Joomla Extension Development

Use any type of Joomla extensions according to your needs from our rich extensions library that we offer. Right from social media to email marketing plugin, we develop everything.

Extensions are almost everything that are there in Joomla to make it a CMS rather than just a framework. There are many types of Joomla extensions most demanded being Joomla component development. But other than that we also cover other Joomla extensions development as well and their customizations too. There are five extensions in Joomla- components, modules, plugins, templates and languages. To give you a fair understanding of how these components differ from each other and how development process for each is different we have covered a bit of info on them and provided them for you.

  • Components as you know are the major and the most complex part of the Joomla extensions and are most hard to customize and develop. Components are so major part of your site because every component is driven by a menu item and and every menu item runs a component. We can modify or make the needed changes in your existing component or we can make a new one based on your needs from scratch.
  • Modules are somewhat used for the rendering of the page, they are mostly used to cover around the components like in footer or login component. Often they are linked to components but that is not a necessity and they need not be linked to components or any other extensions or anything. We offer to build custom modules as well as customize the existing ones.
  • Plugins which are used to handle the execution of event are more advanced in terms of functioning and are needed when an event is triggered which can be the case in execution of any part of Joomla. We offer you to bridge any gap within the Joomla framework and add new functions.
  • Templates which are the visual enhancing factor of the site contain one component and and multiple modules in some fields. They are easy to modify or create and give you total freedom to style your site as you wish. Most of the time people need existing templates to be modified which we do with an expertise and without causing any downtime to your site.
  • Most basic but yet important are the languages extension which comes in either a core package or an extension package. Both of them consists of key/value pairs which does translation of static text strings. They have a XML file too which contains the description of languages. Though not as much need but they can come in handy often for people with visitors over the globe.

These are the services that we offer under Joomla extensions development and depending on what you need well can give you more detailed description of the description of them and why we stand our from other when it comes to extensions development for Joomla. Reach us and shoot your queries, it's free and comes at no harm.

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