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TOPIC: How to upgrade Astroid v1.x to Astroid v2.0

How to upgrade Astroid v1.x to Astroid v2.0 2 years 10 months ago #9077

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In this post, we will be doing a walkthrough for upgrading your Astroid 1.x based website to Astroid 2.0.0 or later.

Note: Astroid 1.x can only be upgraded in two steps. You must be on the latest version of 1.x series (1.3.0 in order to upgrade to version 2. If you are not already on version 1.3.0, migrate to version 1.3.0 manually by downloading the 1.3.0 installer here github.com/joomdev/Astroid-Framework/releases/tag/v1.3.0 .. Then upgrade from version 1.3.0 to the latest 2.x version using the one-click installer.

Step by Step instructions to migrate your from version 1.x. to 1.3.0

Step 1:
Backup your site

Be sure to have a backup of your website before you upgrade, just in case something goes wrong.
To back up all your changes you require to Copy the template with all its files and styles. This approach remarks to create a full copy ( say an exact duplicate) of your existing template.

Go to the Template manager Customise Template view.

Click on Copy Template in Toolbar

Provide a new name and click on Copy Template

The template is completely copied. This includes styles and all your template files.

You can also copy the template manually

  1. Create a new /templates/my_template directory.
  2. Copy the contents of the original template directory to the my_template directory.
  3. Go to the root /language/en-GB directory.
  4. Copy /language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_original_template.ini to en-GB.tpl_my_template.ini
  5. Copy /language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_original_template.sys.ini to en-GB.tpl_my_template.sys.ini
  6. Go to the /language/en-GB directory in the template's directory, if it exists.
  7. Copy /language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_original_template.ini to en-GB.tpl_my_template.ini
  8. Copy /language/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_original_template.sys.ini to en-GB.tpl_my_template.sys.ini
  9. Open the templateDetails.xml file in the my_template directory and change all references, if they exist, for the original template directory to the new directory my_template.

  10. Find the New Template

    When copying a template manually, the new template needs to be installed on your Joomla site with the following process.
  1. Go to the Administrator → Extensions → Extension Manager → Discover
  2. Click the Discover icon.
  3. Select your new template.
  4. Click Install.

The new template will now be there in Administrator → Extensions → Template Manager

In order to verify, set the new template as your default template.

Step 2:

Get Astroid v1.3.0

Download the v1.3.0 Astroid Framework.
  1. Go to Extension-s> Extensions Manager-> Install
  2. Upload & Install the package file.
This will bring your site up to the 1.3.0 version of Astroid Framework.

Step by Step instructions to migrate your from version v1.3.0 to the v2.x

Step 1:

Backup your site
Refer to the same step mentioned above.

Step 2:

Going with Astroid latest version i.e. v2.x

‘One- click’ upgrade

  1. Go to Extensions -> Extensions Manager, and then click the Update tab.
  2. Click the Find Updates Icon. A list of updates will appear accordingly.
Place a checkmark next to the version of Astroid Framework, and then click the Update button. Updating will be successful and this will bring your site up to the latest version of Astroid Framework.

Uploading and Installing package file
  1. Download the v2.x Astroid Framework as a zip file package.
  2. Go to Extension-> Extensions Manager-> Install
  3. Click the Upload File & Install button.

This will bring your site up to the v2.x of Astroid Framework.
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