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TOPIC: 2.4.X Framework & Template ZERO

2.4.X Framework & Template ZERO 1 month 3 weeks ago #24184

  • ~Daniel~
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Seeing as this is my first post, let me start off by saying that I am a relatively new (1-2 months) user to, but thoroughly enjoying, the Astroid Template/Framework and JDBuilder.

Initially I let the Joomla extensions updater (in the back-end console) perform the upgrade (all three parts at once) a couple days ago and while a part of the upgrade errored... I didn't catch the error, but it read related to the templates, and all I knew afterwards was that the new ONE template was not created... my web-site seemed to be okay at first glance.

However, I later discovered that my Astroid Footer was absent, entire module positions were missing from the modules position dropdown (mainly ones not in use, except for the astroid-footer), and my mobile menu lost the colours I'd set. After reading the forums I decided to follow a recommendation to reinstall the 2.3 framework/template ZIP... and things went back to normal.

I got curious though after reading a few more forum posts and this time used the zip file to upgrade to 2.4.1 Framework and 2.4.0 Template ZERO (after saving a backup of the 2.3 astroid_template_zero template folder). The good news was that there were no errors on install and the new Template ONE was successfully created.

However, some of my first noted issues persisted... module positions were still missing (which was why the footer disappeared) and the mobile menu colours were lost. The mobile menu colours were fixed easily within the template options by adding back the missing colour choices that were blanked out. The missing module positions (as another noted in the forums) were related to their absence in the templateDetails.xml file... so I copied the entire list of files and positions from the 2.3 the templateDetails.xml backed up file and pasted over those areas of the 2.4 file; recovering the missing entries.

Things are looking and working great once again, but I'd appreciate a sense of where the future fixes for these items will come. I suspect Astroid Template Zero will be what gets a patch/update in the near future? Part of me is wondering if some of the fixes may be in the database... and if rolling back to 2.3 is the better choice for future compatibility?
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2.4.X Framework & Template ZERO 1 month 3 weeks ago #24219

  • nishtha
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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for trying out our Astroid Framework, in this update as you can see we have released a new template Astroid One that has limited module positions.
So if you want to create/add modules in that, then start from the beginning by adding the positions there. Astroid Zero template had a pre-designed layout but One template has limited layout structure. We will soon document everything for new users like you related to One Template that will clear things out mostly.

Also the modules & colors went missing was because of this difference in both the templates only. This won't require any fix because it has been created like this, if something in these new options is not working then we will fix that, you can tell us that. In the upcoming future updates we will definitely try to make thing as simpler & easier as we can and will try to improve our product based on our users feedback.

Do let us know if you have anymore questions for us.

Thank You,
If you like our support and products, tweet us at joomdev and let the world know about it.

To know more about products check out the their documentation.
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2.4.X Framework & Template ZERO 1 month 3 weeks ago #24286

  • ~Daniel~
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Hmmm, I would rather have two distinct template/layout choices to choose from. ONE and ZERO have their own template folders after all, so I'm not sure why ZERO would switch to the reduced layout of ONE... it didn't need to inherit the reduced layout changes of ONE; and would have continued to stand as a viable more robust option. The old layout of Zero was perfect for it's use cases, just like I am sure ONE's new layout is perfect for it's use cases. Having the choice between a minimalist and robust template layout empowers yours users.
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2.4.X Framework & Template ZERO 1 month 3 weeks ago #24289

  • ozwest
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I was also confused about the Template One option and I went back to Template ZERO.
However, after this update I am missing that you can pick the colors from the palette of used colors, now I need to go and find all the color codes again. Can you reinstate that please?
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