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WP ShareX

Increase your reach and grow your fan base with this simple yet interactive WordPress Social Share plugin.

A WordPress plugin with a friendly user interface and a wide range of functionalities.

A WordPress plugin that lets you share your articles on every social media channel possible, be it Facebook, Reddit or even Whatsapp. Reach out to your social media audience with just a click. Here are the features which makes WP ShareX plugin really important for every blogger, marketer and business owner.


Select from a range of social media channels

Pick among 24 social media channels to promote your post. From blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumblr to micro-blogging platforms like Twitter select your favorite platform.


URL shortening feature

Shorten the URL of your blog post before sharing it on your Twitter account. Both bit.ly and Goo.gl formats are available for shortening.


Customizable sharing button

Now edit button shapes and button animations from the options available to you. Change the button format with either icon or both text and icon.


Include Twitter Handler and Hashtags

Include your twitter handler name in minutes. Name the handler anything you want without any limitations. Also, name and post number of personal hashtags created by you.


Share incentive

Write your note, message and convey to your readers to share your blog post and increase your social media reach.

Highly responsive

Hide on Mobile feature

You can hide icons on your mobile screen by using this feature. You have the option of hiding the icons from the top or bottom of the content and also from sidebar or media.


Changing the share button locations

You have the option of putting the social share button on your preferred location. You can locate the button on top or bottom of the content and on sidebar or media.

Best plugin to increase social share

An all rounder plugin for increasing your social media reach and manage your brand.

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Top 4 reasons why everyone loves WP ShareX

High responsivity, easy user interface and awesome editing options make this WordPress plugin one of the best in the market. From hobby bloggers to online store owners, this plugin is everyone’s favorite.


Range of social media channels to choose from.

A total of 24 social media channels are supported by this plugin. You can add up as many channels as you want to show it on your blog post.

The plugin gives a lot of options in choosing your preferred social media channel. We can choose from a number of professional social media channels like LinkedIn to the informal blogging platforms like Pinterest or StumbleUpon.


URL shortening feature.

With the help of this feature you can shorten the URL as per the length of your choice. You no longer need to share difficult to remember lengthy URLs.

You only need to select the format in which you want to shorten the URL. There are two formats which are available. One is bit.ly and the other is Goo.gl. Rest is taken care by the plugin and it will give you your personalized shortened URL.


Sharing button customization features.

You can edit the button shape, button animation, and button format. You can also decide where you want your button to be displayed. There are 4 kinds of animations available for the sharing button.

You can select shapes for your button ranging from square sharp-edged, square smooth-edged and circle shaped. You can switch the button format between icons and both text and icons. Also, you can locate the social share button on either top or bottom of the content and also on sidebar and media.


Hide on Mobile Feature.

Now you are able to hide the icons on the mobile screen. There are four options available to you to customize this feature.

At the top and bottom of the content, the icons will be hidden on the mobile devices automatically. There are also options of sidebar and media available. If you select them, the icons appearing on sidebar and on the media on mobile device will not be shown.

  • Last Update: 29-Mar-2018
  • (Changelog)
  • Version: 1.0