Introducing Display Condition For JD Builder - Control the Visibility of Any Section or Element


Hey hey, we are here again with another exciting feature for you. I hope you have guessed it after reading the blog post title.

So before announcing the feature, let me ask you if you ever wanted to restrict any section of your website to a specific audience? Or you just want to display any part of your website to only those users you met with the specific requirements?

If yes, this blog post brings good news to you.

Let’s say hello to JD Builder v1.10. This update brings Display Conditions within JD Builder. The feature will allow you to add display conditions to Elements and Sections. With the help of this feature, you can control the visibility of your website content and improve the UX of your website to a great extent.

If you are not able to understand the use of Display Conditions, don’t worry, here are some of the use cases that will help you to understand this feature better.

  • You can create content that should be displayed to only registered users or any other user group.
  • You can display a section only to those users who are currently logged in to your website.
  • Let’s assume that you want to display a message to Windows OS users only and want to hide that message from other users, you can do it easily with Display Conditions.
  • Now, if you just want to display a button or message to a specific browser user, you can do it easily with Display Conditions.
  • Now, you want to display an App download button to those users who are browsing from a mobile device, you can do this easily with the help of this feature.
  • If you are running flash sales or discounts or anything time related, you can do that by setting the date and time as a visibility condition. The content will only appear when it satisfies the condition.
  • You can display a section or element to the visitors who came from the specific referrer by entering the domain name in the Referrer conditions.

How to use Display Conditions?

The Display conditions are part of JD Builder Pro, so if you are not a pro user, you need to get your license in order to apply conditional rules on the content.

So I am assuming you have already JD Builder Pro installed on your website. Now create a new page using JD Builder.

The conditional display is available on Section and Element Level. You can find the Conditional Display under the Advanced tab of Section or Element Settings.

Now Enable Display Conditions. As soon as you enable, it will display further conditions and you can configure them as per your requirements.

This is how you can add Display Conditions on your Joomla site content with the help of JD Builder Pro.

See it Live Live Demo

Over to you

So, if you want to display dynamic content and want to create an advanced web page, start using different display conditions. If you are already a JD Builder Pro User, you can start using the feature and if you are not, you can upgrade to pro from here.

Let me know your feedback about the feature and also I would like to listen to your suggestions for more conditions.

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