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TOPIC: Some questions about Jooma core article integration

Some questions about Jooma core article integration 3 months 2 days ago #30351


Ashort while ago I asked about the planning for frontend editing with JD Builder, especially when using the integration with Joomla core articles. See topic: www.joomdev.com/forum/jd-builder/6556-frontend-editing
I heard that frontend editing is on it’s way, as is J4 support. I then purchased the Pro version in order to look a bit further into the features as they are available in the current version. I did my testing mainly using the article integration. This resulted in a few questions, see below.

First of all I want to point out why and how we want to use JD Builder with Joomla core article integration. Our project is a site with (eventually) a large number (1,000’s) of articles that need to be made accessible using tags and categories. We want to use the Joomla core extensions for this, because they are reliable and have a good performance – and because they can deliver what we need, in the first place. The role of JD Builder would be to make creating content easier and more intuitive, also for people who have limited knowledge. Not more, not less – we hope.

Below, I wrote the questions that I have at this moment. Maybe the aswers will be different for the new version that is coming up. If this is the case, please tell me. And please keep in mind that all these questions are asked in the hope that their solutions will be available in frontend editing.

1. Our site will have several blog type pages, so we need to split up the articles in intro text and full text. When using the JD Builder integration with Joomla core articles, we can create an intro text in Joomla core mode and then switch to JD Builder in order to create the “full text” content. However, this requires some understanding of what you are doing and there is a risk of removing the Read more line or writing content below that line – which will not be displayed in the front end. My question is: would it be possible to add the creation of the intro text and the Read more link to JD Builder so the users do not need to switch between JDB and Joomla core?

2. Can I have Live preview when in Joomla core integration mode? I could not find how to enable it.

3. With JD Builder I created a section with two elements in it. Both elements were full width of the section. Then I changed my mind and tried to put the elements on the same line. So in fact I wanted to put them in different columns inside the section. It seems to me that the only way to accomplish this is to create a new section that has two colunms and drag the elements into these columns, and then delete the first section. Is that correct?

4. I tested the Joomla search options, both standard search and finder/smart search. In both cases it seems to me that only words from the title and the intro text are indexed. I also tested search with a JD Builder page without the core article integration, and I did not get any working search results either. I did enable the plugin Search - JD Builder and Finder - JD Builder, according to the tests that I was doing. Also, in the search interface, the content type Pages was displayed. What did I do wrong?

Also: when I tried to find out why this was not working, I looked into the database, and I could not find out where content is being stored. This may not be relevant but still it has my interest: could you please tell me where the content is stored?

5. We have a working habit of changing the images folder from the Joomla default to a custom folder, using the settings of the core component Media. It seems that the JD Builder media manager does not follow these settings, is that correct?

Kind regards, Frits

--- Edit: additional question ---

6. There are many types of elements that can be used inside a section. However, for our site we would like to limit the number of element types. We think that our site will be better off with some degree of uniformity. Also we want to reduce 'stress of choice' for our editors. Would it be possible to select which types of elements are available?

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Some questions about Jooma core article integration 2 months 2 weeks ago #30493

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First, sorry for the late reply. We missed your forum post.

Replied in order

1. Sorry, This is not possible in the current version. We will discuss it.
2. As we said. We are working on the new version of JD Builder. That version will be on full frontend compatible.
3. Simple change the column into one. The second column's element will automatically shift to the first column.
4. This video will answer you.
5. If you moved the folder location. Then on the frontend image will not be display. Because while creating the page, module, or article when you choose the image. It generates the path. So don't do this.
6. Sorry to say but this type of feature is not available in the current version. We will try to implement it in the future.

Thank You,
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