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Wordpress To Zoho API Integration [Tutorial]


In this tutorial, we will show you a simple WordPress/PHP to Zoho CRM Integration.

We will be submitting a form where the details will be sent over to your Zoho CRM Control Panel using the Zoho CRM API.

Steps 1

The first step in the process is to generate Authtokens in order to connect to the ZOHO CRM API.

The AuthToken can be generated by visiting the URL below and replacing your email & password with one of your choices.

URL: https://accounts.zoho.com/apiauthtoken/nb/create?SCOPE=ZohoCRM/crmapi&EMAIL_ID=YOURMEIALHERE&PASSWORD=YOURPASSWORDHERE

And you run the above successfully in your address bar, you will have a response similar to the one below.


Parameter Name Description
EMAIL_ID Specify your Email address
SCOPE Zoho CRM/CRM API or ZohoCreator/Creator API
PASSWORD Specify your Zoho creator password


Access and manage all the active secret auth tokens of your account by selecting Settings -> Active Authtokens in https://accounts.zoho.com


In this step, to Add Record in Zoho If you adding lead in Zoho.

Use this URL and pass XML data in URL and after run to insert that data add and show in Zoho lead.



Parameter Name Usage Description
authtoken Required Valid API authtoken
scope Required Specify the value as CRM API
<application name> Required Name of application that contains the form.
<form name> Required Name of form that contain a field name.
<field name> Required Link to the field value.

SampleXML Data:

<row no="1">
<FL val="First Name">First Name</FL>
<FL val="Last Name">Last Name</FL>
<FL val="Email">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.</FL>
<FL val="Department">php</FL>
<FL val="Phone">999999999</FL>
<FL val="Fax">99999999</FL>
<FL val="Mobile">99989989</FL>
<FL val="Assistant">none</FL>

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Field Name API Format Data type Maximum Limit
Lead owner Lead owner Lookup -
Salutation Salutation Pick list -
First Name First Name Text box Alphanumeric(40)
Title Title Text box Alphanumeric(100)
Last Name* Last Name Text box Alphanumeric(80)
Company* Company Text box Alphanumeric(100)
Country Country Text box Alphanumeric(30
Zip Code Zip Code Numeric Alphanumeric(30)
Street Street Text box Alphanumeric(250)
City City Text box Alphanumeric(30)
State State Text box Alphanumeric(30)
Description Description Text area (long text) 32000 characters
Lead Source Lead Source Pick list -
Industry Industry Pick list -
Annual Revenue Annual Revenue Currency Decimal (16)
Phone Phone Text box Alphanumeric(30)
Mobile Mobile Text box Alphanumeric(30)
Fax Fax Text box Alphanumeric(30)
Email Email Email Alphanumeric and Special characters(100)
Secondary Email Secondary Email Email Alphanumeric and Special characters(100)
Skype ID Skype ID Text box Alphanumeric(50)
Website Website URL Alphanumeric(120)
Lead Status Lead Status Pick list -
Rating Rating Pick list -
No. of Employees No. of Employees Numeric Integer (16)
Email Opt-out Email Opt-out Check box
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