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Astroid 2.2 Got a New Header Layout, Theme Colors and Much More

What motivates us to work on our Astroid framework regularly, even when the framework is free and doesn’t bring in any direct revenue??? Well, It’s your valuable feedback and love towards the fast-growing Joomla framework.

Yes, we hear your feedback and keep working in the darkroom and now let’s make some noise for these amazing features that are introduced in the latest version of Astroid.

So let’s have a quick look at its new update.

What new in the Astroid 2.2

  1. It got new header layout – The Sidebar Header
  2. Background and Logo option for Error Page – Means fully optimized error page.
  3. Off-Canvas Opening Direction –  Surprise your users with extra menu items.
  4. Theme Colors – No need to edit the Variable file. Just get it done from Astroid Backend.

New Sidebar Header

As you know we have nine types of header style already in the Astroid Framework and this release comes with brand new header style. It’s the Sidebar Header. Sidebar headers make your design unique and easy to navigate website. It helps you to create a sticky sidebar header which will appear always appear on either side of the page.

This header layout comes with two styles, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar which means you can publish the header on either side.

These settings are available in the Header > Header Mode > Sidebar

Astroid 2.2 Got a New Header Layout, Theme Colors and Much More

How to use this feature

Background and Short Code Support for Error Page

Astroid 2.2 Got a New Header Layout, Theme Colors and Much More

We were getting demands for optimizing the error page in Astroid. So we worked on that one as well.

Now you can add an attractive background for the error page. For the background, you can use, Image, Color or Video whatever you want.

Apart from the Background option, the editor will support other shortcodes as well. It will help you will insert module on the error page. You can load a module either through the Module ID, Module Position or Module Name.

Here are the shortcodes you can use:

  • {loadposition position} to load with Module Position
  • {loadmoduleid 197} to load with Module ID
  • {loadmodule module title} to load with Module Name

Off-Canvas Opening Direction

Astroid 2.2 Got a New Header Layout, Theme Colors and Much More

Off-Canvas menu is positioned outside the viewport and slide in only when activated. Setting up an Off-Canvas menu is really a piece of cake in Astroid. You just have to switch the toggle on to add an off-canvas panel to your website.

In the earlier version, we have only one default opening direction but in the latest release, we have added an option which will help you to open it from the other side as well.

Theme Colors

Astroid 2.2 Got a New Header Layout, Theme Colors and Much More

Even though astroid gives you full ability to customize colors for every part of the website, there are still some colors that can’t be changed from the backend. Just because most users don’t want to change the colors. But for those of you, who do; now there is an option right from the Astroid backend to change all Astroid/bootstrap default colors. This feature isn’t just limited to colors, but lets you change any SAAS variable that is used in Astroid SCSS files.

Over to you

Apart from this, there were some other bug fixes and performance improvements. Keep supporting Astroid and providing your feedback. We are working on many cool features to make your Joomla Development more smooth and painless.

Once you will update the Astroid to the latest version, you may face some missing color issues. Please go through this post to fix it


Please take a full backup of your website before upgrading the Astroid on your live website.

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