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JD Guerrilla Marketing Agency Joomla Template
  • Best for marketing websites
  • Compatible with Latest Joomla version
  • Kunena & EasyDiscuss Ready
  • K2 & EasyBlog Ready
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Last updated: 16 Nov 2018

JD Chicago Free Multipurpose Responsive Joomla Template
  • Free Joomla Multipurpose Template
  • Powered by Powerful Joomla Framework T3
  • Great User Experience
  • Compatible with All browsers
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Last updated: 02 Jan 2017

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JD Miami Free Multipurpose Joomla Template
  • Free Joomla Multipurpose Template
  • Fast Loading and Lightweight
  • Fully SEO Friendly Template
  • Cross Browser Compatible
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Last updated: 17 Jul 2018

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JD Atlanta Free Multipurpose Business Joomla Template
  • Multipurpose Layout
  • Compatible with third party extensions
  • Hikashop, VirtueMart, JEvents Ready
  • Support RTL language layouts
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Last updated: 18 May 2018

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JD NewJersey Free Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template
  • Setup a Business Website & Online Store
  • Customized K2 Component Blog
  • Attractive Typography
  • Pre-designed Pricing Table
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Last updated: 09 Jul 2021

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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If you are one of the web users and just came across the term "Joomla CMS," then you must be thinking what exactly it is? I will try to help you out with a clear understanding of it.

What is Joomla CMS?

Joomla CMS is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) for publishing web content, which helps in building powerful, versatile, dynamic websites and applications. It was officially launched in Aug 2005, with version 1.0, and it has gained massive success with 110+ million downloads so far. There have been 4 versions of Joomla till date, and 66% of all the users are using version 3. In simple words, I would say Joomla CMS is nothing but a tool that lets you develop a website without being involved in complex coding.

It is based upon an intuitive structure by which we can use its features and functionality easily. Its content management system allows us to edit, create, distribute, modify, publish, and optimize the digital content.

Joomla is written in PHP, stores data in MySQL(MS SQL version 2.5 or above, and PostgreSQL version 3.0 or above), and builds upon MVC Model View Controller design architecture.

According to the figures in 2018, 2.5 million websites run on Joomla CMS The most popular ones are Harvard University, LA Weekly, IKEA, Lipton Ice Tea, Linux, Holiday Inn, The Fashion Spot, etc. These are some of the most popular and highly traffic driven web sites, and they choses Joomla due to its qualities.

Who uses it?

The industries work on Joomla includes educational institutions, media, corporate, top businesses, e-commerce, non-profit organizations, personal and blogging websites across the world because it gives us extreme versatility. You know there are 300+ Joomla websites added every day in Joomla community, and this indicates that they are still counting on their success and bringing new Joomla lovers into its fold regularly.

Joomla offers a vast collection of Joomla responsive templates, Joomla extensions, 75 languages support, SEO optimized sites, blogging capabilities, and many more on the list.

What are Joomla Templates?

If you have ever used any template, you must know what exactly templates are? It refers to a sample document that already has some details in place, and you can customize it according to your needs. Joomla template is a type of extension that changes the way your site looks and feels. A template determines elements like fonts, colors, menu styles, navigation controls, basic layout design, and specific images such as the header and background.

Joomla templates are basically ready-made designs for websites running on Joomla CMS, which are easy to use and customize once you place your content and modules. It will save your time and money by creating functional websites in a few easy steps. I will let you know about some of its specifications:

Multipurpose Solution

Joomla offers thousands of free and paid templates in the list for every business requirement. Plus, there is a comprehensive collection of responsive Joomla templates, premium Joomla templates, Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 compatible templates available in the market. Infact, you can download Joomla templates for free anytime you need, whether you need it for your online or offline business.

You can instantly build any professional website, whether it's a fun blog, e-commerce websites, a professional portfolio, and many more. It will cover a wide range of content for you.

Super easy to manage

You do not need to be a developer and involved in coding to make your website run based on Joomla template. It is very easy to use and does all the heavy lifting for you. They come with easy to use layout- builders that give you access to change the style and layout in a few clicks with drag and drop.

Fully Responsive

Joomla templates are well versed in every aspect; it will enhance the overall user experience with its fully optimized layouts. No matter the screen size, they are fully responsive to mobiles, desktops, and tablets. Responsive Joomla templates drive traffic from every internet your device is using.

Compatible with latest versions

These templates are completely integrated with Joomla's latest versions; you will receive all the updates whenever the new version of the software is released. And by the time they add a unique range of templates that are compatible with new versions.

SEO Optimized templates

There are many inbuilt benefits Joomla templates offer, and one of them is that they are constructed according to SEO guidelines. Like, it has proper use of headings, subheadings, images and it’s structure is fully optimized to help you to rank higher.

Framework based templates

Templates built upon the framework gives you access to more user-customization options; they are highly functional, user-friendly, and easy to maintain. It offers you a modern and elegant design with more header styles and menu options. A responsive layout makes it more engaging. Some of the leading Joomla template frameworks are Gantry, Helix Ultimate, Astroid, and JSN Sun, which gives your website a phenomenal look and feel.

What should you check before purchasing a Joomla template?

Do you believe in considering major factors before making a purchase? We should do that, and it implies with the purchase of templates as well; let's discuss a few points we should check in before making a purchase:

Is it easy to use or maintain?

When we heard of Joomla CMS, the first thing that arises that it is ready to use. It can be possible that you're not a coding person at all, but you are required to make minor changes in your website; what would you do then?

Do you like to bother your developer repeatedly? Hope you don't want to do so, then don't complicate yourself by choosing a complex design. Try to adhere easy-to-manage and customize Joomla templates, which is integrated with drag and drop page builder to customize your pages only with drag and drop of the element on required positions.

Thinking about Free or Premium

It's a human tendency to seek more towards the freebie, and you might be caught with a problem if you only consider the price while choosing Joomla templates.

You need to be aware of templates' features and make sure it will fit your business requirements. If you are going with any premium template, make sure it’s worth the purchase.

SEO Optimization is important

Joomla has a wide range of fully SEO optimized templates. While choosing your template, please pay attention that it will optimize your site to boost its conversion and ranking, plus it will help you drive more traffic on your website.

Cross-browser compatibility is must

You never know where/what your customer is doing with your website; maybe someone likes to browse through Chrome, another uses Safari or Firefox.

But you have to be always ready with the solution. And for this, you need to select cross-browser compatible templates that support some major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Multilingual support makes you feel familiar

If your business is global or even in a local network, you must have multi-language support on your site. It will help your user to engage quickly and understand your intentions clearly.

Take care of this aspect while picking up because it enables your customers to help themselves instead of looking for support and move off from your site.

Cutting edge technologies to stay up-to-date

Now upgradation is a part of our everyday life; therefore, it is essential to adopt the latest technologies like Bootstrap 4, CSS3 & HTML5 to make sure you have the latest and extensive features to make your site stand out loud.

Your Joomla template needs to be updated with the latest versions.

Loading speed

No one likes to wait in this digital world, so do we. If your customer finds your site slow or does not have a fast loading speed, they will simply exit and move to your competitors.

While selecting, you need to focus on this major aspect and make the best choice.

Framework based Joomla templates

Framework based Joomla templates come with various attractive features like ease of implementation, time- saving, import and exports of layouts, custom code, ultra-fast loading, compatible with the latest technologies, lightweight sites, and all these features allow us to develop and customize unique websites. Consider this while making a choice.

You can check Astroid! the Joomla template framework designed and developed by our team. With this you can develop fast and robust Joomla based websites and templates; Astroid is one of the best and the latest Joomla Framework in the market. It is compatible with the latest versions of Joomla.

Security matters a lot

What will you do if you are in bed and get to know your site is hacked; obviously, you will feel helpless. Don't compromise with your security, and be careful while selecting a template for your reputable business.

Try to keep Joomla security extensions on your site and keep your username and password strong.

Support is a lifesaver

We do need support for every single thing which is online. Before making a purchase, make sure your developer support is up to the mark, and you can ask for quick help.

Ensure the user's queries on the products with support history.

Key Features of Our Joomla Templates

We will take you to our Joomla templates store from JoomDev – elegant and dynamic designs, all at your service!

Our complete collection of templates is based upon your business's various requirements, whether commercial, personal, small scale, large scale, everything in one go! There is room for everything you need.

They build upon Astroid and Helix Ultimate framework, one of the best frameworks in the market that will enhance the user experience so well. We provide you a wide range of free and premium Joomla templates compatible with Joomla 3 and the upcoming Joomla 4.

In this section, I have combined our Joomla templates' key features, let’s have a look:

Multipurpose Templates

We are offering you an extensive range of templates in which you can choose whatever you need. If you are an e-commerce person, you can have a look at JD Shop, our premium Joomla template, and if you have different kinds of business, you must visit our business Joomla templates which suit your requirement here.

Easy to use and customize

These templates are handy and easy to use, and you can customize web pages in just simple steps. Plus, you can implement the changes you want without any coding skill. You will be able to edit anytime you need, and it will provide you full accessibility to each element of your site.

Responsive Layouts

Our unique set of templates offers you responsive layouts no matter what screen resolution you are using; it will give you a perfect look and feel of the website and ensures the best UX. These are one of the mobile-first Joomla Templates.

Support Latest Technologies

These templates support the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome 5, and Bootstrap 4. We make sure you have the latest and prominent features of all times. It guarantees that your design will be updated and compatible with the latest versions and your business will reach the heights.

Unique Design

We understand your desires, and for that sake, all our Joomla templates follow the latest Web design trends and have unique styling. They offer you different kinds of header styles and header options. It ensures that your site has a perfect UX and design.

Cross-Browser compatibility

We all used to do research through different browsers. So these templates are compatible with all your needs and allow you to browse over major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

JD Page Builder

We have several templates built on our JD Page Builder using the drag & drop element, which allows you to edit pages just by dragging and dropping the elements on the desired position. It gives you full freedom to design any kind of layout from simple to complex.

SEO Friendly

Don't worry about the SEO compatibility of the templates. As we are providing you fully SEO optimized templates. Our responsive Joomla templates are specifically designed for search engines to help you to rank higher. Leave it on us to take your business to another level.

Dedicated support

You can rely upon our support team; we are proud of them. You can expect quick support for our Free and premium Joomla templates and extensions anytime you need. For reference, you can check our testimonials on our website.

Safe and Secure

Security is our main concern, so we always try to eliminate each loophole from our templates. And we try our best to provide you with a safe and secure site.

How Joomla Templates helps to increase your productivity

As we have already discussed many things in this article about what is Joomla CMS, Joomla templates, and its key features. Now, let's discuss how these templates can increase your productivity; we will consider two aspects, one for the developer another for the user so let's see how it works:

For Developers/Designers

As you know, these templates are handy and ready to use; simultaneously, these specific characteristics reduce the hard work for the developer/designer. And this will lead them to be more productive while working on it as they can enhance the design in a more structured and innovative way rather than working on fundamental things.

Apparently, if we have to make something from scratch, it can be a little harder to think of the base, right? But these templates are multipurpose and can specifically provide a solution for your unique business. In this case, the designer won't need to think much of the basis and can dedicate their skills to add some new features/elements to its design. By that, they can add uniqueness and versatility to its design.

Joomla CMS allows you to manage the content easily, and the developer will no longer be stuck in complicated contents and images. They can quickly optimize it and can save their time.

As described above, the templates are fully SEO optimized; you don't need to bother about the SEO friendliness of the website. The templates are already optimized for better SEO so you can rank your website easily with little tweaks on content and on-page SEO. The code of the templates follows all the guidelines of Google and W3C.

Latest versions and new technologies will also help them to stay updated, plus they can make the design more compatible & improved. Hence, it enhances their productivity by working on new technologies.

For end users

First of all, if a layman wants to have a Joomla theme based website, so, they just need to choose the appropriate Joomla template, and they can easily upload and manage their content, images, testimonials or other related stuff. They don't need to spend their hard-earned money on getting their website developed from outside.

Joomla templates are just ready to use with some demo content so the user can save their time, and their site can be done only in a few steps. They don't have to wait for days or months to get their business online.

Any business, whether it's on a large scale or small scale, these templates are ready to help you guys in every possible manner. Plus you will have full-time support from the dedicated teams of Joomla community which will assist you if you have any issues.

As Joomla CMS runs globally, they are supporting 75 languages, and with this, wherever you are in the world, you can make this work in your native language and connect with your visitors easily.

You will never be left behind because these Joomla themes are entirely integrated with Joomla's latest versions, you will receive notifications if any latest versions or updates of the softwares have been released.

Last but not least, you won't have to hire any digital marketing agency or SEO people because these templates are providing you inbuilt SEO optimize structure which will help you to rank higher and drive traffic on your site. Then you can save your money and can have a party with that.

This world is digitizing, and we need you to stay forward and bring our business online by choosing the best options with benefits. Try these templates out, and I am telling you, you will fall in love with them.