JoomCast #010 With Emmanuel - The Architect Behind FLEXIcontent


Emmanuel is a full-stack web developer at Agerix, a French web agency based in Bordeaux and Paris (France) and works on tailor-made web applications for his clients. He's the co-founder of Joomla.fr the French Joomla portal, organizer of many Joomladays and members of the board of directors.

Emmanuel is also the original architect of FLEXIcontent, a CCK and advanced content manager. FLEXIcontent received the JOSCAR of the best innovation of the year at the first J and Beyond international developer conference in 2010.

Tune in to listen to Emanuel's Story and how he built the first and most flexible CCK for Joomla which is still available today (9 years later) and 100% free.

You can reach him on twitter @vistamedia

Website: https://agerix.fr

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