compatibility issues or your website NOT looking the same across all browsers.


Hotkeys are the keyboard shortcuts that help you to save your time when performing different actions like Save, Close etc on the admin panel.

Shortcut Cheat Sheet

To help you with the shortcut keys, Astroid offer you shortcut key cheat sheet on a single keyboard shortcut. Access it by pressing Shift + ? while focused in the Astroid Control Panel.


Drag and Drop Layout Builder

Astroid has a fastest and most robust drag and drop layout builder that allows you to create complex layouts easily and quickly.

Wide & Boxed Layout

Astroid framework offers you a Wide and Boxed layout. You can choose between boxed and wide layout and change your website look any time.

Section Layout

Astroid offers different sections layout. You have container, container fluid, container with no gutter, without container and few more to choose from.

Multiple Header Layouts

You have multiple options to choose from and can easily switch between headers in the Astroid Layout Manager.

Sticky Header

Add a sticky header to your Joomla website, with a click of a button. No additional plugins needed. Configure it as per your website needs.

Error & Coming Soon Page

The framework comes with built in error and coming soon page. These are fully responsive and highly customizable. You can style them as per your needs.

Different Element Types

With the Astoid layout builder, you got 4 different elements. These are Component, Module position, Message and Banner.

Mobile Editing

Astroid give you fully responsive website editing feature. So you can even control your website from the mobile devices as well.

Margin & Padding

You can set responsive margin and paddings on section levels in the Astroid Layout Manager thus giving you more flexibility for your website’s responsive layout.

Device Visibility

The Joomla framework allows you to control the visibility of any specific section, row, column on different devices.


Responsive Layout

Astroid comes with a fully responsive layout i.e. can easily adapt to any mobile device with any screen size.

SCSS Support

Astroid is built on SASS, the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

Default Overrides

Built-in overrides for all Joomla core page types including Contacts, Content, Blog & User pages.

Retina Ready

With Astroid, your Joomla website will look awesome on high resolution & Retina displays.

Unlimited Colors

Built-in color picker allows you to quickly change the color of nearly every element of your webpage without writing a single line of code.

Video Background

Astroid Layout Manager allows you to easily add video backgrounds to your sections so your website can look interesting and interactive.

Parallax Effect

With Astroid Layout Manager, You can easily create parallax effects on any of the sections in your website.


Astroid is built on HTML5, this ensures smoother page rendering across all devices and gets you much needed love & traffic from search engines.

Gradient Background

With the Astroid Framework, it is easy to add gradient background to any section, row, column of your Joomla website.

Theme Colors

You can override the default bootstrap colors with your own brand color and you can also add SAAS Overrides to add your custom color variables.


Presets allow you to create different sets of color variations and you can change the color of your whole website with just a single click.


Ultra Fast loading

Attention to detail, well written code and optimized images helped us create such a fast loading layout.

Optimized for Speed

Astroid is optimized for faster loading, with a limited amount of JavaScript & CSS files.You can further optimize it by enabling the HTML/CSS compression and lazy load.

HTML Compression

With the HTML compression option you can compress the html of your site for performance enhancement, thus furthering your efforts of having a fast website.

CSS/JS Compression

JS/CSS Compression feature allows you to compress CSS & JS files and reduce their size to increase the website loading speed.

Advanced Lazy Load

Astroid offers you a built in advanced lazy load feature to load the images only those which are visible in the view port and giving you a high google page speed score.


Mobile Menu

Astroid comes with a built-in mobile menu that allows you to easily list all your menu items on mobile devices.

Mega Menu

The Joomla template framework comes with drag and drop mega mega menu builder. You can add your menu items, Joomla modules and create an interactive mega menu.

Off Canvas Menu

Astroid comes with the Off Canvas menu as well. You can use it alongside your regular menu and publish any module to the off canvas position.


Astroid’s menu builder enables you to add subtimes on your menu items. This way you can add more information to your individual menu items.


Add badges to your menu items to increase the CTR and grab the attention of your users.

Module in Mega Menu

Create a Joomla module, style it as per your need and drag it in the mega menu.


Easy to customize

Play with the font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line-height and letter spacing to give a different look and feel to the users on your website.

Custom Fonts

Astroid allows you to add your own custom fonts and use them throughout your Joomla website.

Google Fonts

Play with more than 998 Google Fonts that are integrated within the Astroid Typography section.m

Font size: PX, EM, REM, PT

For the better responsive design and user experience, you can set your typography in PX, EM, REM or PT.

Responsive Typography

The template frameworks lets you set different font size, letter spacing,and line height for different sizes of devices.

Custom Typography

Apart from the fixed element typography settings, the Astroid also offers you Custom Typography options which can be used simply with the help of a class.


Google Fonts

Google Font integrations lets you choose any font from its library. It has more than 998 fonts available in its library.

Font Awesome 5

Font Awesome 5 is integrated into the core of Astroid, use it in menu items, content, wherever you like.

Bootstrap 4

Astroid is built on Bootstrap 4 and is compatible with the very latest version of Bootstrap 4. So you can integrate the power of bootstrap on your Joomla site.


With built in animations on the section, column and module level, you can select from 80+ different animations.

Facebook Comments

You can use the Facebook comment system on your Joomla articles by just adding a simple APP ID. No code required.


Disqus is a popular commenting system used for discussion. You can simply enable it on your Joomla site without using any third party extension or writing the code.


Hyper Comments allows a user to comment directly on a Joomla article. Astroid comes with built in integration on Hyper Comments.


IntenseDebate's comment system enhances and encourages conversation on your Joomla articles. Integrate it on your site with a single click.

Social & Media

Social Icons

Astroid Framework allows you to easily manage links to your social media pages within the social section.

Media Manager

Astroid comes with a powerful and robust media manager that allows you to manage your media files easily and store them in well structured way.

Social Share

Astroid allows you to integrate Social Share on Joomla Articles. You can use the social share service either from AddThis or ShareThis.

Open Graph & Twitter Cards

Setup open graphs & Twitter cards for Joomla articles without messing up with coding. Just upload your image, title & description.

Blog & Articles

Comment Integration

Now it's easy to integrate the comment system on Joomla Articles without any third party extension.

Author Box

Astroid allow you to showcase your article author on article page. You can showcase author bio, contact info and social profiles.

Article Badges

You can add badges like Hot, Trending, Best Seller etc on the Article listing page and style them as per your website design with Astroid framework.

Article Types

Astroid offers you different article types like Regular, Video, Audio, Review, Gallery, and Quote. Assign article type as per the nature of your content.

Ajax Rating

We have integrated AJAX rating system which allow your visitors to rate your articles without reloading the page

Related Post

Show related posts on the Single article view simply with a single click and increase readership and control bounce rate on your website.

Read Time

Astroid offers you the Read Time feature for Articles. With this feature you can show how much approximate time a reader will take to read the article.


Security First!

Security has been our #1 priority, Astroid uses CSRF token for all post requests to make sure there isn't even a remote chance of your website getting hacked.

Tracking Codes

Easily add Google, facebook or other tracking codes into your website using the custom code manager.

Custom Codes

dUse your own custom code like CSS, JS, Meta tags, Links, and Verification codes.


Detailed Documentation

A step by step guide with proper screenshots for each and every part of Astroid framework is available.
Check documentation

Video Tutorials

We have prepared a series of video tutorials to show you how to use Astroid framework for your project.
Watch Tutorials

24/7 Support

Have any questions? Post us on our support forum. Our technical support team would love to assist you with your issues.
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Translation Ready

Hundreds of translators from different countries contributed to translate Astroid in their language. Now Astroid is available in Multiple languages.
Download Translations.

Astroid Framework is loaded with features you need to set up a highly functional Joomla website.