Introducing FREE Animal Welfare Joomla Template Kit for JD Builder Pro


Animals are an important part of nature as human beings. So it is our social responsibility to take care of them.

There are many charitable organizations and NGOs that are working continuously for animal welfare.

And this month’s Joomla template is dedicated to those organizations that are working for animal welfare.

Introducing Humanity - Animal Welfare Joomla Template Kit

Humanity is a Responsive Joomla animal welfare template kit for Charity/Non-Profit/Fundraising Organization. It is best suited for small nonprofit volunteer organizations or event organizers.

This animal NGO Joomla template kit made by drag and drop JD Builder Pro. Customize image, text, and Page Layout using visual builder easily with no coding skill required.

Key features of Humanity Joomla Template

  • Clear & Clean design
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Compatible with every template
  • Everything possible with drag and drop. No coding required
  • One-click import along with images.
  • Display your sponsors and a CTA for calling more sponsors.
  • Newsletter subscription box
  • Number counter to display your stats.

Predesigned Pages included in the Animal NGO Template Kit

Home Page - Neat and Clean

The home page is the main page of the website and it should be attractive as well as interactive. And in this animal welfare NGO template kit, the home page starts with a clean hero section with a call to action button which can be linked to any page.

On the home page, there is a dedicated section to showcase the about us section and stats. These stats can be added with the help of the Number Counter element.

The page is followed by the Causes section where you can display the causes you are working on.

There is a lead form on the home page which is designed with the form builder element.

About Us Page - Tell About Your Organization

About us page a vital role when it comes to an NGO website. People always stay curious to know about the organization, its members, its objectives, and what they have been accomplished.

The Humanity animal NGO template gives you the best experience on its about us page.

The page starts with a hero section and followed by about us, mission, vision, and objectives. You can display the stats and achievements that you have accomplished in the last few years. You can even showcase the brand you have won and your key sponsors as well.

Causes and Cause Detail Page

An NGO is not only working for a single cause. They work for multiple causes and they have to display all the causes on the website so people or donors can know about the causes they are working on.

The template kit has a dedicated page for the causes listing where you can publish all the causes and link them with the dedicated detail page. The template kit has a dedicated detail page as well.

Volunteers and FAQ Page

Volunteers are the backbone of any NGO and when you give them credit by listing them on your website, this encourages them to work hard.

The animal welfare template kit gives you the pre-design volunteer listing page where you can add your volunteers. You can also get the application from volunteers who want to join your organization with the help of an application form.

Contact Us Page

Contact us page is the main page where you can add your contact information so anyone can reach you. The NGO Joomla template kit gives you the ability to create a contact page with just a few clicks.

You can add the form with the form builder as well as add Google Maps to showcase your physical address.

See it Live Get JD Builder

How to Get this NGO Website Joomla Template Kit?

The NGO website template is not a core Joomla template, so if you want to use this template, you need to have JD Builder Pro installed on your Joomla site.

This is a free template for JD Builder Pro. If you are not a pro user, you will not be able to access this template. If you want to access the template, upgrade your JD Builder to Pro and access all the pro features and available templates.

Once you installed the JD Builder Pro, navigate to the library and select the Saas template. From there, you will be able to import pages one by one.

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