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Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

There is a famous saying,

Fitness is not a destination, it’s a part of a lifestyle.

With the sedentary lifestyle and the elevated stress, keeping yourself mentally and physically fit is challenging nowadays. Having long working hours is another big obstacle that reduces the lifespan of an individual.

Then, how can you manage a healthy lifestyle instead of all these factors simultaneously?

The answer is – Personalized Fitness Training Service.

There is a reason why the Fitness and Health industry is booming these days. More and more people are inclining to the Fitness careers, taking their services online, and providing one-to-one personal training.

To provide online services, you need a website that suits your business and increases your chances of getting more clients.

With Elementor and Mighty Addons Pro, we provide you with a multi-page Fitness Trainer template kit that lets you create a targeted website within just a few minutes.

Introducing Fitness Trainer Elementor Template Kit

The fitness trainer Elementor Template kit is a multi-packaged kit for small-scale businesses or fitness trainers that are looking to create a website for themselves or want to revamp their existing website.

The gym trainer website template is fully customizable. You can change their font, text, images or adjust the alignments on each of the pages.

So, without further ado, let us jump into more details of this template kit.

Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit – Key Features

  • Highly Responsive – adjustable to all digital devices (mobile, iPad, Tablet and Desktop)
  • Fully Customizable – Customize anything, anywhere you want!
  • Drag and Drop Builder – See the preview of live changes on your site!
  • No Coding Skills Required!
  • Add a testimonial box – helps in building trust!
  • Import images with one click!
  • Pre-made newsletter section – grow your subscriber list!
  • Add your client logo – increases reliability!

Pre-made pages included within Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit


Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

The website’s home page is more like a front door to your house. If you are not making the entrance right, the chances are people are not getting into your home.

So, your homepage should have all the important information that can make visitors stay for a longer time without being overbearing.

Luckily, you don’t have to carry this burden on your own.

Elementor Fitness Trainer Website template kit provides you with a pre-designed homepage template that has a modern way to display fresh quality content with a minimal creative appeal.

The homepage template starts with a hero section that contains a lead form. This part of the page is very important as it is the very first thing any visitor notices after landing on your page.

The hero section consists of one heading with a brand mission statement followed by another subheading that explains more about your brand. Remember, use the mission statement precisely. You can use any one-liner, like,

Have a hard time finding a personal trainer? We heard you! 

Provide more value to the visitors by placing the email newsletter call-to-action button just below the mission statement.

Moreover, the home page displays the dynamic stats that give a briefer view about you and your company, like the industry experience, partnership around the globe, or the customer’s satisfaction.

Adding personalized services is another important feature of this template that answers the “what kind of services” question of the customers. Show all your creativity and use the headings, typography, colors, or images in your way!

Additionally, the Fitness Trainer template helps you in gaining visitors’ trust by showcasing success stories on the homepage. Trust me, it does!

You know they say, Honesty is the best policy.

The template lets you add the Facts and Achievements section and thereby helps you in assuring your customers by giving a factual view of what their journey is going to be like.

And last but not the least, convert your visitors into potential customers by letting them know how they can connect with you?

Add the social buttons, phone number, and the email address of the company at the end of the homepage. Additionally, you can add a “Contact Me” form and get in touch with them!

About Page – Let your visitors know who you are

Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

The Fitness Trainer template kit gives you a pre-designed about us page, another important page of your website. The page lets your visitors know who you are, what you do, how you can help them in the long run? So, make it right!

The template comes with a nice introduction with headings and subheadings that you can modify as per your company’s mission and vision.

Along with the introduction, there is a statistics section that showcases your services in a percentage bar, so that the customers can get an exact idea of what they are going to get from you.

There is an additional amenities section to emphasize more on the “Why you hire me?” question.

The page also consists of other important sections like FAQs (where you can ask personal questions) and success stories.

Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

If you want people to take your services, then nothing can be better than displaying the successful results of your clients and the Fitness Trainer template kit allows you to do that.

The template provides you a fully customizable Gallery page where you can show the before & after workout results that will help you in building more potential customers.

And why too late?

Just below the results section, the template gives a contact me form so that customers can contact you immediately.

Pricing Page

Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

It is yet another important page of your website. Once your customers are convinced, the next thing they are looking for is the membership plans, and that is where the role of this page comes in.

The pricing page is a well-designed customizable template that displays different membership plans for your customers. Starting from the basic to the platinum or gold, it gives your customers an array of choices.

So, design your pricing plan smartly as customers are very picky when it comes to prices.

Followed with the pricing plan section, there is a contact me section through which your customers can send queries to you.

Contact Page

Introducing Free Fitness Trainer Website Template Kit For Mighty Addons Pro

This is the page where you finally want your customers to land!

The contact page is designed minimally so that customers can contact you fast without getting into any further details.

The page comes with a clean header followed by another subheading and social buttons.

For a better visibility, the template features the contact icons (location, phone number, and email address) with the contact details.

In the last, there is a contact me section, where customers can send queries directly to you.

And this is how your Fitness Trainer template kit pre-designed pages help you in building your website most conveniently by providing all the important features that can surely increase your clientage.

How to access Fitness Trainer’s Template Kit?

You can only access the Fitness Trainer’s Template kit or other similar templates by upgrading to the pro version of Mighty Addons Pro

The trainer template kit is not available in its free version.

Once you upgrade to the Mighty Addons pro, you can then go to the page builder library that will allow you to import all the pages of the template kit one by one.

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