JD Builder - Free

JD Builder - Free

Version: 1.7.2 | Updated On: June 10, 2020 | Downloads: 2048


v1.5.0: 05-Mar-2020

  • Form Element
  • Live preview Actions & Guides More Info
  • Page Access Level
  • Support for SVG format
  • Arc shape divider
  • Font Awesome 5.12.1
  • Easily copy & paste images or videos links at any level in builder
  • Page titles with special characters now saving
  • Now, user can edit unpublished page
  • Minor builder layout style change
  • Element level code editors are now accessible in full-screen
  • Slider field value now changes in real time
  • Discard change button improve
  • Offline page creation enabled
  • JD Builder module compatible with Advance Module Manager
  • Save & Close minor issue
  • Minor error with while saving Quix pages
  • Custom CSS
  • z-index CSS issue
  • Import/Export sections or pages on Module
  • In CTA, button icon added
  • In Progress Bar, option to adjust the space between each of the bars added
  • In Buttons, Link as of its type included
  • In Heading, option to adjust the space between main heading & sub heading added
  • In Countdown, time out message color style option added
  • In Slider, buttons adjustment option added
  • In Image, border & box shadow related options added
  • Some of the common element level issues fixed(Button, Gallery, Slider & Content)
  • Removed the extra Archive options on page level

v1.4.0: 31-Dec-2019

  • Joomla Article Element
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome v5.12.0
  • Language improvements
  • Minor color picker changes
  • Free & Pro builder tags enabled #15
  • Article view issue resolved
  • Choose category issue fixed
  • JD Builder Module labels
  • typography.xml removed from button element folder (Path: SITEROOT/plugins/system/jdbuilder/elements/button/typography.xml)

v1.3.0: 3-Dec-2019

  • Shape Divider
  • Joomla Article Integration
  • JD Builder Module
  • Custom Background Position for Background Overlay
  • Search Option for Typography
  • FontAwesome v5.11.2
  • JD Finder Support JD Builder Pages
  • Custom Fonts in Global Typography
  • Responsive Typography
  • Background Overlay Opacity
  • Image Box button alignment
  • Row-level column gap
  • Page-Level Custom CSS & Javascript
  • Number Counter Title Typography
  • Live preview

v1.2.0: 5-Nov-2019

  • JD Finder (Key: CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+F)
  • Custom background size & custom background position
  • Page Level Typography
  • JD Builder added on menu toolbar bar
  • Responsive settings added on some of the common fields
  • Shortcut keys added. View all the Shortcut keys using CTRL/CMD+/
  • More new Pages & Sections added
  • Undo Redo options added
  • Border Radius option added in Separator element
  • Drop Cap option added in Content/ Element
  • Font Awesome
  • Google Fonts
  • Some of the element options updated

v1.1.1: 28-Aug-2019

  • 2 New Page Templates added
  • 2 New Sections added
  • Article save issue resolved
  • Fixed Missing language

v1.1.0: 22-Aug-2019

  • Added the Icon hover animation field
  • Font Awesome v5.10.1 CSS files update
  • Improved Performance
  • Spacer Field Improvement
  • Added two more Background repeat features
  • Hide on mobile issue fixed
  • Backend toolbar made sticky on page scroll
  • Improved the icon of the elements added in the Inner row
  • 0 Class FieldHelper issue resolved. Component now works without Joomla System Fields plugin enabled. #3
  • Remove the SCSS support to support real time instant page editing

v1.0.1: 20-July-2019

      • Element icon is now visible in the layout manager to easily identify the kind of element being used.
      • Media Manager upload and new folder creating JSession bug.
      • language not appearing for buttons in the backend on multi-language sites.
      • Fixed an aggressive restore page bug for all unsaved changes when you have multiple editing screens of same page open.
      • Open Graph issue solved.
      • Added link, text color, justify content & media manager button in the WYSIWYG editor.
      • WYSIWYG inherits the backend font instead of the browser/OS font.
      • Typography field options are only visible upon clicking the button and not by default.

v1.0.0: 8-July-2019

    • Initial Release

JD Builder