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The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions

Contact Us page is very essential for every website to capture the leads and get the queries of your customers or audience. A well-designed and responsive contact form help to make your communication with the website visitors easy, effective and efficient. Before contact form comes into the picture, website owners used to put email id on their websites. This, in turn, would often bring lots of spam and also attack the systems with a virus. Joomla Contact Form extensions keep you away from spammers and help to get responses from genuine users.

There are many contact forms builder extensions available in the market, but features and techniques of creating contact forms are different. Today we are demonstrating 5 Best Joomla Contact Form extensions of recent times.

JD Simple Contact Form (FREE)

The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions

JD Simple Contact form is a totally beginner friendly Joomla contact form extension which can help you to design simple yet lightweight Joomla contact form. This extension is our in-house development and we are using this extension in our templates as well. 

Most of the extensions come with lots of features which makes them too heavy but most of the time these features are useless for you. So we decided to develop a really simple contact form with important field types such as text field, text area, radio buttons, checkboxes etc. which are mostly used in the contact forms. 

Key Features

  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4 – JD simple contact form is built based on Bootstrap 4 so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issue. 
  • AJAX Support – The magic of AJAX let your visitor submit their form without reloading the webpage. 
  • Custom and Prebuilt email templates – You can also create your own custom email template as well as use the prebuilt templates. 
  • Multiple message recipients – In this Joomla contact form module you are allowed to add multiple message recipients as well as you can add recipients in CC and BCC.

Try it Today for Free

RSForm! Pro (Paid -$39)

RSForm is a clean, responsive yet easy to use Joomla form builder that will fit into any website. It is one of the extensions from the most popular/ rated extensions available on JED. By using the Pro version, you will get four pre-defined themes to start with. In addition, pre-defined layouts will empower you to display the form as the way you want. You can also integrate AcyMailing with RSForm Pro so that when a user submits a form, you will be notified through the email.


  • Four Responsive HTML Layouts: Bootstrap 2.3.2, Bootstrap 3.3.5, UI Kit 2.26.2, Zurb Foundation 6.2.1.
  • Customized HTML/Text Emails: You can easily set up customized email which will be delivered automatically when the form is submitted.
  • Multiple validations Rules: Field validation rules can be applied to ensure that the user submits correct data. This form includes alphanumeric, email and mandatory fields.
  • Placeholders: Whatever your user submits that will be available as a placeholder and can be used in emails and thank you messages.
  • Customizable Thank You Message: You can set up a customized thank you message using field placeholder to send an automatic email to the form submitter.

Download from JED


Chronoforms is one the best Joomla form builders launched about 10 years ago. It is the most flexible solution to build forms for your Joomla website. With this easy to use free Joomla form extension every kind of responsive contact form is possible to create just in seconds. Using Chronoforms, building a Joomla form is possible with ease. You can even develop custom Joomla if you have your own code.

The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions


Drag and Drop Designer: You can easily design any form using the drag and drop form builder and preview how your form looks like before saving the changes.

Multi-Page Forms: It is possible to extend forms to multiple pages or multiple tabs/steps for a better user experience.

Full Customization: If you are a techie and know HTML, CSS or JavaScript, PHP, then you can customize Joomla Form up to any level.

Paypal Support: One of the unique features of Chronoforms is that it supports most popular online payment system.

Upload and Attach files: Using Chronoforms, it is very easy to upload and attach files to emails. Just select which extensions can be uploaded and control the maximum file size. That’s it!

Download from JED

Breezing Form

Breezing Form is a state of the art Joomla Contact Form extension. It is a completely customizable solution for your Joomla Website. It is equipped with modern techniques with enterprise features. Easy to complex form- almost anything is possible. If you wish to develop a modern Joomla Responsive form like Twitter, Bootstrap or any web-based application form, than Breezing Form is only for you!

The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions

There is 3 editors mode available for your flexibility:

Quick mode:  This mode is given for non-programmer. It is for those people who want their job done as quickly as possible.

Easy mode: This form editor mode is given for designers. You can use drag and drop and HTML templates to build a stunning yet flexible form.

Classic mode: This is a form editor specially designed for developers. There are some actions like paging or submitting need to be configured manually.


  • Breezing Commerce integration: Use Breezing Forms Pro in your
  • Shopping cart to create order forms, limitless product configurations that
  • Add up to the prices and more.
  • Fancy OnePage scrolling forms.
  • Easy to implement multi-language forms.
  • Skype Integration: Forward submissions to your Skype contacts or groups
  • Digital Signatures: Let your users sign their form submissions on mobile and desktops
  • Stripe credit card payments: Offer payments and paid download with Stripe
  • Salesforce CRM integration (including custom objects)
  • Dropbox integration (including submissions as PDF, CSV, XML)

Download from JED

Want to check out which extension is better? Check out the comparison between RS Form, Chronoforms, and Breezing form

Creative Contact Form

Creative Contact Form is a responsive powerful contact form generator with good visual effects. It is mainly designed for web development companies with many amazing features. It has a robust module with a creative Template Creator Wizard to create fantastic forms. Develop your Joomla Contact module in a matter of few seconds without coding. You will be surprised by count of all the possible features!

The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions


  • You can insert form anywhere in the content.
  • It has a Template creator Wizard for flexibility.
  • User-friendly interface for inputting checkbox, radio/select options
  • It supports Google Maps and Google Fonts.
  • Completely new checkbox, radio selection effect, implemented especially for this extension
  • Recaptcha / image captcha
  • Creative Popup / Tooltip support
  • Custom code : Html, CSS, Javascript

Download from JED

Perfect Ajax Contact Form

Explore Perfect Ajax PopUp Contact Form developed for Joomla CMS. It has some of the cool visual effects such as smooth sliding, colorful light-box appearance etc. This contact form is fully responsive and spam free even with no captcha. In addition, you can create unlimited contact forms with unlimited fields with various layouts and effects.

The Best Joomla Contact Forms Extensions


  • With perfect Ajax Contact Form, it is possible to publish an unlimited number of forms at one page.
  • You can use an unlimited number of field’s type. Such as text, name, email, phone, subject, select list, multiple select lists, checkbox, data picker with calendar and password.
  • Advanced spam protection without any codes, but captcha can still be enabled.
  • Automatically fill in username and email if is logged in.
  • Upload files selected with a button or by drag-and-drop.
  • Select HTML email template from files list or define text email template in configuration.

Download from JED

With a well-structured form, you can enhance communication with the site visitors and inevitably get closer to your business goal. And these exclusive Joomla contact form extensions will be a handy tool for you to create some amazing fully functional responsive Joomla websites.

Let us do it for you if you don’t want to stick with coding and all stuff. We are Joomla Expert and can help you to integrate and design beautiful and professional form for your website.

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