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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Our professional consulting team provides clients with the best plus advanced BI roadmap to enhance the data strategy and internal processes of your business ensuring optimum use of business intelligence to accomplish your business goals.

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business intelligence services

Why is Business Intelligence Important?

Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming an integral component of both small and large businesses. Companies have realized that it is impossible to make the next smart business decision without first collecting, analyzing, visualizing and presenting data. BI is a data analysis process that transforms your data into actionable insights and offers predictive views based on your past and current business records. This insight has become an essential dimension of access in today’s data-driven world.

Hybrid App Solutions We Offer

We are unicorns when it comes to developing hybrid apps with epic ideas storming on your business needs.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Usually, businesses have significant BI vision but face critical challenges to execute it. Our experts help clients through a result-oriented BI solution to serve the business needs, from data warehousing to effective BI implementation.

BI Implementation

We provide BI solutions through system analysis and PoC implementation to help you gain competency, optimize your processes, predict future outcomes, and make use of data to its optimum potential.

Data Warehousing

The quality of reporting, analysis, performance and implementation of the business intelligence strategy is built on the top of a good data warehouse foundation. We synthesize the relevant and accurate data in the client’s preferred formats through data modeling and ETL processing while adapting best practices for security and governance.

Data Visualization

An interactive visual representation of data helps you filter through good and bad aspects of it, by conveying complex concepts in simple, graphical or pictorial forms. On an interactive dashboard, we help you depict your data in a clear and meaningful way that facilitates quick decision making, business strategizing and expansion.

Analytics and Reporting

We create OLAP data models that can deal with large volumes of data and calculations, perform analysis and provide quick response to end-user queries. By removing clutter data, we make the data available in a clear and meaningful way through comprehensive reports.

Data Mining

Data Mining is a keystone of Business Intelligence when it comes to cleansing, utilizing and standardizing large amounts of business data. We help you to uncover hidden patterns in your data, conduct research, accurately predict the future based on historical information and finally, supersize revenue growth. 

BI Tools We Love Working With

We can help you evaluate and select the right tool that best suits your business needs

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio provides an intuitive interface to mould the data in clear, informative reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and customizable.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Apache Superset

Apache Superset is an open source, efficient and comprehensive tool which is capable of processing and visualizing data quickly to make data informed decisions.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI helps to come up with a robust strategy to analyze data, create dashboards and report, and share insights. It helps to manage your data across the organization.


Tableau makes data visualization simpler and faster than ever by providing powerful, interactive visualizations and analytical dashboards, to gather actionable insights across all your sources.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Us

With increasing dependence on data, you need a partner that will help you in decision making, increasing efficiency and improving performance of your business by aligning business requirements and data strategy.

JoomDev combines business analytics, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure solutions to help our clients form a data-driven strategy across the organization to meet BI goals. Our holistic team can help you make more data driven decisions from the initial idea to adoption, from service and maintenance to adopting future versions.

Our approach to BI strategy relies on extensive research, skillful analysis, and business domain expertise. With us, leverage valuable insights through a combination of BI and Data Analytics and modernize your BI infrastructure as well as gain a competitive edge in the market.

JoomDev and team never cease to amaze us with their pretty great expertise, knowledge and ability to bring ideas to the table that have real meaning. Topped with high professionalism, excellent communication, and timely project updates. Their attention doesn’t stop after project completion, they stay with you and add real value to the process.
Matthew Hildebrand
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Below we have shared some FAQs to help you out!

The process of gleaning insights from data in large data sets is difficult and you cannot expect everyone to understand it as data analysts do. Business intelligence is the easiest way of drawing conclusions from data analysis. You can speed things up in your business by getting at-a-glance analysis for better business decisions. 

A business intelligence consulting company like JoomDev will help you extract, refine and prepare the data by data analysis to help you make data-driven decisions and improve internal processes of your organization. 

The overall cost will depend on the nature of your business and the Business Intelligence model you settle for. Our experts will evaluate your specific business needs, devise an effective strategy, build proper solutions and then give you a corresponding quote.

No worries! Please write to us at [email protected] or call us on +1 (866) 276-1994 and we have a team of amazingly sweet humans who’d be glad to help.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services
Want a data-driven culture?

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I’ve had the great pleasure of hiring JoomDev for several projects over 8 years. The team brought our ideas to life and created the customized application that we only imagined in our minds. We appreciate JoomDev “can do” attitude and co-operation to complete any task until being fully satisfied. Hire JoomDev, you’d be crazy not to!
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