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Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Hey Guys, How are you? Hopefully all you are doing super well. I am also doing the same. For this week, I picked a hot topic for you that is Facebook Marketing. As you know if Facebook could be a country then it would be the most populated country in the world. But unfortunately, it’s not a country.

As we all know that most people are busy on social media and most of them are on Facebook. So it is the right time to get business from Facebook. You just have some skills to market your business on Facebook.

As per Facebook 2015 update- It grew bigger— and it grew stricter in its anti-spam policy to protect its potential users from businesses who were annoyed to ‘overdo it’. So, to become a Social media marketing hero, you need to develop a strong social media strategy. To ensure that your resources are actually heading towards something, it’s essential that you have a strategy before you start marketing through Facebook. You don’t want to create a profile on this platform and then, later on, found out that you’re banned because you’re marketing excessively, right?
When it comes to online marketing, and particularly in the case of Facebook marketing your business goal isn’t only to get likes and shares, it’s to get more leads and to do more sales! Billions of people are using Facebook on a regular basis, which is why you should strive to connect and haul in more customers. The more customers you have, the better it’ll be for your business.

So, the question arises again on how we can achieve this goal. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. You can hire us or you can learn some premium social media tricks from this article. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and learn!! Or let us do for you.

The Evergreen Strategy – Building a Business-specific social media page or account.

Building a business-specific page or account is most important to connect with your potential audience. It works well with any social media platform, but it works better with Facebook, where it’s difficult to connect and market to people who are not among your friends.

Steps to building a Facebook Fan page

  • Choose a Category and business page name – this is the place where you have to specify what your business is and what you do.
  • Set up your company page– After choosing category and page name the first thing you have to do is set up your company page for this you have to go into the “About Section” of your business page and make sure it’s properly filled out with relevant information like what you do and what you are. Also add your proper address, phone No, services, and product with the homepage URL of your website.
  • Choosing Vanity URL– it may not seem important, but be sure to set up a simple and memorable web address for your business. Go to About < Facebook web Address < Edit
  • Selecting Cover and profile Image with dimension “851px*351px”, “180*180px” Respectively
  • Create multiple tabs that drive company goals

The Content is King

As we know Internet marketing turns into Content marketing. And Content is king. It is also applicable to Facebook.

After configuring page setup, it’s time to create relevant and unique content that engages users and attracts more people to your business page. You need to convert your fans to your customer through your high-quality content. If you are not posting relevant, fresh, and quality content you can’t convert even your visitors to your fans. So before getting loyal fans, never assume to do business through Facebook.

Here I am going to mention some points that will help you to create a successful Facebook post, According to Facebook.

  • Stay short and Eye-Catching – text posts between 100 to 250 characters get about 60-65% more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Be Visual- Interaction and engagement will be automatically increased by posting office albums, pictures, and videos 180%, 120%, and 100% respectively.
  • Think out of the box – Aside from regularly publishing high-quality articles on your Facebook profile, it’s also important that you spice things up once in a while. Publishing a vlog, for example, is a great way to haul in more customers as this multimedia is unique and breaks the monotony of reading through chunks of texts.
  • Get optimized with Facebook Insight- Facebook Insight is a Facebook analytic that will help to analyze the performance of Facebook pages. This is an area where you analyze what time people most engage with your post or based on the data, you make decisions on how to adjust your marketing goal to get the results you’re observing for.

Helpful Reminder

Set up a reminder to remind yourself for posting regularly and make a schedule for posting by using page insight data. You can get hints when most of your audience is online.

The quality and quantity of content posted on your Facebook profile can speak volumes about your business. Posting articles once a month will make your profile look stale, shooing away potential customers. You can prevent this from happening by setting a reminder to make sure that you post content as regularly as possible.

Shake things up

Posting the same thing again and again or posting only text about products and services get boring. So mix below given things and get more customers and engagement.

  1. Run a Contest on the Facebook page
  2. Conduct a Poll
  3. Announce the result of Poll
  4. Ask Question v. Use Hashtags
  5. Share featured images and video
  6. Share Motivational and Funny quotes as a post
  7. Announce Special Offer and New product Launch
  8. Share Customers’ reviews about your product and services.

Almost all businesses have Facebook profiles, which is why you should look for ways to make yours stand out. By spicing things once in a while, you’ll keep your customers excited and retain them in the long run. These gimmicks can also entice other online users to choose your business.

Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks

Incorporate given mention tips and tricks into your Facebook business page.

Before going ahead, you need to avoid common social media mistakes that a marketer usually makes. Have a look at these 5 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes you need to avoid.

  • Post Regularly – Ideally, you should follow the same schedule when posting content. If you’re planning to post once a week, make sure that you do so for the following months or years. Following a regular schedule will encourage engagement from your target audience as they’ll know that they have something to look forward to.
  • Encourage comments and reply quickly – Whenever you post any type of content on your Facebook page, make sure that you encourage online users to leave their comments. You can even create engaging captions to ensure that online users will have reasons to comment on your posts.
  • Set a Specific Goal and Strategy for every post- whenever you’re going to post first, make sure you have a clear goal and use a well-prepared strategy for every post. In mean suppose your goal is to generate traffic to your Facebook page then Link type of post will help you to attract an audience to your page or whether your goal is to get likes and shares on the post then photos and video type of post will help you.
  • Get connected with another social profile – Link your business Facebook page to Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram account so you can save time and engage with other social profiles at once.
  • Build an Audience – Your friends and family would be happy to help to give you a boost. Ask them to like your page otherwise, you can also invite relevant friends by sharing an invitation created using Invitation Maker. Use various Facebook plugins on your blog and website like “like box and Button”. By integrating Facebook plugin to your blog, you can convert your blog or website traffic to your Facebook fan.
  • Join or Create Groups in your niche – By using the Facebook search box you can find Interesting and relevant groups in your niche and join relevant groups that your target audience joins. Also, you can create your own niche groups with relevant titles and keywords.
  • Like and Comment on other niche Pages as your page- If you want your Facebook page to be seen by a huge and relevant audience then the best thing is to like other niche pages as your page. Also, comment on them and interact with their posts.
  • Sponsor your work – By running Facebook ads campaigns for promoted posts, which positions them higher in your ‘followers’ news feeds and gives them a better chance of reaching your audience.
  • Have a Call-to-Action Button – Facebook recently announced CTA (Call to Action) Button which helps to page admins to increase their acquisition efforts. The 7 CTA Buttons are: – Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video
  • Create Event – In this marketing Era, Everyone wants new and interesting things. So for this, you can create an event in your group or from your profile by which your friend, family, and followers take part. If you are creating an event from your profile then remember to share the event on your business page as well as website/blogs.

Over to you

So, these are some tips you need to keep in mind for Facebook marketing. Hope this will help you. Looking forward to seeing your views on this. Please share your social media marketing strategies in your comments. And How you maintain your Facebook marketing.

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