Valentine Email Template

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It is mobile responsive, armed with functions and very easy to customize. Here are its rich features that makes this template a fierce competitor in the market.


Cross browser compatibility

Cross tested numerous times, the template runs flawless on Mozilla, Chrome and other browsers.


Highly responsive

It is responsive on any screen sizes and runs perfectly on every hand held devices.


Compatibility with Email marketing platforms

This template is compatible with MailChimp, Acymailing, Stampready and Raw HTML.


Clean code

It has clean code with comments which makes it easy for developers to play around and edit the source code.


Easy design option

The template is very easy to edit with simple drag and drop in Stampready and edit code to customize the design.


The best Email marketing template in the market.

One of the most versatile and best from the rest template in the market when it comes to the domain of Email marketing.

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Top 3 reasons why everyone loves Valentine Email template.

Beautiful looks with every customization features possible make this template irresistible to everyone. There are numerous reasons as to why many online store owners and pro marketers use this template


Use any Email marketing platform that you wish.

Our template is compatible with a number of Email marketing platforms. The most popular being MailChimp. It is also compatible with Joomla Acymailing, Stampready and Raw HTML. This feature gives you much more flexibility in choosing your platform for starting your Email marketing campaign without any hassle.


Add up to 10 modules in your template.

A total of 10 modules can be added up in your email template that gives you more freedom in featuring and describing your message or product. Right from the introduction at the top, add the necessary contact details at the bottom. Also, add testimonials from your loyal customers to showcase your fan base


Design and customize your template as you want.

It has easy drag and drop feature in Stampready to design your template as you like it. Apart from it, you can edit the source code and customize it according to your needs With such incredible and clean and formatted code anyone can use this template and design their newsletter.

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