Astroid Header Layouts

Header in Astroid is a very powerful feature that gives you a bunch of different options as far as the layout of your website is concerned. The header normally involves a logo (text or image), drop down menu and a module position or two to display static content (contact information or social icons and stuff). The header is prominently visible on your website and with Astroid you can make the most out of it.
  • Multiple Header Layouts
  • Mobile Menu
  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
  • OffCanvas Position
Astroid Header Layouts

Astroid Framework is loaded with features you need to set up a highly functional Joomla website.

Multiple Header Layouts

Multiple Header Layouts

With Astroid you get the option to select from a combination of 8 different header layouts. The header layouts are in fact very powerful and well thought out to suit almost all kinds of design requirements.

The horizontal, stacked and sidebar header layouts gives you flexibility and ease of control over what you want to display and where.


Drag N Drop Mega menu builder

The menu menu builder is a layout builder in itself and with the ability to select grid and columns for your layout, the possibilities are endless.

You are not limited to just menu items in your Mega menu but any Joomla module as well. This let’s you display contact information, Login form, products, sliders and anything else imaginable in your Drop Down Mega Menu. On top of that, you are able to add menu items to the fix as well.

Drag N Drop  Mega menu builder

Be a Joomla Pro and Push to the Limits!

Since I discovered Astroid by JoomDev in 2018, I have found my holy grail. Since then 100% of the websites I build do use the Astroid framework/templates. The first reason is its power and flexibility.
On top of that JoomDev is always so reactive on the forum" ~Marc
Mobile Menu

Mobile Menu

Astroid comes in with a built-in Mobile menu that’s accessible and tested on almost all kind of mobile devices. The mobile menu has the ability to show multiple levels of menu items with beautifully curated design with usability in menu.

The mobile menu lets you select a menu that you’d like to display on the mobile. You can have 2 seperate menus for mobile and desktop to keep the navigation on mobile simpler and straight forward.


Offcanvas Position

The offcanvas position is something that like mobile menu but available on desktop, tablet and mobile as well. The offcanvas is a sidebar menu (just like mobile menu) and that lets you publish any content of your choice to the offcanvas position using the Joomla Module Manager. You can publish a menu, contact information, slider, custom HTML or anything else

The offcanvas position shows a hamburger icon to the right most corner of the header (on desktop, tablet and mobile as well) to trigger and open the offcanvas position content.

Offcanvas Position

Astroid Framework is loaded with features you need to set up a highly functional Joomla website.