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JoomDev’s Plan for Joomla 4

Hello Joomla Lovers!

I am sure you all must be very happy and excited about the upcoming release of Joomla 4, which is on 17th August, 2021. We are too. Unquestionably, the release of this new version is going to have a major impact on the CMS industry.

While most of you are wondering about the upcoming features and when to update your site to the Joomla 4, we are working day and night to make our products compatible with Joomla 4 so that we can provide a seamless experience to our users.

In this blog, we are going to discuss our plans for Joomla 4.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Our Plan for Joomla 4

We are crazy about Joomla and you people know that. From time to time, we keep releasing and updating our products to the latest version of Joomla. And that is why, we now have more than 50+ feature rich templates, 35+ functional extensions along with the powerful asteroid framework and the unbeatable JD Builder.

Upgrading and maintaining such a large number of products is not an easy task. Thanks to our professional team of developers who are giving their blood and sweat to make it happen very smartly and very quickly.

We are so happy to tell you that some of our products are now compatible with Joomla 4 and you can start using them with the launch date of Joomla 4. We are planning to make our rest of our products compatible as soon as possible.

Our Roadmap to Upgrade our Extensions and Templates

Here’s is our roadmap for Joomla4:

Astroid Framework

Today, we have released an update for Astroid Framework. With this update, it will be fully compatible with Joomla 4. So if you want to upgrade your Astroid based Joomla website to Joomla 4, you are free to do so.

But, before upgrading your website, make sure the extensions you are using on your website are compatible with Joomla 4.

JD Builder

We were working on a new version of JD Builder from scratch which will have the frontend editing as well. But due to some technicalities, and backward compatibility issues, it was delayed and still will take a few more months to get completed.

But, we do care for your clients and projects as well. So we have started working on making the existing JD Builder compatible with J4. Once we have a new version, you can easily upgrade to that as well. As of now, JD Builder is not compatible with J4 so it will take a few weeks to get it compatible with J4. Till then, we will not suggest that you upgrade your website to J4.

Joomla Templates

The Astroid framework based templates will be fully compatible with J4 in a week or two and for the rest of the templates which are based on other frameworks, we are migrating them to Astroid and they will be fully compatible within the coming few months.

Joomla Extensions

Our most of the extensions are already compatible with J4. You can use them or upgrade them to the J4. But make sure you have updated the extension to the latest version. The remaining extensions will be compatible with Joomla 4 within this year.

Here is the list of extensions that are compatible with J4.

  • JD Accordion
  • JD Tour Showcase
  • PayPal Button
  • Cookieless Google Analytics


  • JD Simple Contact Form
  • JD Admin Bar
  • JD Social Login
  • JD OpenTable Module
  • JD Facebook Page Module
  • JD Profiler
  • JD Skill Set
  • JD Social Share
  • JD WeatherAholic
  • JD Age Checker
  • Register Login
  • MD5 Hash Check

Guidelines for Users to Upgrade to Joomla 4

We suggest you first follow the below guidelines before upgrading your site to Joomla 4.

  • Take the full backup of your site.
  • Make sure you are working on the latest version of Joomla 3.
  • Check whether all of your extensions and templates are compatible with Joomla 4.

After following the above steps, your site is now safe and ready to upgrade to Joomla 4.


And that is all about our plan and guidelines required to upgrade your site to Joomla 4.

We hope you guys will have a smooth and safe experience with Joomla 4. Feel free to get in touch in case of any queries!

Apart from these, you can check out the Joomla 4 Tutorials and guides on our blog and Youtube channel.

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