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Introducing Multi-Location Google Map, Lightbox, Global Responsive Typography and more in JD Builder 1.6


In the last update, we have introduced the Joomla Visual Form Builder Element for JD Builder, and today we are happy to announce another update for JD Builder.

So let’s welcome JD Builder v1.6. In this update, we have released another much-needed element and a few other features to help you take your Joomla design to the next level.

In this update, we are introducing the following:

  • Google Maps Element
  • Lightbox
  • Global Typography with Responsive Controls
  • HTML Field Type in Form Builder Element
  • 2 FREE Template Kit For JD Builder Pro
  • FREE COVID Awareness Template for JD Builder
  • Ready to use Sections
  • Elements improvements and bug fixes

Google Maps Element

With the help of Google Maps Elements, you can embed standard to fancy looking Google maps on your website. You can add a single location and create a multi-store locator map.

The element gives you the flexibility to customize its look and feel by changing its default marker with your custom marker, switch between themes, change the map type, add the information window to display additional information about the location and do much more.

Key features of Google Maps Element

  • Add unlimited time on any page
  • Custom Marker
  • Get Location By search or entering Latitude and Longitude
  • Marker Animations
  • Information Window
  • Four types of Maps
  • Six pre-defined Map themes
  • Option to add your custom map theme
  • Fully responsive map
  • Full map control

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Lightbox for Image & Gallery Element

In this update, we have also added Lightbox for Image and Gallery Element. Now, you will be able to open any image from the gallery in Lightbox. You can simply enable the lightbox from the element settings. These will be available on both of the elements.

The lightbox has global stylings so that you can style it globally from a single place. Here are some of its features:

  • Image counter
  • Navigations
  • Option to view image in full screen
  • Option to display title and description for the images.
  • Option to change the text and background colors.
  • Option to change the icon’s size and color.

To know more about how to use this, check out its documentation page.

Global Typography with Responsive Controls

Joomla Page builder makes it easy and fast to design a Joomla website. But when you are creating any section, you need to set typography and colors whenever you add any element. Which makes it a little bit irritating.

To make it easy, we have added Page Level Typography from the very beginning, which reduces some of your repeats work of setting up typography for each section on the same page. But still, you need to do this for each page.

Now, we have added Global typography with responsive controls. So you can set your typography globally. Once you set it globally, you don’t need to set it again and again on each page unless you want to override it.

Check out the documentaion page to learn more about it.

2 more Field Types in Form Builder Element

To make the Joomla form builder element more powerful, we have added 2 more field types in the element. Its HTML and Password Field Type.

Now, you can add custom content in your form with the help of the HTML field type. The field type supports all the HTML tags.

Fitness FREE Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

Last time we released a Handyman template kit for JD Builder. And today, we are happy to announce another FREE template kit for JD Builder Pro. So let’s welcome the Fitness Joomla template kit for JD Builder Pro. The package will be available for pro users only.

This layout bundle includes all the additional pages that you need to set up a health club or gym website.

It has the following ready to use pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services/Classes
  • Services detail page
  • Contact us page

Check Demo

Construction FREE Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

Along with Fitness template kit, we have also released another free template kit for Construction websites. So if you are a JD Builder Pro user, you will be able to access this template kit. The layout pack is fully responsive and comes with all the additional pages which are required for a construction website.

It has the following ready to use pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Services
  • Services detail page
  • Contact us page

If you are not a JD Builder pro user and want to access this template kit, subscribe to JD Builder pro and import it directly from the JD Builder Template Library.

Check Demo

FREE COVID-19 Awareness Template for JD Builder

COVID-19 is spreading like hell. And spreading awareness is essential. So if you want to create a page on your website to spread the knowledge about how to stay safe from COVID-19, we have a ready to use a template for JD Builder.

The template is available for all users. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro user or a free user. You can access this template from the JD Builder Library.

Check Demo

Apart from these, we have also included some free and pro ready to use sections in the library. So now build your website with more speed.

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