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JOOMDEV will move your site from Blogger to WordPress in a few easy steps with no programming and extra installation at all. This migration application will turn your site right to your new CMS system quickly and perfectly. You can forget about hours of copy/pasting as we work with the procedure for migration. Also, you don’t have to worry about long web page time to recover - we assure that your source web page will be 100% available during the migration period. We understand how essential for you are the security of your information and defending the data you trust to us is our most important.

Why Migrate To WordPress?

When you move Blogger To WordPress Migration, you become the owner of your site in the real sense. Apart from getting complete control over the design, you can move to any web host of your choice, whenever you want to. WordPress also has many advanced features that you don't get in Blogger, and it is far more enhanced to give you better-searching motor positions. This obviously means more traffic and income from your site. Also, there is no limitation on the money making method you want to use online. It's your site; you can generate income from it the way you wish.

Why Choose Us Over Others?

This is one common question that everybody has in mind while they are about to decide on a service, and it is our responsibility to describe why we are different from others.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Keeping in mind the increasing number of mobile phone customers, we make your WordPress website 100% responsive so that it can run effectively on all types of modern devices like mobile and tablets.

W3C Compliant Code  & WP Validated Themes

W3C Compliant Code & WP Validated Themes

For better legibility of the code and accomplish simple servicing increase, we write well-commented, W3C compliant, validated and nice code.

Load - Speed Optimization And SEO-Friendly Code

Load - Speed Optimization And SEO-Friendly Code

For better legibility of the code and accomplish simple servicing increase, we write well-commented, W3C compliant, validated and nice code.

Choose Your Migration Professional With Care

Blogger is said to have a quicker web server with zero downtime and you will be used to it. So, when moving to WordPress, you will be anticipating even better efficiency. if you choose the wrong plug-ins and configurations for migration process, you may be annoyed a lot. So, improving the efficiency of your site with the right theme, plug-ins and configurations become vital. This makes it essential to pick an experienced hand to carry out the migration for your site. During the Blogger To WordPress Migration procedure, we keep track of your permalinks and assurance that all the permalinks stay unchanged so that you won't lose the visitors, fellow bloggers, and the obtained visitors. In addition, we install and configure the best SEO plug-ins to boost the earned ranking further. We divert the blogger feed to the new WordPress site's feed, for the RSS members may not be able to notice the change. As more traffic nowadays switched over to mobile, we add plug-ins to create your blog mobile-friendly without having affected the site's theme.

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