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Google Maps

Google Maps Element allows you to create a multi-location map on your Joomla website. It gives you full control over map configurations, map types, themes, and styles.

Simple Google Map with Default Marker

If you don’t need a fancy & stylish map with all the bells and whistles. You can add a simple Google map with a standard theme. In a simple map, you can add a standard theme and add the default marker.

Show Location information

Google Map Element allows you to display an info window on each location where you can add more details about the location. The window can be displayed upon a mouse click or window load. You can style this window as per your design requirements to match the website style.

Multilocation Map with Custom Marker

Wondering how to add multiple locations on Google Map? The Google Maps Element for JD Builder pro allows you to add multiple business locations on a single map. You can use either the default markers or use your own custom-designed markers to make it more interactive.

Use Map Themes to Style Google Map

Customize and beautify the map on your Joomla website. You can choose a built-in map theme or create a custom theme for the Map.


Marker Animations

Add animations on markers to engage and attract visitor’s attention. You can use Drop or Bounce animation for Google Map markers.

Map Types

The Google Maps element for JD Builder Pro offers you 4 types of maps. You can choose any kind of map you want on your Joomla website from these available four options.


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