PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns

Grow Your Business sales by Hiring Professional PPC Expert

What is PPC?

PPC is the short form of PAY PER CLICK. As name suggests, that we need to pay to run a PPC Campaign. PPC is another platform of Online Paid advertisement. In Pay per Click, we basically deal with paid ad posting on Search engine mostly on Google. In this practice of Marketing, client need to pay search engine to show their ad whenever user search for the relevant query and click on the ad.

Why you need PPC Services?

In Digital Marketing, we run two types of campaign. First one is SEO Campaign and 2nd one is Paid Marketing Campaign. Both have their own importance. So let me tell you why you should go for PPC services.

  • PPC guarantees your product or business ads shows up on the SERP when a potential customer looking for a specific query/key phrase that you bid on.
  • Top three results are most important. 80% of clicks come from the top three search results which are paid for PPC ads.
  • When we are running a PPC Campaign, we focus on relevant and target users. So PPC helps you to reach relevant audience.
  • In PPC, even you can target customer that are certain distance away from your business. It helps in increasing your sales.
  • SEO is a long term process, but in PPC, you can get results on the same day. That means, if you start your PPC Campaign now, you can see the results immediately. You don’t need to wait for one or two months.
  • It is possible to closely measure the impact of your campaign allowing you to improve areas that do not work very well and expand on areas that are really driving new customers, sales, leads or whatever else it is you set as your goal, enabling you to control the return on your advertising investment.

How JoomDev can help you with its PPC Services?

At JoomDev, we are providing Pay per Click services from last 10 years and help more than 1000 clients to increase their sales or business. We can also develop your business and sale.

  • We can monitor your PPC Campaign.
  • We can help you to Increase relevant, quality traffic to your site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • We will help you to increase the conversion rate on your website that come through the paid advertisement.
  • We will help you to increase your brand visibility on search engine.
  • We provide the results that you can track on daily bases.
  • We will help you in decreasing the Cost per Click (CPC) on your already running Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

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