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JOOMDEV - Not The Norm 7 months 4 weeks ago #17986

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Well I find myself sat before my screen tapping away on my ever wearing keys, some letters more worn than others and pondering over how the web industry has changed over the past 10 years alone.

There are so many companies now developing extensions, components, modules, plugins and so forth for many platforms that no doubt will continue to pop-up, my CMS of choice waaaay back when was, and always has been, Joomla. Why? I am often asked, well Joomla has always been a more robust and solid platform, none will I doubt ever be bug free, but that's why we have community and people supporting it. But, more so, Joomla was and has always has been the CMS of choice for the more technically able and I think the original platform that really changed the industry for the better in terms of allowing us designers a great foundation to build on, it has stood it's ground and it shows, we are now on ALPHA 4 and the imminent migration/upgrade to 4 is about to happen, lots of great and awesome changes coming but there is something else...the community, I mean not end users but the companies that have supported and developed for Joomla.

Now the real point to this message, and thanks to all of you that have engaged in this post and got to this point, apologies I'm rambling a bit but stick with me. Joomla (like all CMS) has had many companies come (and go...thankfully) but some have come and made a HUGE impact on the community (very few), the quality of their products, the support, the incredible efforts and the skills they provide while also trying to help educate many end users that really are out of their depth with much of the web design industry and how all this works, understanding Cascading Style Sheets, locating code, editing, applying customisation and implementing changes to sites that make them unique, different and educating end users along the way, and THAT in itself is very very rare, believe me I know, I've been doing this a very long time now.

And along came JOOMDEV, now let me make something transparent here, I see so many people jump in this "support" forum ranting away about things being broken or not working and at times demanding help and needing help, I myself have required assistance on a few things but for most companies the answer (if any at all) will be....pay me....pay us money I will help, pay us to fix YOUR problem....true story. I would say that ok most companies need to earn money, of course and rightly so, but there is also the question that some conflicts happen especially with products used by end users that may be poorly developed and conflicts occur, especially with JQuery , Bootstrap, etc and then of course compatibility issues arise but let me tell you all something, there are a TINY amount of incredibly patient and amazingly skilled people supporting Joomla, but you are in one of the most unusual and outstanding company communities with access to a seemingly endless skill-set, run by such amazing people.

JOOMDEV is like a company I have rarely come across or had the pleasure of working with and they deserve serious respect and high regard for the manner in which they deliver their services, they are not only delivering incredible products but they are genuinely helping to fix problems often caused by other poor developers or people with a lack of skill set yet they selflessly help and solve endless issues for people, they do not complain, they speak to you with the respect they deserve back!

On a personal note, I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you for the hard work, dedication and amazing efforts you guys put in, Chetan especially, you are absolutely one of the most outstanding members of any Joomla community I have come across in all my years, helped me beyond words and allowed me to focus on delivering the products my clients and their customers expect, if only the entire Joomla community could be like Chetan, wow, what a world we would all be proudly working in.

So, please, before you go ranting off here, please be aware that often it is not blame you need, don't look for fault or speak badly, use some patience, explain your issues clearly and concisely and await a response with the understanding that despite you feeling like your problem is the biggest and worst in existence, JOOMDEV are hard at work solving many problems for many people and they WILL solve your issues and maybe we will all learn a little along the way and seriously appreciate just how fortunate we are that we have found JOOMDEV, these guys are truly awesome and a real breathe of fresh air.

Apologies for my ranting and long message but I really wish some people would use a little patience and understand just how lucky they are to have JOOMDEV as a support network for their projects in using their products, they are worth 5 times what we pay I assure you, wait until you attempt to use most other developers and come across a problem, then you will realise just how awesome these guys are.

Thank you all at JOOMDEV, keep up your inspiring and outstanding work, you have something very special here and I hope it continues for many years to come.


Thank you.
If you can be anything in this world, be kind!
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JOOMDEV - Not The Norm 7 months 4 weeks ago #17998

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Thanks Mark. Appreciate the kind words!
Thank You,
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