Create Any Imaginable Layout With Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builder

Forget about writing code to design your Joomla website. JD Builder’s drag and drop layout builder enables you to create any imaginable layout by simply dragging and dropping the elements onto your page.

Drag & Drop Builder

Drag & Drop Builder

Move or arrange anything you see in the layout just by dragging your mouse cursor.

Real-Time Preview

Real-Time Preview

Edit and preview everything right in front of your eyes with the live preview feature.

Intuitive & Clutter-Free

Intuitive & Clutter-Free

Everything you need is there and in a well-organized format to provide you with a better user experience.

Design your Joomla Website in Record Time

Easy to use

Developed For Ease-of-Use From Day One

No coding skills? Don’t have any web design experience? Not a problem, JD Builder is developed for ease of use from day one. You can design any modern Joomla website with our instinctive builder. Play with available options and see the changes instantly in the live preview even without leaving the page.

Lighting Fast Building!

Speed Up Your Design Process With Short-cut Keys

To speed up your Joomla design process, we have integrated shortcut keys aka hotkeys within the Joomla page builder. Shortcut keys are the keyboard shortcuts that let you perform any task such as Save, Undo, Redo straight from the keyboard.

Reuse your design

Save Your Page as a Template To Reuse It

Work smarter instead of harder. Stop designing similar pages again and again. Design your page with Joomla page builder and save it as a template and then re-use it as many times as you want. For the moment, you will be able to save the entire page but in the future, you can save a sections and re-use them among different pages.

Apart from the saving as a template, you can export any page and use it on any other JD Builder powered Joomla website.

Developed to save your time & make Joomla Designing Easy

JD Builder is developed to make you work smarter and save your time so you can focus on building your business.


Global Colors

Need to change the color scheme of your Joomla website? Don’t worry, you can change it from global color options.


Export & Import

You can export your template and import it including images to any other JD Builder powered website.


No Coding Required

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to code. With JD Builder, you don’t need to write any code. You can design complex layouts without writing a single line of code.


Global Fonts & Typography

Manage your website fonts and typography from a single place so you don’t need to navigate to each section and adjust the typography again and again.

Nested Column

Create Nested Column with Inner Row Element

Ultimately, You can create simple yet complicated layouts with Joomla page builder. JD Builder offers you the Inner Row element that enables you to add row within a column and helps you to achieve a complex layouts.

Bird-eye View

Move to Any Section from Navigator

Designing long & beautiful landing pages for your website? It will be hard to find out any section to edit due to the long scrolling. To get rid of this problem, we have added Navigator in Joomla page builder.

With navigator, you can have an overview of your page structure, can access any element on your page, open settings for any section, row, column or element and restructure your page without scrolling all the way up or down.


Copy & Paste

Easily copy & paste any element within sections of the same page or different pages within the same website. Just like you’d copy & paste a text within your email or documents on your computer.

Duplicate Page

Want to create the same page again & again? Simply select the page and duplicate it, just like you’d do it for a Joomla article.

Column Gap

Change the gap between columns to make a clean layout. You can set different column gap for different screen sizes.

Stretch Section

Stretch the section to the document width using JavaScript regardless of any template you are using.

Section Height

With JD Builder, you can control the section height and set it Fit to Screen or give a minimum section height to achieve your design requirements.

Inline Elements

Inline elements allow you to add two elements side-by-side in the same column with inline width or custom width.

Keep Everything and Don’t Lose Anything

Accidentally closed a page or the whole window without saving your page? No worries, Our pages builder saves all the data of your page in your session as you work through the page creation process. Even if you didn’t save your page completely, you can always restore your work.


Revision History

Every time you update a page, a new revision is created, so you can always trace back your steps.


Restore Session

JD Builder periodically saves your updates on your browser’s session, so even if you accidentally close the page without saving your changes, you still have the ability to restore the last saved session and get back to right where you left.


Redo & Undo

Made some changes accidently? Or wanna go back to the previous changes? Don’t worry, undo any mistakes quickly with a simple shortcut key. You can easily undo or redo any of your actions.

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