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Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

Logistics is a massive industry. The supply for goods to be moved is huge. However, scaling a logistics business is often challenging. One of the reasons can be attributed to acquiring customers. Others can be conversions (from lead to a customer).

With a website that suits your businesses’ requirements, you can get your business in front of millions of potential customers online. It will also lend authority to your business and help instill trust in your potential customers.

With trust comes transactions.

While it is a common notion that getting a website ready takes much time, effort, and money, let us tell you this is not true.

With Joomla and JD builder, you can create a website that speaks about your business goals in a few minutes!

Yes, you heard us!

This month’s Joomla template is catered towards all the small businesses that want highly targeted websites created under minutes.

If you are into the packing and moving business and looking to build an appropriate website on your own, this template kit guide is for you!

Introducing Movers – Logistics Oriented Joomla Template Kit

The Movers layout pack is a multi-page template kit for small businesses that are looking to grow in the logistics industry. It lets you play around with the typography, change the image and adjust the alignments to create a web page you like.

It has an easy User Interface, and you won’t have any issues customizing it.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s have a detailed look at the template kit to help you understand it better.

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Movers Website Template Kit – Key Features

  • Responsive – fits all screen sizes (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile)
  • 100% Customizable – Customize anywhere; it’s your canvas!
  • Drag & Drop – See the changes in real-time, no backend guessing!
  • Zero Coding Skills Required – made for absolute beginners!
  • Import Images with one click.
  • Lets you add Your client logos.
  • Boost your stats with an impressive number counter.
  • It comes with a testimonials box – establish trust easily!
  • Comes with a pre-made newsletter section.

Pre-made Pages Included Within the Movers Template Kit


Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

The homepage is the most important page of any website. It helps establish trust with someone landing on your website for the first time.

So, it’s important you include the right information at the right place. The Home Page template, helps you do exactly that.

It features a clean header with links to other important pages. The hero section consists of a mission statement of your business, written in bold. Use this one-liner to explain to the web visitor what your business does.


Moving goods can be tough. We make it a cakewalk.

A call-to-action button below the mission statement can be linked to your services or orders page.

To boost the visitor action, there’s also a section for requesting a free quote. It comes with a contact form embedded. All you have to do is customize it your way.

Moreover, your visitors need to understand how your business works. The Movers website layout pack have a pre-made “how it works” section on the homepage that will make it easy for the visitor to understand your business’ way of working.

Adding your services to the homepage is another important step that can help you convert the visitor into a potential customer. Play around with the headings, typography, and colors – you can change it all according to your needs!

Again, to instill trust in your web visitor, Movers template houses sections like testimonials and a dynamic stats counter. You can change the numbers in the stats counter and add real testimonials of your clients or customers to give a personal touch to the homepage.

Lastly, the Movers template kit lets you add logos for your clients. This will encourage newer potential clients to join you. You can replace the stock logos with your client logos.

All you’ve to do is upload them using PNG or JPG format. You can also add transparent logos.

About Us Page – Let Your Visitors Know Who You Are

Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

About us is another important page on your website. Use this page to introduce your brand to your visitors. Tell them what your company is about, its mission and vision statement, if applicable.

Movers Webstie About Page features a nice introduction template that you can modify. From the heading to text, make sure the right information goes out there!

Compared to the homepage, the stats counter on the About Us page is bigger. Make sure you include the most important stats of your business. Everything is fully customizable!

The page also consists of a section that features important members of your company like the CEO, CTO, Operations manager, etc.

Other important sections include a call-to-action section and an email subscription section.

Services Page – Let Them Know What You Do

Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

Even in the logistics sector, there are many services involved. A visitor may be looking for a particular service on your website. Having all the services listed nicely will help them connect with you.

Movers’ service page includes all the important sections.

It houses a grid with two columns and three rows of blocks. You can add a relevant image with the service name. On clicking any block, the relevant page will open. You can add more blocks if required.

This page also contains the stats counter, a call-to-action, and newsletter subscribe section.

Service Detail Page – Get Into The Details

Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

What is the biggest and most important Service you offer? This page is the highlight of your USP – to help the visitor make the decision!

The Movers’ service detail page consists of a clean hero with a heading text and body text that can be customized, along with a CTA button.

It also contains “How It Works” sections. This section has a heading text, body, and pointers text that helps visitors understand the Service to the very last point.

The “benefits” section consists of expandable blocks that explain the common pain problems of a client or customer in moving goods.

The newsletter subscribe section is present on this page as well.

Team Page – A Hi From The Management To The Visitor

Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

Knowing the expert faces behind a company establishes a strong trust and belief in the visitor.

The Movers boasts of an attractive team page. The first section consists of a heading on the left and introductory text on the right.

Then it doesn’t beat around the bush. There are eight images that can house your members from the management. You can add their photos from your local storage or cloud storage.

Each image has a bold text for the name and three social media icons below it. You can add more social media icons from the icon library. You can change the typography, weight, and design of the text.

This page also consists of a CTA and newsletter section.

Contact Us Page – Get Them Talking!

Introducing FREE Movers Website Template Kit For JD Builder Pro

This page does justice to all the hard work you had done in the previous pages to convince the visitors of your quality and get them to contact you via this page.

This page houses a hero section with a heading text. You can use this section to ask your visitors to contact you.


Moving can be hard. Contacting us is easy!

The next section consists of a heading, body, and social media icons on the left. There is a contact form on the right that you can customize according to your requirements.

To help people better find your business online, Movers’ Contact Us page has an integrated Google Maps . You can put in your address, and it will show that on the map.

The page also contains a section that houses features like address, phone numbers, and email addresses. It has an icon, followed by bold text (address, phone number, or email) followed by a text body that you can customize as per your contact details.

This page also features a newsletter section.

How To Access Movers’ Template Kit?

This template isn’t available in the free version of JD Builder for Joomla.

You need to upgrade to the pro version to access this template and several other templates just like this.

Once you have upgraded to JD Builder Pro, simply go to the page builder library that will allow you to import all the pages of this kit one by one.

Consider upgrading to JD Builder Pro. Your investment will be worth it!

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