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5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

If you are a business owner or Digital Marketer then you can understand the value of Social Media Marketing perfectly to grow your business. As you know, now a day’s social media optimization plays a vital role to grow the business easier and faster. It is hard to stand your business in this competitive market without your online presence. Now social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest are becoming a major source of finding the potential customer and engaging them with your product or service feeds. It’s true, that everyone can’t understand the value of Social Media for their business but it matter a lot for the growth of a business.

So we need to optimize our social media account a very well maintained way so our customer or audience can stay with us. We need to avoid the mistakes mentioned below.

Posting inappropriate information

It means posting information or post which is not related to your business. Never allow anyone to post inappropriate information as it will ruin your business. It is very difficult to stand out but it takes some second to ruin it. Many people get offended by adult images and/or lewd comments. Posting hate messages or posting images containing nudity is a sure way for you to fail.

Being a Poor Listener

Yes, it will be your big mistake if you are not listening to your readers. Because Social Media is a platform where your readers, users or customer find you and try to connect with you. If you avoiding them they will surely avoid your services or products.  This will the major cause of not growing your business.

Now what you need to be safe from this type of mistake. Just make a track what is going on your social accounts and what your readers or audience want from you. Respond them in a very kind manner.

Your kindness will attract them towards you. Listen what they want to ask and tell them how you can help them out. Try to solve out their problems. If you do all such things, you will have a good online reputation.
Keep in mind that if you didn’t satisfy or listen to your audience, they will definitely go to your competitors. That means you are not working for your business, you are working for your competitor.  

Not harnessing the power of interaction and free marketing

Social media is getting popular and many people are using social media just because it is a trend. They do not have much idea about the power that it has. Most of the crowd just uses it from a user’s perspective. However, business on social media is solely based on the relationship that one wants to establish and one’s communication style.

 Social media is useful for contact building and establishing relationships with your clients. It is a way of showing the world what you are about and what your business is about. It is used as a tool for interacting with people and showing off your talents and specialties.

Most people do not understand this thing and they get into a loss. SMO experts do not try to communicate with others or try to communicate in a rude way, this just creates problems. If someone says something bad about you or your company, you are supposed to gracefully accept their comment and ignore it. You are not supposed to reply with harsh comments.

Not Knowing When to Ask for Business

You first have to win the trust and the loyalty of a customer if you want to do business with them. You have to make your reputation and have to maintain is as well. Talk to the people and ask for assistance. You need to build some rapport with the audience first.

People will listen to you and buy from you only if they trust you. Set up a simple rule to convert conversations into clients or customers. Try starting small and begin with having small talks and then slowly progressing onto other things. Just straight away blurting about business is not going to help you to get anywhere. Be patient and establish rapport first, then move on to other things.

Boring content is counter productive

Never bore your clients with boring lines about your company. Make something impressive and humorous that people will be interested in. Your objective is to attract clients and customers with your conservation, not drive them away. Infuse your personality in your posts. It is not possible to attract clients with every customer but it will build customer relationships if you try to have conservations with your customers.

Under no circumstance should you have boring content on your website. Try to be funny and intelligent. Everyone starts by listing their products and services, what is the different quality about you? Just starting by engaging the customer with something interesting will make them like the same services over others.


Social media marketing is a great platform to enlarge your skills and stand out your business globally. Through SMM, you will get a positive impact on the business but you have to focus on today’s market. The marketplace is changing, so you have to change accordingly. The more you can get your name and message circulating in the various mediums, the more your chances of getting clients and ultimately helping you get hired.

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