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Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

If you are looking for free Joomla templates and don’t have any budget to get a premium template for your business website, this article is going to help you. 

Note: If you are earning from your business, you should always use a premium template to give a premium look to your website. It will increase brand value.

Anyways, let’s come to the point and check out where to download quality free Joomla templates

Where to download free Joomla templates

It’s tough to find a quality free Joomla template on the web as most of the template designers are offering only premium Joomla templates as they also have to feed their family. 😜

But still, there are many Joomla template designers like us 😉 who are offering you highly responsive and quality Joomla templates for free and without restrictions. 

So first, let’s check out the resources to find the free templates for your business websites. 


So on the top of the list, I will mention JoomDev. There are many reasons to place ourselves on the top. 

  • We keep releasing free templates and other products regularly to support the Joomla community. 
  • We never hesitate to offer our QUALITY & QUICK Support for free templates. 
  • Astroid framework cum template downloaded more than 60,000 times. 
  • Right now, we have ten free Joomla templates for different kinds of businesses, and the count will keep increasing in the future.

List of Highly Responsive Free Joomla Templates

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

Astroid Template Cum Framework

Astroid is a powerful templating framework for Joomla. It allows you to create any simple to complex Joomla website.

Apart from the template framework, it’s a beautifully designed template as well, which can be used for any website.

It comes with all the controls from basic options like preloader, back to top to advanced options such as layout builder, typography settings, adding custom CSS & JS, header management and many more.

You can download the Astroid template for free and use it for your commercial as well as non-commercial purpose.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Paris – Free School Joomla Template

JD Paris is a highly responsive and entirely free Joomla template for school or institutional, educational websites. The template is backed with the Astroid framework and Bootstrap 4, which makes it more flexible and powerful.

The free Joomla theme comes with a Quickstart package. So if you want to get the same layout as it is shown on the demo site, you can install the quickstart package and get your website done in minutes.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD NewYork – Free Multipurpose Joomla Template

JD NewYork is another free and most popular Joomla template available to download for FREE. The template is powered with the Astroid framework and styled with drag and drop Joomla page builder. So it is quite easy to design and edit any of the pages by dragging and dropping the elements.

TThe free template comes with DJ Events to manage events, Hikashop integration to set up an online store, TZ Portfolio+ to create your portfolio and many other extensions. Download or watch its demo to explore more about this free multipurpose template for Joomla.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Seattle – Free Multipurpose Business Joomla Template

JD Seattle is a Free Astroid powered Joomla template. This template is specially designed for business websites. So if you are running out of the budget and want to set up or reshape your business website, this multipurpose Joomla template is best suitable for you.

The template comes with a GPL license so you can use this for your commercial and non-commercial purposes. Even if you don’t want to give a small credit from the footers, you are allowed to remove that as well.

But I will recommend you not to do this. Because if your template designer found a credit for his work, it gives a lot of happiness to him.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Boston – Free Business & eCommerce Joomla Template

As the name suggests, JD Boston is a free business and eCommerce Joomla template that comes with many inbuilt features such as an online store, full width, and boxed layout, K2 & Joomla blog, etc. 

JD Boston template starts with an interactive slider on the home page and followed by the about us sections, portfolio, services and many other parts that are required for a website.

Apart from this, we have blended ACYMailing, K2 and Virtuemart within it so you can have a great looking and fully functional website at no cost. Check out the demo and explore its more amazing features.


Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD NewJersey – Free Multipurpose Joomla Template

JD NewJersey is a free Joomla template to set up a business website & online Store. So if you want to create a business website or an online store, this free Joomla template is best suitable for you.

The template comes with inbuilt integration of HikaShop, VirtueMart, Kunena, and Jevents. So it doesn’t matter what kind of website you want to create, this template is going to help you.

Download JD NewJersey Template and give a new shape to your website without spending any coin.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Miami – Free Joomla Multipurpose Template

JD Miami is a free multipurpose Joomla template. You can design any website with the help of this template. The template comes with built-in integration of VirtueMart, Hikashop, Jevents and Kunena.

The template is entirely free and open source. You can use this for your commercial as well as non-commercial purpose. If you don’t want to keep the credits in the footer, you are allowed to remove. 

So if you are looking to download a highly responsive Joomla template for free, JD Miami template will be the best option for you.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Chicago – Free Business & eCommerce Joomla Template

JD Chicago is another most popular free Joomla template that comes with eCommerce and forum features. The multipurpose nature of the template lets you design any business website with full-fledged functionalities. 

You can create a mega menu, off-canvas menu, control the layout, or in short. You can customize the look and feel of the template as per your requirements. 

The template comes with all the required pre-designed additional pages such as About us, Services, Service details, contact us, Portfolio, Shop page and many others. See the live demo and explore its amazing features.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Austin – Free Business Joomla Template

JD Austin is an advanced Joomla templates that is available for free to download. It comes with a card layout which makes it unique among other free templates.

The template is designed with drag and drop Joomla page builder, which makes it easy to use and edit. You can customize the template with drag and drop the elements. 

The most impressive thing I liked in the template is its off-canvas menu which comes with Push effect. See it in the demo along with other stuff like pre-designed additional pages, mega menu, sticky header, animated numbers, portfolio and many more.

Free to Use

Where to Find Free Joomla Templates?

JD Atlanta – Free Joomla Multipurpose Template

Now, we have JD Atlanta Template in the list of Free Joomla templates. JD Atlanta is a modern and very customizable Joomla template for designing your high-end business website. It is powered with powerful admin panel and other Joomla extensions.

The template comes with built-in integration of VirtueMart, Jevent & Kunena. So you can use any of these extensions in your website without any issue. 

The template is fully open source and free for commercial and non-commercial usage. 

Free to Use

Our Latest Joomla Templates

  • JD Haulage (Logistic Joomla Template)
  • JD YogaHut (Yoga Joomla Template)
  • JD Agency (Agency Joomla Template)
  • JD Finance (Finance Joomla Template)
  • JD Salon (Salon Joomla Template)
  • JD Recruiter (Staffing Joomla Template)

Apart from these, there are some excellent Joomla template directories where you can find free or premium Joomla templates. 

Joomla Template Directories


AsTemplates is a marketplace where you can find the premium as well as free Joomla templates. The marketplace is quite active and offers quality Joomla templates as well as WordPress Themes.


This was also an excellent resource for the Joomla templates and extensions. But these days, I do not see this platform that much active, it used to be. But still, you can find cool stuff from there.

CMS Gadget

CMS Gadget is also a great resource to find some quality Joomla template and WordPress themes. This is not like a marketplace, but it collects the products and lists them on their website.


100CMS is a marketplace where you can find the latest themes, extensions and news for your CMS. The platform is quite active and started getting popular.

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