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Astroid Framework Update – Open Graph Settings, Translation, Blog Options and Many More

We are very thankful to all our Astroid users who are continuously developing websites using the framework and testing it.

After getting the feedback and issues reported by our users, we have updated the framework and are happy to release Astroid v2.1.0.

What’s in the update?

We have updated the framework and it now has lots of improvements and some new features added to it like Custom Fonts, Open Graph settings on Menu level, Blog options on the Featured article and much more. Let’s have a look at its changelog:

Changelog v2.1.0: 14 March 2019

  • You can select the behaviour of drop-down menu (Click or hover)
  • Custom fonts (You can upload font files to the fonts folder of your template and can use them in Astroid)
  • Ability to disable Astroid backend pre-loader (if you don’t like it you can disable it via the plugin now)
  • OG for all menu items enabled
  • Menu Start and End Level on both mobile and site menu
  • 2 new Preloaders added
  • Blog Options also on Featured Articles
  • Added the Gradient option in the layout editor and enabled all the other options(none. color, video & image) at each level
  • Added French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian language translations for Astroid
  • Joomla v3.9.4 Updated in QuickStart
  • Register Login Module 1.11 updated in QuickStart
  • JD Simple Contact Form v1.2 updated in QuickStart
  • Font Awesome Library updated to 5.6.3
  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.3.1
  • Internet Explorer Menu styling now fixed
  • Mega menu issues fixed
  • Multiple custom badges on category layout now work fine within individual color
  • Custom CSS generated through typography is now written in a random CSS file instead of the output directly
  • IE Sticky menu fixed
  • Frontend issues fixed
  • getTemplate(true) issue fixed
  • Joomla Menu Item Level image issue fixed
  • Date-time picker fixed
  • Coming soon time-zone fixed
  • Typography Field minor bug fix
  • Changed Read time icon
  • astroidradio field now works in Popup too
  • Improved the Mobile menu
  • Custom SCSS file now working
  • Fixed the alignment of Logo-text tagline
  • Code editing popup now open to full screen
  • Frontend iFrame preview removed (future feature, was slowing the backend)

Apart from Astroid Framework, we have also updated 3 more templates with some major bug fixes. 

  • JD Coax – Changelog
  • JD LawX – Changelog
  • JD Construct – Changelog
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