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Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

Joomla is one of the most emerging Content Management Software over the past few years and there is a reason for it. With its advanced features and benefits, there are lots of new users which show their interest in using this platform.

Being one of the top Joomla Template Development Organisation, we at JoomDev always try to come up with latest Joomla Templates. Our Last released “JD BizX”  was a premium Joomla Template and it was a major hit. This month we have come up with the latest Free Multipurpose Joomla Template – JD Austin.

JD Austin is compatible with the latest Joomla version and is powered by CSS framework, Bootstrap 4, Joomla framework Helix Ultimate which makes this Template one of the best free Joomla Template out there.

JD Austin is a multipurpose free Joomla template which allows you to develop any kind of website like Business, Website, freelancer website or a Digital Marketing Website Moreover, features like a flexible system, easy to extend and customise platform and Search engine optimised lays a way to develop up your website in a very few and easy steps.

Major Key Features At A Glance
  Fully Responsive  Fully Responsive Template for all devices
  SEO Optimised  SEO Optimised as per Google Guidelines
  Smart Slider 3  Design Awesome Sliders with Smart Slider 3
  Spedi Skillset  Enable you to Showcase your Skills with Spedi          Skillset Extensions
  ChronoForms  Build responsive contact form in seconds with            Bootstrap CSS
  RokSprocket  Show Customers testimonials with the integrated      RokSprocket.
  SP Simple Portfolio  Allows you to design modern and outstanding filterable portfolio.
  Joomla 3.X Compatible  JD Austin is Compatible with Latest Joomla 3.X     Version
Pricing -FREE

Advanced Multipurpose Free Joomla Template

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

If you are just getting started in Joomla or an experienced Joomla user and looking for the best Free Multipurpose Joomla Template then JD Austin Can be the answer for you.

With JD Austin, you can make any kind of website ranging from business, freelancer to digital marketing agency; the only limit is your creativity. Backed by Bootstrap, it features responsive and flexible layout, Helix Ultimate Framework, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, HTML5, & CSS3. You have the total control over the presets and colors of your website and its layout. The full-width slideshow will help to impress your visitors and gain their attention.

100% Responsive and SEO Optimised

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

JD Austin Free Business Joomla Template is fully responsive template i.e. it can easily adapt to any screen sizes your user is using which helps you a lot in keeping your user engagement rate higher.

We all also know the importance of SEO nowadays, with so many competitors out there it is must choose a theme which is properly SEO optimised. JD Austin is not any other Joomla Template which compromises with SEO, JD Austin is carefully SEO optimised so that you can get better results in SERPs rankings.

Functionality to add Portfolio and Customers Testimonials

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

JD Austin allows you to add your portfolio and customers Testimonials directly on the homepage to gain maximum exposure. JD Austin is integrated with SP Simple Portfolio Joomla Extensions which allow website owners to create, manage and publish a very modern and outstanding filterable portfolio.

You can also add Customer or user testimonials as per what your business is, to show your customers feedback. For this JD Austin uses RokSprocket Extension which is one of the best Joomla extensions for adding Customers Testimonials.

Compatible with the latest version of Joomla 3.x and Major Browsers

JD Austin is compatible with the latest version of Joomla, which is quite uncommon for a free Joomla Template. Being compatible with the latest version of Joomla, JD Austin is almost free from any compatibility related bugs and can run smoothly.

JD Austin also supports cross Browser Compatibility i.e JD Austin Free Joomla Template is compatible with all the major and commonly used browsers out there, even with Internet Explorer(-_-).

Working Contact forms and Inbuilt Google Map Integration

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

WIth JD Austin you get the working Contact Form, all you need to do is to add your email address and you are good to go. Your users can send you the mail directly without using any third party.

Sharing the Business address or your Business location helps your user a lot, both in having trust in you and for reaching out to you.  If you want to share the exact location of your business, you can do it too with JD Austin Free Joomla Template. Just tweak the settings as per your location and you are live.

Block Design and Cards Layout Approach

JD Austin uses the perfect combination of the Block and Card layout approach focussed on bringing a level of physicality to the digital experience. JD Austin follows this approach to the digital interface so that the website should feel intuitive and natural for the user.

Custom Build Default Pages for Effective UI

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

A lot of attention on UI and UX is given while the development of JD Austin. There is always a case when a visitor is going to stumble onto a 404 error page. Alternatively, sometimes the visitor adds a strange extension to the end of the web address, or maybe she has bookmarked an old page, and your organizational structure has changed. Keeping all this in mind, all the subpages and default pages like 404, error, etc pages are custom build to enhance the user experience and keep the user to be in your website.

Inbuilt Blog – Hub of Traffic

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

The Goal of having a blog in the website is to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. When you create a blog post this creates one more indexed page on your website, meaning it’s one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Having a blog with a proper layout and visibility is one of the most important things on the website and with JD Austin Template, you don’t need to take care of it. JD Austin Comes with an Inbuilt Blog with generous Layout to catch maximum eyeballs.

Advanced Team Showcase Feature

Introducing Another Free Joomla Template JD Austin (No Hidden Cost, No Upsell)

JD Austin Free business Template enables you to showcase your team to the world. You can fully customise the way and look at how your Team portfolio appears on the homepage. By default, a very beautiful and generous layout is in place to showcase the Team in the Homepage for maximum exposure.

All these features are sufficient enough to realise that why the JD Austin Free Joomla Template is one of the best Free Template choices of Many Joomla Users out there. If you want me to tell you about JD Austin in brief then, JD Austin is highly customisable Free Joomla Template and has a premium look and feel.

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