Joomla Migration and Up-gradation

Migrate your existing website to Joomla hassle free. Our developers also helps you to upgrade the existing version of your Joomla website to the latest one.

Joomla is a platform which is getting increasingly popular day by day especially for e-commerce site owners but handing joomla isn't as easy as wordpress or boggers and needs a bit of technical knowledge and is often best done at the hands of professionals. We provide services for Joomla migration and upgradation. There are some terms that you need to know about when it comes to Joomla. Joomla migration, Joomla update and Joomla upgrade are different things. Joomla update is when you get your version of Joomla to the latest in line and Joomla upgrade is when you get it to a higher version then it is currently on. They are usually simple but time consuming and one can do themself but it is preferred to get technical support to ensure nothing goes wrong during process. Joomla migration on the other hand is taking your version to another line lie from 1.5x to 2.5x.

In upgradation and updating you just need to download the package and upload the contents to corresponding paces which seems simple but technically is confusing and any error or mistake at your part can put your site at huge risk. It is also a possibility that the files you have got maybe infected by virus or other malware. We use only official genuine programs and softwares and can do the same for you saving your time and effort at a minimum cost.

Joomla migration on the other hand is very complicated technically and should not be done yourself. When you migrate your version of Joomla to other version, in that case it's not just simple migration, it involves upgrading and updating your version as well. The reason for migration being so technically challenging is that when you change your version of joomla from one line to another you have to take in account the different data structures as well as different formats for installations files. You would have to make a fresh installation for the line you are migrating to as well as you have to import your data as well as manually convert your templates to make them compatible with the new version of Joomla. Some functions/objects also don't exist in new ines so that makes it more tough.

After reading above you might be a bit flustered and troubled about migrating your site to a new version but you don't need to do either. Well proud ourself in dealing with many heavy sites as well as technically challenging Joomla migrations and our team can more then answer your every query regarding the process or any fear that you have. Some of the key things that we provide to have an edge over our competitors are -

  • Your site won't be down for any second and your visitors won't have to face disappointment. We keep a test server ready and migrate using it so as to not let your site down at any point of time. Once we backup your site we do a test migration in our server following which we do live migration which helps in having no issues during it.
  • Well verify website versions and any components that are to be installed before installing them which ensures smooth data transfer and functioning.
  • Often migration doesn't goes perfectly smooth but we are always ready for any issues that follow and our expert team will fix any bugs or issues during migration.
  • Having worked on many such projects our team is well coordinated and they pan their every step ahead and make a detailed step by step procedure to implement during migration.

You can just contact us for your queries and doubts and have a quote if you feel satisfied with our team of experts.

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