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Joomla is well known for its Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) which contains more than 7896 component, module, and plugins. From these extensions, some are free to use and for some, you have to purchase the license/extension.

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In the earlier day, search engine was not as powerful as it is right now.  I am talking back in 90’s when search engine was works on the bases of Keyword Matching and links pointing to your website. That mean when you target your exact keywords with tons of backlinks, there are the 100% possibilities of ranking your website.

Due to this, low quality website starts getting ranks which produce inaccuracy on the web. So Google start filtering the results by introducing new Google algorithm which helps to clean the web.

In this post, we have designed an infographic which contain all the history of Google algorithm change. Let me give a brief about major google updates which helps Google to make more accurate and clean web.

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