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6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

According to Oberlo, 82% of the world’s global internet traffic will come from video streaming and video downloads in 2022. This means that video is becoming very popular among consumers and it’s time you started creating your own video content if you aren’t doing so already.

Using videos can benefit your business in different ways. For instance, they can make your website more engaging, increase your visitors’ dwell time, and even help improve your conversion rate. For these reasons and more, we are going to take a look at some of the effective ways you can embed video content into your website. Read on to find out more.

Use videos to enhance your written content

People now like to consume information in a variety of ways, so it can be worth creating content in both video and written forms. Even if you already have written content on your website, you can still use video to add something new and make your content more engaging.

For instance, if you wrote a tutorial blog post to teach your customers how to use a product that you sell, you could create a video version too. Or you could make a short video to summarize the points that you explained in a written ultimate guide. Since you’re just summarizing, the video will be short enough to attract and hold the attention of your audience long enough for them to learn something. And, if they feel like they want more information, they could always read the full blog post the video has been embedded in.

Now let’s take a look at how some businesses are already using video content in this way to give you some inspiration.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Looka is an online logo maker and, on their blog, they have a detailed guide that talks about 15 fall color palettes that people can use to warm up their brand. Finding great color combinations is an incredibly important aspect of designing a logo, which means Looka’s audience are bound to be very interested in this topic.

So, Looka has decided to create an article to shed more light on this and, at the end, they’ve also included a video that talks about color theory. The video sheds more light on some of the colors mentioned by highlighting specific information about them and giving examples of brands that already use these colors in their logos. You’ll also see that the video does a great job of adding more value to the written article, and the use of various effects and visual elements helps to make this piece of content incredibly engaging.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Musician Authority is another website that does a great job of incorporating videos into its written content. The site focuses on helping people to play musical instruments, so they have a lot of helpful blog posts like their article that explains what piano chords are. The piece covers how many piano chords there are, how to play them, and more.

They’ve also included a video that provides a practical demonstration of how to play the chords on a piano. The video is six and a half minutes long, but it packs in a lot of value and it’s great for helping their more visual learners. You’ll find that the person in the video also narrates everything he does as he does it, and that could really help make sure that their viewers are being carried along until the end of the video.

When you’re looking to incorporate video content into your own writing, consider these examples and see if you can replicate them with your own audience in mind.

Publish video testimonials to win new clients’ trust

If you want to boost your website’s conversion rate, you’ll have to work harder to earn your customers’ trust. And one very effective way you can do this is by displaying testimonials from past clients who have enjoyed your products or services.

Testimonials can be both written and in video form, but video testimonials are particularly effective because visitors are more likely to believe the testimonial provider and they will appreciate the fact that they can put a face to the people giving you positive reviews.

When creating a video testimonial, you want to make sure that you prepare beforehand. Even though you and the customer already have a general idea of what they are going to say, it still helps to prepare a structure before you press record.

While you might not need to give them a word-for-word script, you could still come up with a list of questions that asks about their former challenges, how your product or service helped to solve those problems, and if they would recommend your business to their friends and family. This will help to make sure that they give a great testimonial that still sounds natural and unscripted.

Once you’ve created your video testimonials, you’ll then need to decide where to display them on your website. Your homepage and service page is always a good idea, but you could even dedicate a whole web page to your positive reviews.

Let’s take a look at a few companies that are already doing a great job of displaying video testimonials on their websites so you can get a good idea of how this can look.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Celler Legal is a law firm that specializes in handling employment and labor cases. And if you scroll down their home page, you’ll see that they have a lot of past clients who are only too happy to validate the company’s expertise.

There are more than 20 video testimonials on the homepage and all of them talk about how impressed Celler Legal’s clients have been with their services. They cite the company’s great services, level of professionalism, and the great results the firm has been able to get.

This is a great strategy that could help win the trust of potential clients who will view these videos and see what a great job the firm has been doing for its past customers.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

We also have an example from Four 19 Properties, trusted homebuyers in Texas. They are a company that makes it easier for homeowners to sell their houses quickly and without any hassle. Their testimonials back this up, too.

When you get to their homepage, you’ll find that they’ve included three video testimonials where past customers talk about their experiences with the company, how easy it was to sell their houses, and mention that they would definitely recommend Four 19 Properties to the people they know.

One thing that’s very noticeable in these testimonials is that the clients keep mentioning how fast and easy the process was, and this is something that could motivate new visitors to try out this company’s services. So, if you also want to create video testimonials like these for your site, make sure you ask past clients to highlight one or two things that they liked about your service and try to keep them at ease so the testimonials appear as natural as possible.

Create aspirational videos that will get people excited

Aspirational videos allow your potential customers to imagine themselves using your products or services and, if people are able to do this, they’ll be far more likely to buy what you’re selling. So, for instance, you could create videos that show students having a great time at your university, or make a video that shows how different people enjoy using your products. Another important part is using intro maker tools to make memorable and catchy video intros.

To give you a better idea of how this might work, let’s take a look at how some businesses already use aspirational videos on their sites.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Victoria University does a great job of using aspirational videos, and you’ll see that on their website. For instance, on their Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program page, they’ve created a video where they shine a spotlight on a student who is taking the course, and highlight the journey he’s had with the university.

In the video, they give some information about the student, his reason for choosing the course, the expectations he has for when the course is completed, and his experience so far with the school. It’s a great way to help prospective students imagine how it would be to study this subject with the university, and this could have a significant impact on the number of enrolments.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Kelty is a company that produces camping gear like backpacks, blankets, tents, and tarps. If you scroll down their homepage, you’ll see that they’ve included an aspirational video that showcases their products in action.

The video is a compilation of different user-generated content that shows how people are using their products on camping trips, ice-skating trips, cruiser bike, or other outdoor adventures. Something you can learn from this example is that it not only shows their products in action, but it also shows how much fun past customers are having with the items they’ve bought from the store. This could get potential buyers excited and possibly encourage them to buy from the site as well.

Help people connect to your business by introducing your team

If you can humanize your business, there’s a better chance that people will feel connected to it and be encouraged to make a purchase. One way you can do this is with videos that introduce your team and put a face to your business.

Again, before shooting this kind of video, you need to create a clear plan. You can do this by writing a video script for all the people that are going to be involved in the video, not because you want it to look rehearsed, but because the script can give direction to the video and help articulate the message you want to get across.

Also, try to make sure that the video shows your staff happy and smiling — it’s good for the audience to see friendly faces, as this will help them establish a connection with your company. When you’re done, you could publish this type of video on your website’s homepage or on the “about us” page that introduces your company and what you do.

To give you some inspiration, let’s look at some examples of businesses that already do a great job of using video to humanize their businesses.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

SchoolLockers.com specializes in creating and selling storage solutions for education establishments, workplaces, and more. And, on their homepage, they’ve made sure to introduce the people behind their brand so customers can feel closer to them. The video they’ve created shows the company’s employees talking about their jobs, what it’s like to work there, and what the products they sell are like.

The video is a really good idea because, while looking through all the various types of lockers on the website, prospective visitors will appreciate seeing a friendly face that they can put to the business. It’s also effective because it helps humanize their brand and, if people feel a connection with the company, it might motivate them to buy the lockers they need.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

BambooHR is a company that provides human resources software solutions for HR professionals. And, on their website, they’ve decided to add a video to their “about us” page that showcases the employees of the company.

In the video, we see how each staff member recounts the company culture and what it’s like to work at BambooHR. You also can’t help but notice that most of the employees are all smiles as they talk about their experience so far.

There’s also laughing and you can spot a lot of friendly faces in the video. It’s a great way to help potential clients build a connection with their company. Once people establish a connection with your business, it becomes easier for them to take the next step in their buyer journey with your brand.

Use video to show off your range of products

If you can create videos that show your range of products in action, this will get your prospects excited about what you sell and increase their motivation to buy from you. Also, creating videos that showcase your products is a great way to improve your site’s dwell time, because it will keep visitors engaged for a longer time, which is great for boosting your SEO.

To create these videos, you should be ready to invest in professional video and design tools that will show your array of products in the best light. If you sell the likes of computer software, you might want to create animated videos to show how they work and, to do that, you can check out tools like Visme or Crello.

But, if you have physical products, it’s typically best to show live action shots, or you could even choose a mixture of both to create an effective video that will properly show off your products. Now, let’s give you some inspiration by taking a look at how some companies are already using video content in this way.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

Helix Hearing Care is a company that provides hearing aids and other solutions for people with hearing impairments. They sell a range of hearing aids that offer different functions and they’ve created a video to explain all these. The video they’ve created is an animated one that also includes live images of what their hearing aids actually look like.

It’s a very engaging video that not only provides a way for people to see the products they offer but also gives specific information like the fitting of the hearing aids and the colors they come in. One thing that you can learn from this example is how they effectively incorporate the use of animation to engage prospective customers, while still giving plenty of useful information that will help their customers to make great purchases.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

The Lip Bar prides itself on being a beauty brand that sells vegan and easy-to-use products. If you go over to their homepage, you’ll see that they also do a great job of showcasing their range of beauty products for potential customers to see.

For instance, in the videos above, you’ll see that they display a range of products that includes a concealer, face palette, brow pencil, and lip gloss. Not only that, but they also give a quick tutorial on how these products can actually be used by customers. For someone who may have been searching for these products, this can be a very exciting find that would increase their motivation to buy from the company.

Help people make informed purchases with product demonstrations

Your prospects will be more likely to buy from your brand if they feel as though they are making an informed decision. And, one way to ensure this is by providing product demonstrations that show exactly how your products work, what they’re for, and what people can expect from them.

If you want to create high-quality product demonstrations, you need to be ready to invest in them. Some physical products will even require you to hire models who can showcase your items while others might just require you to take still product photos from Freepik stock photos.

And, if you sell intangible products like a software service, you can use a tool like Camtasia that has ready-made and customizable templates that allow you to create great demonstration videos. It also allows you to screen record a demonstration if you’d prefer to capture your product in action.

You also need to decide who will make the videos. Are you able to create the videos yourself or would you rather hire a professional to do it for you? These are some of the factors you need to consider if you want to create effective product demonstrations. When they’re complete, a great place to display them could be on your product or service pages so people can see exactly what your products look like after reading about the features.

To show you the kind of end result you should get after creating a product demonstration, let’s take a look at an example.

6 Effective Ways to Use Video Content on Your Website

JoomDev designs custom solutions for websites and mobile applications. One of the products they offer is a page builder that helps users create stunning websites quickly and easily. And, on the product page for this builder, they’ve included a demonstration video to further illustrate how the tool works.

The video does an excellent job of showing the features of their page builder, like the type of layouts available, its drag-and-drop function, and the 40+ element types that are available to users of the page builder. It works well because it shows important features of the product and it can be very useful in helping prospective customers to make an informed decision on whether or not to make a purchase.


If you aren’t already using video content on your website, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. But it’s never too late to begin, and you can get started by implementing the effective tips we’ve given in this article.

From using videos to enhance written content to creating video testimonials and aspirational videos, all of these strategies are a must if you want to start seeing results from video marketing. And, if you want to stay updated on other tips and tactics that can help improve your website, make sure you follow the JoomDev blog for more information.

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