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How to render a module in Joomla 3 by Position

Here is how you render a module in Joomla 3 based on Position


< ?php

$modules = JModuleHelper::getModules('POSITIONHERE');
foreach ($modules as $module) {
echo JModuleHelper::renderModule($module);
? > 

Using the above code in any Joomla file, will render the module.

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Verify Your Local Business Page on Facebook

Verify Your Local Business Page on Facebook

Hey, business owners! How are you doing these days? Hope all is well. We would like to give you a good news. If you are running a Local Business, then you can get Verify Your Facebook Fan Page easily.

Today Facebook announced that from today they are rolling out the verified badge for the local businesses. They also add that this verified badge will be in the color Gray. This Gray stamp will help to differentiate the page of Celebrity, sports teams, public figures and other media pages which are marked with Blue badge on the Facebook.

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