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SOLVED! - Save Failed with the Following Error: Invalid Parent ID

Joomla on times can show you the following error upon creating a new article or editing an existing on in article manager.

Save Failed with the Following Error: Invalid Parent ID

This is appliable to Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3+. Since Joomla 1.6, #__assets table was introducted which saves a foreign key for all the Joomla's core (and in some cases 3rd party extensions) content.

To solve your problem. follow the steps below.1

1. Go to the Menu Manager, select all menus items and click the rebuild  button.

2. Go to the Category manager, Select all categories and click the rebuild  button.

3. Open all categories and save them (this will insert the approriate assets tables associations for all categories).


Next time you go edit your article, You won't see the error message again.

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The Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Services

Long gone are the days for website designers where they could just write a single piece of website design and forget everything else. The technology is expanding rapidly and with it there is an expansion of many devices with many different functionalities and many different screen sizes. These screen sizes make it tough for web designers to write their websites in a way which can support all different types of devices. Designing a website for a Desktop computer with a big screen size will render a bad display in the small screen of a mobile phone. There is a variety of devices like Phones, Tablets, Phablets, Desktops, Game consoles, Televisions and even wearable tech these days. And building just one site for these seems illogical and useless really. This is where the theory or Responsive web design (RWD) kicks in.

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Importance of Social Media Marketing in Your Business

Social Media Marketing

It is important to highlight the topic of social media Marketing because it plays a vital role in one’s business. Social media is all about using the right tools. It helps you to attract new customers to your business. Social media is a platform to gain quality customers for new business.

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10 Points Need To Keep In Mind While Designing a Website

website designing tips

As you know in the present era, every person manipulated with fingertips on the keyword while its smartphone keyword or laptop with Internet connection. The internet with new technology now taking the world in a forward direction. You can say internet taking overall control in his hand on major part work in everyone’s life.

You know very well in this present world of growing opportunities for online business, you can’t amazing progress of business without a website. If you want to grow your online business audience and business reputation then website is the only way by which you can represent your business in the front of the online world. Having a website is not enough for developing a good appearance in your market, Social Media Marketing must necessary. I have discussed the importance of social media marketing in my previous article if you still not checked that one, have a look on that.

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5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

social Media Mistakes

If you are a business owner or Digital Marketer then you can understand the value of Social Media Marketing perfectly to grow your business. As you know, now a day’s social media optimization plays a vital role to grow the business easier and faster. It is hard to stand your business in this competitive market without your online presence. Now social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest are becoming a major source of finding the potential customer and engaging them with your product or service feeds. It’s true, that everyone can’t understand the value of Social Media for their business but it matter a lot for the growth of a business.

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Best 5 SEO Advices for Small Businesses

SEO for Small Businesses5 Advices For SEO in 2015

Hey guys, today I am here with another post. In this post, we will discuss some SEO tips we need to keep in mind while doing SEO or hiring SEO expert for our website or business. As you know, Search engine optimization has been significantly changing every year and you need update your website according to Google guidelines.

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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Facebook Marketing Services

Hey Guys, How are you? Hopefully all you are doing super well. I am also doing the same. For this week, I picked a hot topic for you that is Facebook Marketing. As you know if Facebook could be a country then it will the most populated country of the world. But unfortunately, it’s not a country. 

As we all know that mostly people are busy on social media and most of them are on Facebook. So it is the right time to get business from Facebook. You just have some skills to market your business on Facebook.

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How to render a module in Joomla 3 by Position

Here is how you render a module in Joomla 3 based on Position


< ?php

$modules = JModuleHelper::getModules('POSITIONHERE');
foreach ($modules as $module) {
echo JModuleHelper::renderModule($module);
? > 

Using the above code in any Joomla file, will render the module.

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