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Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

Well, you guys have been asking for a Gym/Fitness Joomla Template for a while now and it’s finally live now.  

Now we can’t wait to tell you about all the features, this premium Joomla Template got. So just sit back, relax your eyeballs and start reading…

From the past month, We guys at JoomDev are working hard to make one of the best Joomla Template for GYM/Fitness Business. And finally, we did it.

Proudly introducing you to our latest Joomla Template – JD Fitness.  And we are so excited to tell you all about this fully responsive premium Joomla template which is specially designed keeping Gym/Fitness Industry in mind.

So without any further due let’s dive directly into its features which make this template stand out.

Latest Joomla Template just made for GYM/Fitness Business.

JD Fitness is one of the latest premium Joomla Template in the market which is specially designed and developed keeping the Gym/Fitness Industry in mind.

Although there are many templates out there for the same purpose, but this one is different, Why? Let me Tell you…

A proper researched has been done prior to its development to figure out what the problem is, what can be the best solution and what features we need to develop to make this work. We just don’t make this template coz we have to, we made this because we want to provide a genuine solution to GYM/Fitness Business owner.

This Template will surely cost you some bucks but it is worth of it. At last, we can’t provide everything for free, we have employees to pay and believe me they kill us if we don’t pay them. 😋

But if you really have a tight budget and can’t afford a premium template right now, no problem. We got some of the best free Joomla templates too. Here they are…

  1. JD Austin
  2. JD NewYork
  3. JD Atlanta
  4. JD Chicago

You can more free Joomla templates on our products pages. 

Built on the top of all- new and powerful Astroid Framework

JD Fitness is backed with Astroid Framework which gives this template a solid base and its flexibility of customization to its fullest potential.  Astroid is the latest framework designed by Joomdev to make the development of Joomla website and template easier and efficient.

As this article is about JD – Fitness, so we will stick to that only, but if you really want to know more about Astroid Framework you can check detailed blog post on Astroid Framework – Free, Fast and Flexible.

JD Fitness has all the features which are associated with the Astroid Framework which gives you the full control over the template. Let’s explore some of them in detail…

Multiple Header Variations

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

Yes. you heard it right. There are multiple header variations to choose from in JD FItness. We can’t deny the fact that the header is one of the most important parts of the website and it should always have to be the best.

For this only, we have developed multiple header variations. There are two main options in JD Fitness Template – Horizontal Mode and Stacked Mode.

In each of this mode, there are 3 more layouts which help you to further customize the header.

Mega Menu and Off-Canvas

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

With JD Fitness, you can easily set up Mega menu in your website. Having a mega menu can be a lot helpful sometime as it really increases the accessibility to the end user to provide them with the complete navigational route of the site. Other than that you can link some main pages or post to the mega menu also for their better exposure.

Colors, Typography, and Customization

We always talk about the flexibility of our Astroid Framework but no one cares unless you show them and here we are showing it all. So Focus!!!

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

As JD Fitness is backed by Astroid, you have the capability to play with everything related to the template. whether it is color, typography or any other feature like preloader, back to top button etc.

You can tweak the setting of every available option like Background color, image, font, font size, font weight, font color etc. there are lots of things to explore and the best way to do it is to use it.

Wide and Boxed Layout Option

You can also choose the layout design of your website as you like it. There are two options available.

  • Wide Layout  – In this, your website will take over the complete screen
  • Boxed Layout – In this, your site will appear like a Boxed layout and have a margin over the left and right side.

Customized Homepage Layout Designed for Maximum Conversion

The Homepage is the only page of the whole site that gets the maximum traffic from the search engine. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your website then you must have to optimize the homepage. And in JD Fitness you don’t even have to do it, Why? Because we have done it for you.

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

JD Fitness is well customized to maximize the conversion rate of your GYM/Fitness Business. Each and every module is designed and placed in such a way that it will gain the maximum exposure and increase conversion.

Modules like Services and Trainer Showcase, Carousel Slider, Before and After module, Portfolio gallery, Pricing table,  Testimonials, and Event block are there on homepage collectively organized and work together to bring out the best.

The modules are not just randomly placed on the homepage rather the position of each module is confirmed after the long and critical discussion so that they can perform better.

It’s an irony but true that visitors come to your site for information but they hate to read. So instead of presenting the large chunk of text, you can make use of Carousel Slide Block feature.

With this Carousel Slide Block, you can easily catch the attention of your site visitors. All you need to do is to select the bunch of images which perfectly define your business, its values, and its goals and put them in. The smooth animation definitely catches the user eyeballs and make them focus on it.

Service and Trainer Showcase

Why will your user come to your website, why? Offcourse for the services that you are offering to them and as this template revolves around the Gym/Fitness Template we have made service and Trainer Showcase area,

Here, you can show the services you provide and the star trainers of your Gym/Fitness Club. The Beautifully designed Grid layout ensures that each element of these block gets the maximum exposure. And as JD Fitness is fully responsive, this block looks good on smartphones too as much as they look in the desktop.

Before and After Block

Before and After block allows you to share the transformation stories of your customer to your visitors. Developed using jQuery Twenty-Twenty plugin which allows you to visually note the difference between the two images.

Show the various successful transformation of your clients to the world, which is always helpful in increasing your credibility in the market.

You must have heard this saying that a single image is worth of a thousand words and that is true, especially in today’s time as no one want to read the content. There is always an easy way of doing it and in this portfolio Gallery is the answer.

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

There is an inbuilt portfolio gallery in the template which lets you showcase your images in a very beautiful and engaging way, and provide you a way to show your story by images in place of content.

Pricing Table

Should I need to explain this also 🤔? Ok, Here we go. As the name suggests the main function of this module is to show the pricing structure of your service or product.

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

Pricing table is well designed and fully responsive with a 3 package structure which is best for showing the price of 3 packages at once like Basic, silver, and gold. A catchy call to action button is also placed in each section which lets the user book the service straight away from the pricing table section.

Testimonial – Add Something Catchy

We believe in the fact that testimonial is an integral part of the service. No matter what kind of service you are into, testimonials are always helpful.

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

No matter whether testimonials are good or bad, one thing is always sure that you are going to learn a lot from time to time. So feel proud in your customer feedback and show the testimonial to the world as it will always help you in, increasing the credibility of your business or work.

Credibility is essential for the success of your business. Strategic and intelligent use of testimonials can go a long way in promoting your business online.

Fully Responsive Design and Catchy UI

Let’s talk about responsiveness, JD Fitness is 100% responsive i.e. it can adapt to any screen size without any issue to provide the best user experience. Our quality control team tested this template over every major smartphone to confirm this fact.

Besides this,  the overall user interface of the JD Fitness template is clean and catchy. Each and every page of the template is designed perfectly in order to provide the seamless browsing experience to the user.

The information and the content we want to show the user is presented in a well-formatted manner, not like others where the user is just bombarded with tons of pop-ups and random text.

Boost your Ranking with JD Fitness

No matter how good the design of the template is, how many features it got but if the template is not SEO optimized then it is of no use. Sad but it is true.

But wait, This is not the case with JD Fitness. From the very first development phase of JD Fitness, SEO was always in mind of the developers and designers.

All the major SEO guidelines are followed during the development of this template which makes it one of the best search engine optimized premium template.

And On Coding part, all the codes are Clean, well formatted and optimized as much as it can, to make the template very lightweight. This thing also helps in having the fast page loading speed which again boosts up your SERPs rankings.

Custom Designed Default Pages

Default pages like Error pages, 404 pages etc are also important as much as the main pages of the website. We understand this and that’s why we have spent time and efforts to make the custom designed default pages.

It’s not like these pages are surfed regularly but we must have to make sure that whenever a user comes here they must have the same user experience as they are getting in all the other pages of the website. Beautifully designed pages also help in leaving a long-lasting impression on the visitors.

E-commerce Ready – Open your Online Store in minutes

You can find many Joomla Template related to Gym/Fitness business but finding a Joomla template that allows you to open up a full-fledged online store for Gym/Fitness related is hard.

But Not anymore, JD Fitness got you covered. Want to open up your Online Store for your fitness product and also want a perfect theme for your Gym/Fitness related business. No problem, you don’t need to look for a different template for these two different purposes.

Woah, We Just Released A New Joomla Template For Gym And Fitness Centres

JD Fitness is the only template you need, as you can easily make the website for your Fitness Business and along with this, you can even launch an online store in just minutes. How? Keep Reading to know.

JD Fitness is integrated with one of the best Joomla extension – HikaShop. This extension allows you to make an e-commerce store in as low as 15 minutes. HikaShop extensions provide you with an interface to manage everything from products handling to handling languages, currencies, zones and advanced taxes to sell anywhere in the world.

Best Documentation and Unlimited Support

JD Fitness comes with unlimited support and best documentation. If you ever face a problem or any issue all you need to do is to tweet us, use our official forum and if urgent write us a mail explaining what’s your issue. From there, our support team will assist you and take care of the rest.

Talking about the documentation part, JD Fitness has a very well scripted and formatted documentation with screenshots & video references. All Steps related to the installation, customization and general How to question are described in details in the documentation.

So this is all we got for now in JD Fitness, note I said: “for now”. There is more to come in the future update of this template to make this template the best selling template in Gym/Fitness niche. We are always open to user suggestions, so if you got any suggestion for a new feature or anything else feel free to write to us about that.

The bio for Naveen is coming soon.
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