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Quickbase vs Salesforce -Which One is the Best CRM Software

Quickbase and Salesforce CRM are monsters in customer relationship management applications. Owning authentic software that helps in digging business-to-customer relationships is vital for any business.

Quickbase and Salesforce CRM aren’t precisely the same type of software product. Despite the fact that both are cloud-based, Quickbase CRM is a low-code database and application development software with CRM capabilities while Salesforce is a CRM software. Now let’s discuss some of the basics of these two platforms.

A Brief Introduction

Quick Base

Quickbase is a low-code dataset and application development program. This aids in merging business and IT teams. It helps the teams to work with a joint data depository to construct forms, make reports, establish workflows and automatize procedures.

No-code developers occasionally called “citizen developers” can design applications with their low-code capacity without having to request time and attention from IT persons.

Quick Base (at first called Quickbase, with no space) began as a start-up in 1999 and was acquired by Intuit later that year. In 2016, it was sold to a private equity firm, and it has run as a self-supporting company afterward.


Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) company that speciate in customer relationship management (CRM). Its services permit business enterprises to use cloud technology to healthier connect with customers, collaborators, and potential customers. It helps businesses trail customer activeness, market to customers, etc.

Salesforce is one of the primary global companies to successfully employ cloud-based CRM software. Salesforce has been fit to purchase cloud technology and build a spread of applications for businesses to better connect with their customers and assist in giving them key insights into their services through analytics and apps.

Salesforce was founded by former Oracle Executive Marcus Benioff in February 1999 as a software as a service (SAAS) company.

Let’s Understand Quickbase and Salesforce

QuickBase Platform Features

  • Low-Code Development: 

It is an effective and adaptable low-code platform that merges the teams to raise the constant launching of unusual/unique processes. It is the only accomplished platform tested to support citizen development at the organization level. With the help of Quickbase low-code development, you can:

Make the most of the strength of every employee by bringing real-time discernment across systems in an extremely individualized manner.

Meliorate speed and lightness by making it smooth for everyone to regularly introduce in an application ecosystem on a system platform.

Lessen IT complication & value by removing customary IT development loads, strengthening security, and systematizing command on a single platform in preference to  many applications. 

  • Amalgamation & Workflow composition

Quickbase channel allows you to swiftly connect and secure data, combine your systems in real-time, and orchestrate self-regulating workflows utilizing easy business logic, an all-inclusive single united platform.

  • Ceaseless Deployment

Launch changes in real-time with no interruption for up-to-date applications. With the implementation lifecycle control sandbox, you can twist a business app, change data, and transform schema without having to carry an application offline.

QuickBase Use Cases

  • Supply Chain

You can gauge for an even expeditious future with technology that clarifies, systematizes and mechanizes unusual supply chain procedures that basic software platforms can’t handle.

  • Process Refinement and Development

You can regularly enhance the key of your business with a platform that is as adaptable as you wish it to be.

  • CRM & Sales

You can alter your client CRM database in QuickBase and streamline your data, durably combine with your surviving systems, and progress as you grow. 

  • Customer Service

Great data is the key to great customer relationships. You can see how QuickBase tailor-makes database software increases clarity, well-organized processes and grows response time.

  • Human Resources

Quickbase permits you to set up an application that works precisely how your company requires it to be. You can enhance your workflow, line up with company purposes, and retain employee data securely with Quickbase’s reliable HR platform.

  • Field Services

You can provide much power to your field teams. Also, you can trace client and project details from anywhere and from any gadget.

  • Project Control

We are not a standardized tool. Quickbase is a made-to-order platform to scheme, track and describe your projects, anyhow your team needs to work.

  • Training Conduct

You can create individualized training control software with the help of QuickBase to examine, sustain and manage your tutoring data in one main and secure location.

Salesforce Platform Features

  • Salesforce brings together your marketing, sales, commerce, and IT groups from anywhere with customer 360- one combined CRM platform that strengthens the whole suite of joined apps. With customer 360, you can clear-cut your employees on what’s prime right now: balancing your business, restarting, and reclaiming to delivering extraordinary customer experiences.
  • Personalized Marketing-You can customize marketing using this platform. You can use trigger messages based on customer actions and send more targeted and personalized messages.
  • You can automate time taking tasks by building custom apps. You can also digitize business processes.
  • Provide personalized support to your customers within their time frame and as per their terms. You can also unify emails, phone, and chat support.

Salesforce Use Cases

  • AppExchange

AppExchange features thousands of applications, components, and more for enterprise and small business sales, services, and marketing.Also, you can find industry-specific solutions that are pre-vetted and ready to install.

  • Security

Salesforce starts with a novel multitenant architecture that offers you an out-of-the-box layer of security. Additional layers offer you a fine degree of security and compliance management over everything from user and consumer authentication, to look after permissions, to information access and encoding.

  • Integration Services

Bring all your customer data into a unified view-even data from legacy and on-premises systems Oracle, SAP, you name it. This platform lets you integrate the identity, data, process, and UI layers. Plus, connect to device, product, and app data. So you get a 360-degree view of the customer across sales, service, marketing, and more.

  • Analytics

Satisfy the demand for business analytics without the need for more IT resources. Stakeholders can create personalized reports and dashboards by department, role, and individual. Drag and drop fields, filters, groupings, and charts for a real-time view with instant drill down to operational data. Share insights via social feeds and mobile devices.

  • Metadata Architecture

All customizations in the salesforce schema, including processes, configurations, apps, and more, are specified as metadata. In this architecture, we keep your metadata layer separate from the company’s services layers, which allows us to deliver seamless, easy upgrades. Consider yourself future proof.

  • Multitenancy

The world’s most trusted enterprise cloud platform is built with multi-tenancy at its core. That means you have no server provision or hardware to worry about. Instead, we manage the infrastructure, code, base, security, and more.

  • Internet Of Things

You can path the data generated from connected devices directly into Salesforce where sales, service and marketing teams can work on it with the use of IoT services or salesforce. You can now add meaningful work value to every networked device with IoT.

  • Code

Salesforce DX is used to make and customize inside salesforce using different tools which gives more power to developers and they will totally love it. Also, you can add AI into each app with Einstein and create apps in so many languages, developers want with Heroku.


Do you need help to streamline your business workflow?

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Comparison Between Quickbase and Salesforce

Platform Supported

iPhone app
Android app
Windows Phone app


Calendar & Reminder System
Document Storage
Internal Chat Integration
Email Marketing
Lead Qualification
Lead Generation
Marketing Automation
Mobile Access
Social Media Integration
Task Management
Territory Management

Typical Clients.

Medium-Size Businesses
Big Enterprises

Customer Support

Video Training


Free Trial Available
No Credit Card Required
Free Account 
Subscription Based 


Dropbox Business
Github & GitLab
Google Calendar
Google Drive
Microsoft 365 
Microsoft Excel  
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams
Quickbooks Online Advanced
Quickbooks Online
Salesforce Sales Cloud

User Reviews

Quickbase vs Salesforce -Which One is the Best CRM Software
Source: gartner.com

Pros and Cons

Quickbase Pros & Cons


  • Helpful in any role of assigning tasks and managing the work of my other team members.
  • Easy to locate previous tickets for previous projects. Also allows work to be split up and assigned.


  • You can easily change security access but if anyone makes an incorrect move and removes a file then you will be in trouble.

Salesforce Pros & Cons


  • Helpful in tracking contacts, emails, and opportunities in just a few clicks.
  • Easy to track the status of a lead via the pipeline.
  • Amazing reporting work.


  • You can easily get infinite strides for having a total record so this is definitely not a languorous program.

Which platform should I choose – Quickbase or Salesforce?

Although both these platforms help businesses to streamline their workflows, the decision of opting for one over the other depends on a lot of factors.

If being economical is the priority for you then Salesforce is apparently the prudent choice because of the heavy prices of the Quickbase plans. But if cost is not the issue and premium features are the ones you are looking for, then without any doubt, go for Quickbase.

From mid-scale to large-scale companies, with Quickbase being the low-code platform, you can manage and customize the apps or tasks without employing any extra coders or developers.

Overall, you truly don’t have to choose just among the two. Quickbase and Salesforce can be equally beneficial to any business. Each has stunning features that many companies decide to merge both products jointly to optimize the benefits instead of selecting just one software.

Hope our comprehensive guide helped you in choosing the right platform for your business!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know if there are any questions. We will reply back to you shortly!

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