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All You Need to Know About Starting Your Business with WooCommerce [Infographic]

If you are thinking about starting your own eCommerce business, then you have likely heard of WooCommerce. It is one of the most widely used eCommerce solutions and is used to sell a huge range of products all over the globe. The reasons for its widespread adoption are many, but the ease of use, comprehensive inventory management and abundance of features are the main drivers behind its popularity.

eCommerce is one of the most profitable opportunities for making money using the internet and is proving to be very successful. As more and more stores are opting to take their products online, consumers are starting to expect this service. There are various eCommerce platforms for companies to choose from, but very few can realistically compete with WooCommerce.

If you are already using WordPress as your business website, then WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin that you need. Not only is it free to use, but there are many add-on extensions that can be used in conjunction to create a fully functioning and unique e-commerce store.

The plugins allow you to transform your WordPress into an online selling machine. They give you everything you might need to create a brilliant platform on which to sell your goods.

Starting Your Business with WooCommerce

  1. Benefits
  2. WooCommerce Facts Through Infographic


If you are not sure why you should be using WooCommerce over other eCommerce extensions, Website Builder will give you all you need to know. You can find some of the top benefits outlined below.

1. Extensions – You can make your eCommerce store stand out from the crowd by making use of the huge range of extensions on offer. You can implement many nifty features such as reviews, coupons, currency conversion, scrolling banners and lots more; about 800 in total, to be precise!

2. Analytics – Keeping track of what sells and what doesn’t is a big part of running a successful online store. WooCommerce provides built-in analytics which let you view daily reports, traffic and user behavior, all of which can help you improve your store. All data is presented via easy to read graphs and can be hugely beneficial.

3. Integrated SEO – Marketing and SEO are very important when it comes to running an eCommerce business as it is the main driving force in directing people to your site. WooCommerce has built-in features that will help you reach out to your potential audience, and if you want to step things up a notch then you can purchase extensions to help with this.

4. Design – It is easy to make your eCommerce store look exactly how you want it. Design can be just as important as backend features because if a consumer has a bad user experience, you are more likely to have an empty shopping cart. WooCommerce provides a huge array of themes all of which can be personalized to your brand.

WooCommerce Facts Through Infographic

All You Need to Know About Starting Your Business with WooCommerce [Infographic]

 Infographic Source: websitebuilder

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