Ashutosh Gaur

Ashutosh Gaur

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of FireMud FM

I am Ashutosh Gaur, a serial entrepreneur and founder of FireMud FM, I have founded 3 companies, all powered by WordPress. The first 2 have been IT service companies where I led the Creative and WordPress development section.

Post to these 2 companies I founded an Online Radio Station which runs purely on WordPress. I have been associated with WordPress now for almost 7 years now and I believe that the power bestowed upon us by WordPress is the next level. With my forte being early stage startup consultation, I have delivered over 50 products over the period of 2 years.

I believe ideas are in the air and if you don't start working on your's someone will. With that in mind I push and encourage startup owners to use WordPress that has a huge scope when it comes to building and then growing your online ventures.