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Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) built on MVC web framework using PHP and MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL. This allowed the developers to try their hands on the platform in creating new third-party add-ons and plugins. Taking another leap into the power of open source platform, enthusiastic developers have developed various fantastic page builders for Joomla.

We will be looking into some of those excellent plugins and page builders for Joomla that come handy in the time of necessity.

Best Joomla Page Builders

JD Builder – The Next Generation Joomla Page Builder

Looking for Joomla page builder? Stop searching and download JD Builder right now. JD Builder is a new generation Joomla page builder brought to you by the JoomDev team. After the success of Astroid Framework, we decided to develop the next generation of Joomla page designing tool which can help everyone whether he is a coder or an end-user to design attractive, creative yet highly responsive website by just dragging and dropping the elements.

Highlights of JD Builder – The Next Generation Joomla Page Builder

Drag and Drop Interface
Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

JD Builder comes with drag and drop interface so you just have to drag an element where you want to add. You can easily move any row, section, column or element to anywhere throughout the page. You don’t need to code anything, Just play with available options.

Pre-designed Template & Section Library
Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

JD Builder comes with an extensive library of pre-designed pages and different kinds of sections. You just need to insert the section or page and you are done with it. This library includes Hero sections, About Sections, Services Sections, Features sections, and much more. Simply insert and change the content with yours.

Powerful Elements Library
Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

The JD Builder Joomla page builder has currently more than 15 builder elements and these will keep growing with every release. You can find all the elements from content to sliders, Joomla modules, Joomla articles, Contact forms, and many others.

In-built 3 Icon libraries

Looking for attractive icons? Don’t worry, we have everything for you. We have integrated three icon libraries that are offering you more than 2000 icons within the page builder. You can choose icons from Font Awesome, Type Icons, and Foundation Icons. In the future, we are planning to add more libraries.

Design with Live preview
Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

Don’t worry about the live editing experience. With the JD Builder, You can experience the live editing within the backend. Make changes and see them reflecting on the webpage with the help of the Live Preview feature. You don’t need to save, refresh and change the window. All this can be done automatically with the help of the Live preview feature.

Full Control on Typography

Yes, In this Joomla Page Builder, you have full control on the web page, section, row, column and even on element typography. If you want to use page-level typography, set it on the page level, if you want to use any unique typography for a specific section, you can set it on the section level. You have full control to manage it on any level.

Support Custom CSS & SCSS

Need to do custom styling? Or need to write the CSS Code to make any section unique. Our Joomla page Builder comes with the support of Custom CSS and SCSS. You can write your own CSS or SCSS for any Page, section, row, column or element. It works on all levels.

Developed with Mobile-First Approach

We care about the responsiveness of your Joomla website. And with this Joomla page builder, you can easily create highly responsive websites easily. You can have different settings for different sizes of screens with this Joomla page builder.

Create any simple to complex design with JD Builder

JD Builder gives you full freedom to design any kind of layout from simple to complex. It gives you sections, rows, columns, and even an inner row element. With the help of the Inner row element, you can create rows within the column and design any complex layout easily.

Most of the features are for FREE

Most of the page builders, offering their key features with a pro version but JD Builder offers all those features for free. Here are some of these:

  • Rows within Column
  • Page Import and export
  • Disable/Enable Sections, Rows, and Columns
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom SCSS
  • Access to pre-designed section and pages library
  • Undo/ Redo your actions
  • Copy/Paste Settings
  • SEO & Open Graph settings and many others.
Save Your designs to the library for later re-use

JD Builder allows you to create Web Pages with all-around functionality. This creation works perfectly across devices of different shapes and sizes.

  • Design your section
  • Save to Library
  • Reuse it anywhere on the website.

SP Page Builder

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

SP page builder is one of the best page builders for Joomla. It has tons of great features to create the pages quickly with the help of drag and drop user interface. The page layouts can be exported and imported for future use which needs the same page layouts. Features like Access Control List (ACL) is used to hide/show the page elements for a predefined group of visitors.  

Here are another Joomla Templates built with SP Page Builder

Medical Joomla Template

Restaurant Joomla Template

One Page Conference Joomla Template

Features of SP page builder:

  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly layouts
  • Simple to complex convenient row-column structure
  • Copy-paste or clone page elements
  • Enable or disable rows and columns or Add-ons
  • Flexible undo and redo functionality to reverse the process
  • Powerful media manager to organize different type of files
  • Custom CSS for customization and flexible designing
  • Content favoring page builder for making pages more content-rich qualified
  • Compatible with JCS, K2, and J2Store
  • Can add Facebook open graph data

Quix responsive page builder

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

If you are looking for an advanced page builder with lots of mesmerizing features and functionalities than its none other than Quix Joomla page builder. This page builder is compatible with most common Joomla framework and template seamlessly.

A huge number of clients are using Quix worldwide and they are happy. If you care for money and time than you should get along with Quix.

Let’s see what Quix page builder offers

  • Drag & drop Visual Page Builder
  • Quix Boost (Optimize the site performance without using any third party plugins)
  • 100+ Premium Layout Blocks (Instantly complete your site with readymade layout)
  • Quix Rank (Manage & Optimize SEO of your site by yourself, to boost search engine rank and traffic)
  • Copy + Paste Everything
  • Unsplash Integration
  • Develop Complex Structures with Nested Rows/Columns
  • Advanced Library to Save your custom designs, elements and use at later time.
  • Visual Form Builder That Allows You to Create Form Visually.
  • Joomla Articles + 3rd Party Extension Integration
  • And All Other Features That Other Page Builder Offers.

Drag & Drop Element to Build Anything

Quix comes with visual drag & drop functionality, writing code for creating a page is over. Drag the element and with a little modification, you can build your desired section on your own. For your advantage, Quix offers you both classic and visual builder. Build your site in the way you want with drag & drop page building and other time-saving features like copy-paste, undo-redo, duplicate, nested rows, etc.

Quix Boost

Boost the performance of your website with Quix Boost. It will optimize entire images, JS, CSS and other scripts along with settings. Your site will run like a formula one car, and the best thing is it will not hamper the visual quality.

Quix Rank

Be the SEO expert of your site without hiring an SEO expert or any additional SEO tools. The Rank feature of Quix will handle the SEO of your site as you build a page. You will see instant results with a solution in the sidebar.

The rank feature checks the SEO with 30+ assessment checks, you will see SEO score for every page in Quix.

Readymade Templates & Block

If you are in a hurry then readymade blocks and templates are just made for you. There are more than 100+ readymade blocks and templates for every kind of niche comes with Quix. You just insert it and make ready your website.

Check out the stunning templates built with Quix Builder

  • JD BizOne – One Page Joomla Template

JSN page builder

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

Unlike other page builders, JSN page builder was built as a native Joomla editor plugin so that the user can use this builder plugin while using TinyMCE. JSN page builder is packed with 37-page elements that help users build pages from company profiles to the contact easily with drag and drop interface. The WYSIWYG interface helps you understand the course of the design live all through the page creation. The following are the full features o JSN page builder.

Features of JSN page builder:

  • Live editor – WYSIWYG interface helps create all type of pages easily
  • 37 most used page elements
  • Support to the Joomla dynamic content like modules, databases, and third-party extensions
  • Live demos
  • Front-end editing
  • Up to 20% discount on the plans

Azura responsive page builder

The beauty of web designing is made in the name of page builders which need no coding knowledge at all. Azura responsive page builder helps to create beautiful Joomla templates with simple drag and drop tools. It not only makes it easy to build pages but also saves a lot of time that would be taken if coded by hand. The following are the full features of Azura responsive page builder.

Features of Azua responsive page builder:

  • Drag and drop UI to create pages in a few minutes
  •  Category and tag implementation
  • 35+ most used page elements for quick and easy page designing
  • Support for external modules
  • Awesome icon fonts
  • Easy customizable and extendable
  • Multi-language ready for global usage
  • 100% responsive with Bootstrap 3 support


Gridbox is a revolutionary drag and drop website for Joomla CMS. It allows you to build modern and beautiful Joomla pages with just drag and drop tools. The powerful live code editor helps to edit the scripts and styles on the page on the go hassle-free. The following are the full features of GridBox.

Features of Gridbox:

  • WYSIWYG interface makes it easier, and real-time building of pages is always fun to do.
  • Full responsive drag and drop interface
  • Undo and redo functionality to revoke and provoke the changes
  • Responsive editor with the ability to customize everything including the backgrounds and animations
  • In-built template editor
  • Header layouts
  • Custom backgrounds and unlimited color picking options
  • Advanced typography options
  • CSS3 animations
  • Footer options
  • One-page website builder
  • Real-time code editor to edit CSS and JavaScript

RS Page Builder

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

RS Page Builder is meant for building better content on the Joomla pages. The colorful drag and drop interface allows users to use the elements on the responsive layout seamlessly. The following are the features of RS Page Builder for Joomla.

Features of RS Page Builder:

  • Customizable layouts and elements to create stunning pages
  • Support to Bootstrap 2 and 3
  • Responsive layouts for better visibility on all devices
  • Drag and drop interface – no coding knowledge is needed
  • Recommended to use on the following versions
  • Joomla 3 and above
  • PHP 5 and above
  • MySQL 5 and above

Page Builder CK

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

Page builder CK is also a content favouring page builder extension for Joomla. Page creation is easy with predefined elements in the editor. The real view option allows users to preview the page before publishing. Pages can be edited from the front end of the website with this page builder. The following are the complete features of Page Builder CK.

Features of Page Builder CK:

  • Full drag and drop interface
  • Real view preview before publishing the pages
  • Can style columns without code
  • Lightweight frontend page
  • Frontend page editing
  • Google font selection
  • Great collection of Font Awesome icons
  • Can backup up to 6 versions of the pages
  • Drag and drop image upload interface

JA Builder – Build Joomla! sites in minutes

Best Drag & Drop Joomla Page Builders

When it comes to drag and drop page builders in Joomla, JA Builder makes its own identity for its stunning features. JA Builder is a powerful tool comes with premade content sections and powerful tools that help you to customize your website and develop a stunning high-performing website. It comes with 120+ Content Blocks and 20+ ready-to-use page library.

Key Features:

  • Change any text you want inline and make it look good with editor format options.
  • Configure each block based on pre-defined parameters
  • JA Builder supports all Joomla pages and the ability to configure layout in Joomla ways.
  • You can easily combine any components in a variety of design projects. It’s easy!
  • There are a lot of different blocks that will help you to make a perfect project.
  • Totally responsive layout.
  • JA Builder works with all Joomla template and frameworks.
  • It is fully compatible with 3rd party extensions like an easy social, easy blog, k2, Virtuemart etc.
  • Change image for any block by replacing URL or upload a new image

Wrapping up

Joomla is a fantastic platform to create websites and robust web applications. The adoption of the platform into the business is slowly increasing and attracting the developers to create more plugins, extensions and website builders. Hope you liked these fantastic plugins and page builders.

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