Joomla Component Development

We develop Joomla components keeping in mind the latest technological trends in web development. We code the components putting in the right CMS framework guidelines.

Amongst the many extensions that Joomla CMS has, components are the major part of it and the most important one too. To better understand you can think of Joomla as an operating system and the components as the applications and softwares. Because of their multi-faceted features, Joomla components are always in high demand and our team can more then meet those demands. Our team of developers can add many components ie bog, image gallery, forum, shopping cart etc to your site and much more. Components come in the category of extensions in Joomla along with templates etc but they are the one which are widely used and asked for due to different needs of different people.

As to if you are wondering that why you haven't not heard of us before or why aren't we such a big shot if well are as good as well claim to be then well yes we might not be the first choice of most of our clients but we are certainly the last resort of them. Difference in prices and the higher than rea expectations may be offered to you by our competitors but what we'll offer is code level expertise. It's not just about development of the functions and making it too good but it's also about it's functionality which is the most important part of any Joomla component and that's what we focus at here in Joomdev. To make you understand a bit more about why most Joomla component developers our der as not as good as they claim to be and why we stand by what we say about ourselves and pridley.

There are majorly two mistakes that every single Joomla component developer does in particular and that's because of the hurry of completion of project and moving on to other and for the absence of exact knowledge of coding.

  • Lack of understanding of Model view controller- MVC is the architectural framework for developing of joomla components. It provides commonly reused codes to save time and efforts of developers which is why most developers pay no heed to learning it or are often unable to understand it . But when you are using the copied code and you don't understand it and tweak it to the needs of that particular component then that component won't be able to benefit from that architecture. Thus making the component less effective and increasing the burden on you for future development work.
  • Not following conventions- Joomla is a CMS with very specific ways and place to put code. These conventions are important as the database grows in size and prevent the future repercussions which happen when developers ignore them and make their own. This increases the chance of bugs and the inability to identify the location of execution of code when changes or fixes need to be done. This puts the new developer into problem as he has to first now understand the whole convention and then do changes which increase a lot of problems as well as cost.

Some of these things are what we avoid here because we don't focus on being best but rather on standing our. If you feel well are worth a shot then pitch us your needs and see what we can do to amaze you. We sure won't disappoint you as well haven't done to any of our clients before, we here put our efforts in getting the client not the deal. One of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as you contact us and get to understand your needs and give you a detailed quote as well as how the development process wi work and if you have any doubt then you can clear them too with the expert and decide for yourself if you want that person to work for you or not.

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