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ADA Compliance Services

Have you been told your website needs to be ADA compliant or accessible? Not sure where to start? JoomDev’s team of experts are skilled in design and development of  ADA compliant websites representing the lines of excellent accessibility.

You will get a reply within 30 Minutes from our ADA Consultant


Want to Make Your Website ADA Compliant? JoomDev can Help!

Many businesses are realizing that their brick and mortar establishments must adhere to accessibility guidelines. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance helps people with disabilities to understand, perceive, navigate and access websites easily.

Making your website ADA compliant does not indicate a specific adherence to only ADA or WCAG requirements. ADA website compliance is a comprehensive term which indicates creating websites that are accessible to everyone including those with physical and cognitive disabilities. Companies may not even understand the importance of making their website ADA compliant until they face a potential lawsuit.

JoomDev is here to offer a complete package of ADA compliance services. Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services will help your business stay strictly legal and competitive while realizing the new growth potential. Cut through the maze of accessibility with our experts in ADA compliance to bring holistic solutions of accessible products and services.

JoomDev’s ADA Compliance Services

Providing the best ADA compliance services that are tailored to fulfill your business needs.

Website Design & Development

Our creative designers and developers are mindful of people with physical and cognitive disabilities and thus include best practices to ensure your website meets the accessibility goals. We aim to facilitate consistent and seamless navigation, use proper labelling, colors contrasts, clear headings and responsive designs. We adhere to the latest accessibility standards to assist you better.

Website Accessibility Audit

JoomDev performs a complete audit to help you identify accessibility barriers on your website and create a roadmap to remediation. We don’t simply rely on software; we follow the proven methodology and requisite tool to conduct the audit. After the accessibility remediation is done, we ensure the accessibility by reconducting the audit of your website. 

Accessibility Remediation Services

Our web accessibility consultants can help you with accessibility remediation for all of your online documents, media files, digital assets, interactive elements, applications and websites. We deliver detailed remediation for accessibility of your website, that can help you provide a better user experience for everyone including those with disabilities.

Accessibility Consulting & Training

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” consulting and training. Our team wants to understand your goals and requirements to deliver practical accessibility solutions that work for you. We can tailor our services to your organization’s requirements by evaluating accessibility needs, determining priorities, and charting out a roadmap to your business strategy. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Avoid lawsuit and leverage other benefits by making your website ADA compliant.

Increase your target audience

About 15 percent of the world’s population has a disability, who might be interested in your products and services. If your website is accessible, you’re not missing on millions of potential customers thus increasing your target audience.


Avoid lawsuits threats

Think wise and being proactive in accessibility makes you avoid the lawsuits, penalties, and potential risks associated with not making your website ADA compliant.


Elevate your website usability

The various accessibility fixes can improve the user experience which is beneficial for everyone including differently abled users of your website. Since, having a website with excellent perceivable content, smooth navigation, glitch free operable and better understandable UI mean overall better website usability. 


Boost your SEO ranking

By following web accessibility standards increase your website’s visibility to search engines and in turn boost your SEO. Because search engines appreciate the practices such as proper alt text, title tags, image alt attributes and header tags which are used to fix the accessibility issues.

Who Needs to Follow ADA Compliance?

ADA compliance is no longer an option, but a necessity!

Generally, all businesses are recommended to follow ADA compliance, even those that are not currently required to comply. At the time of writing, there are various categories of businesses that needs to follow ADA Compliance:

Industries We Serve

JoomDev has a Solution, No matter what Industry you're in.

Why Choose Us?

We understand there is a fierce competition out there, but here is why choosing us is a good choice.

Personalized yet integral approach

We take into consideration all your differentiators and execute personalized assessments  with respects to your business niche. Indeed we factor in target clients, market margins, and enterprise objectives. Whatever is your project stage, we are ready to undertake. 

Partner-level responsibility

It’s a fundamental rule for us to be a trusted partner, not a simple vendor for each client, we abide by our commitments. We’ll cut costs of your project without compromising quality, and provide you a solution always, no matter what. 

The latest trends in use

To make an ADA compliant and accessible website, our designers, software engineers, tech editors, and business analysts have been keeping tabs on accessibility laws for a long time. Today, we build trending hybrid mobile web and native apps without cutting corners on usability. 

Creative and expert designers

Our team takes care of usability metrics to devise ADA compliant websites that are compatible and accessible with multiple platforms. We take care to ensure highly adaptable UX and mobile-oriented UIs, as well as custom visuals that are fine-tuned on your brand’s identity.

Trusted ADA consultancy

With a collection of domain-specific web solutions we’ve built for our clients, JoomDev can undertake a comprehensive accessibility review. We’ll provide you with solutions for all issues, complete with potential vulnerabilities. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintaining accessibility is an ongoing process and it never ends. We work with you through periodic assessments and support to identify any accessibility barriers and remove it. We also focus on verifying that no new barriers are arised.

Continuous support and updates

We deliver continuous support to always keep your website in line with the current legislation, we also stay with you after the product launch. We implement feed-back driven updates or your established infrastructure, control the solution performance, and provide tech assistance.

Robust knowledge of accessibility policies

JoomDev and team never cease to amaze us with their pretty great expertise, knowledge and ability to bring ideas to the table that have real meaning. Topped with high professionalism, excellent communication, and timely project updates. Their attention doesn’t stop after project completion, they stay with you and add real value to the process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? Below we have shared some FAQs to help you out!

Luckily for you, we offer website accessibility audits in which we perform a thorough accessibility audit of your website to tell whether your website or application is ADA compliant or not and help you identify the accessibility barriers. After that we create a roadmap to remediation to fix the compliance issues.

It varies from one website to another. The overall cost will depend on your complete website. Our experts will assess your website, devise an effective strategy, build proper solutions and then give you a corresponding quote.

There are two methods to check the accessibility viz. manually and automatically. You can check automatically by using some of the free tools given below to get started:

If you want to check it manually then please refer to our “How to Make your Website ADA compliant” blog post.

No worries! Please write to us at [email protected] or call us on +1 (866) 276-1994 and we have a team of amazingly sweet humans who’d be glad to help.

Want a ADA Compliant Website?

Let's make your website accessible to everyone!

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