Start Designing Your Web Pages With Over 100+ Premium Design Features

JD Builder comes with all the design features that you might need. Design highly responsive & pixel perfect web pages using Joomla page builder.

Flexible Layout

Flexible Layout

With the help of a flexible layout builder, you can design any easy or complex layout and reach infinite design possibilities.

Responsive Control

Responsive Control

Designing a pixel perfect mobile friendly Joomla website is easy with Joomla page builder.

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography

Create a long-lasting impression on your users with the right selection of colors and typography options.

Design Imaginable Layouts With Joomla Page Builder

Global Styling

Set Global Colors & Typography to Save Time

Want to change the color and typography of your website? In most of the Joomla page builders, you have to make changes in each of the sections or elements. But with JD Builder, you can change the colors as well as typography from a single place.

You can set the complete typography and color scheme of your website with the builder as well as manage the global styling at the page level.

Background Styling

Add Interactive Background to Make Your Website More Appealing

Improve the way your Joomla website looks with our advanced background features. You can add Color, Image, Video or even a Gradient background to give it a unique and engaging look. You even have the ability to add another layer of color or image above on your background with the Background Overlay option.

Apart from these, you also have particle background which allows you to add an interactive row and column backgrounds with the animated particles moving around.

Extensive Library

Get Access to Pre-Made Templates & Sections

You might want to design your web page from scratch and let your imagination guide you. But still, if you want to save time or you are running out of designing ideas, get started with these pre-made highly responsive full website layouts and sections

Design Elements

JD Builder comes with ready to use design elements to make your Joomla designing process faster than ever.

  • Image

    The image element allows you to add images on your web page.

  • Button

    Add interactive sections that include an actionable button.

  • Gallery Pro

    The gallery element allows you to create a unique filterable gallery.

  • Content

    Add text, style it and control its overall styling.                 

  • Joomla Module

    Load any module onto the page builder with the Joomla Module element

  • Icon Box Pro

    Display your features with luring graphical images & icons

  • Slider Pro

    This will allow you to add simple yet responsive images with text slider on your website

Sticky Effect Pro

Add Sticky Section or Element to Your Page

The Joomla page builder allows you to create beautiful effects such as sticky scrolling on sections & elements. The sticky feature allows you to make the section/element sticky so it can follow the user as they scroll up or down.

Shape Divider Pro

Add Different Shape Style to Your Sections

JD Builder offers you different kinds of Shape Dividers which allow you to set creative transitions between your sections by using the top & bottom divider options. You have full control of them from their appearance to look & feel.

Video Backgrounds

Easily apply background videos as it’s no big deal. Add it to any section, row, column or element for that matter.


Create splendid hover animations that add yet another layer of interaction on your Joomla website.


Give your elements the edge by adding nice looking shadows. No CSS required, just adjust the settings a bit here & there and you’re done before you even know it.

Font Awesome Pro Pro

If you want to use the Font Awesome 5 Pro, use it within the page builder. Simply put in your Kit ID and enjoy Font Awesome.

Pixabay Integration

Use Pixabay images and videos directly within the JD Builder. This integration is a big-time saver for anyone planning to use Pixabay’s 1 million+ free stock images.

Inline Elements

Inline elements feature to allow you to add two or more elements side-by-side in the same column with inline width or custom width.

Margin & Padding

Set margin & padding easily to sections, rows, columns, and elements.

Borders & Corners

Style your content by inserting borders and making them rounded or creating round corners.

Fully Device Friendly

Design 100% Responsive Websites With Joomla Page Builder

JD Builder allows you to design highly mobile responsive websites easily in Joomla with advanced responsive controls and customization options.

Reverse Columns

Reverse Columns feature lets you reverse the order of the columns. This is very useful while creating mobile-friendly layouts.


You can hide any section, row, column, and element on any device view.

Responsive Column Sizing

Choose a different column layout for the mobile and tablet view by adjusting the column size.

Create Stunning Websites and Themes With Joomla Page Builder

Choose from 100+ ready to use template layouts and 200+ sections and design your website in minutes.

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