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JD Conference – Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)

We have added another Joomla Template JD Conference in our template directory and it is now available to download for everyone. You can get this advanced one page Joomla template at just $29.99 and avail all the premium features and extensions used in this template. 

A Little about JD Conference One Joomla Template

JD Conference is one and only one advanced Joomla one page in the market. JD conference is powered by leading Joomla template framework Helix 3 and built with SP Page Builder Pro and Bootstrap which makes it easy to use and customize. You can build an awesome one-page website with this template in few minutes even if you don’t have coding skills. JD Conference is a responsive Joomla event template dedicated to business events. So if you are looking for an event website template, this will be the best choice for you. JD conference Joomla template helps you to setup a countdown for the event and the most important thing is that when the countdown gets over, it shows 00:00:00:00 but if you are using JD Conference event template, you can insert your custom message and also add a call to action button. 

SP Page Builder Pro enhanced the value of JD Conference one page Joomla template. It’s drag and drops element feature allows you to place any element where you want to place. We have developed few more add-on for SP Page Builder to make this template smoother and easy to use. 

Key Features of JD Conference

Powerful Admin Panel

JD Conference - Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)

JD Conference is powered by leading Joomla template framework Helix 3. It’s powerful admin panel allows you to manage/customize your template in an advanced way. You have so many settings in Helix 3 admin panel like Presets, blog, menu, typography, custom codes and much more. You just need to explore the things.

Fully Responsive Layout

JD Conference - Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)

You are already aware that how much it is important to have a responsive website. In this era, people are using the smartphone to the internet more than the laptop or desktop. So if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, you are losing your potential customer. JD Conference is ultra responsive Joomla template which can give ultra amazing experience to your users on each type of device. You don’t need to write lengthy codes to make a mobile friendly website with the use of this template. 

Advanced Countdown Timer

JD Conference - Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)

When it comes to attracting the audience for the event, count down plays a vital role to create hype among the user. This can make people buy the ticket because it is showing that the time is decreasing. In most of the template, if you see, that once the countdown gets over, it shows something like 00:00:00:00. This really looks very odd. So to overcome from this, we have developer SP Pagebuilder add-on JD Countdown timer. This addon allows you set a Custom message and call to action button where you can link any of the pages, like the gallery or any external link. This message along with a call to action button will be displayed on the place of timer automatically when countdown time will get over. You can also change the message after the event as well. 

Additional Page Builder Addon

To make this template more easy to use, we have also developed some advanced page builder add-ons. These add-ons enhancing the functionality of the template and making it a unique one page Joomla template among the thousands. Here is the list of the additional add-ons. 

  1. JD Countdown – Advanced countdown timer which allows you to set a countdown timer and also allows you to set a custom message and call to action button when the timer will get over. 
  2. JD Tweets – With the help of this addon you can show tweets from a particular username. It also has an option to display Bullets for sliding the tweets. 
  3. JD Schedule – We used this addon to display Speaker lineup for the event. JD schedule allows you to add multiple Tabs and add speaker info like name, Time, speech topic, Location, speaker image, and description. 
  4. JD Gallery Carousel – This addon allows you to show carousel gallery. The most important thing of this addon is that you can add tabs and add images according to these tabs. Like if you want to show images for the different events, this is possible through this addon with just a few clicks.

Multiple Page Layouts

JD Conference is not only the single page template, but we have also designed some other pages as well. For the home page, we have an option for Video Slider, Banner Slider. So the user can pick any layout and develop his website. 

Drag & Drop Page Builder (Save $49)

JD Conference - Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)

Drag and drop Page builder feature can make any template too easy to use and customize. In JD Conference One page Joomla template, we are using  SP Page builder pro, so firstly you can save $49. And also can enjoy the premium features of SP Page builder along with Additional page builder add-ons. 

Additional Features

This one page Joomla template is fully bundled with a lot of features like SEO friendly layout, RTL support, clean code, light weight, fast loading, cross browser compatible and much more. Check out the detailed infographic.

JD Conference - Advanced Joomla One Page Template (Save $49)
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