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OS Property vs iProperty Joomla Extension – Which One is Better?

Did you ever imagine how to develop a real estate website that is suitable for buying and selling properties without any problem? With a powerful easy to use Joomla Real Estate Extension, you can set up a Real Estate website and manage your properties with ease. So that, it can perfectly fit for property rental companies, independent realtor, real estate selling and management. A robust extension should provide some of the cutting edge features like add/delete unlimited properties, bulk import/export data, add photos and videos, a map, support multiple languages and much more.

We understand that choosing an extension is not that easy as there are lots of similar real estate extensions available in the market. To make your life simpler, today we are going to discuss two popular real estate extensions for Joomla. So that you do not get confused which one to use for your next Joomla real estate project. In this comparative discussion, first, we will see what OS Property Real Estate offers. Then we will look at iProperty to see what it provides. In the final part, we will try to find which one is the best between these two.

OS Property Real Estate Joomla Extension

OS Property vs iProperty Joomla Extension - Which One is Better?

We say OS Property is the best Real Estate Extension ever made. It is suitable for those on a tight budget as the price is set at $29.9 only. Although it is not a full of feature riched extension like some other components, it still includes powerful functionalities such as Walk Score, featured properties, a CO2 emissions graph, bulk CSV imports, front-end agent login panel and Jom Social.

On the other hand, if you want to see a polished look of your website, then you can also buy OS Property template at a cost of $60 only. However, the look of the template is not that attractive as the other templates. Finally, if you are looking for an extension that is budget friendly, then OS Property should be a great option for you.

Key features of OS Property:


OS Property is 100% responsive. So, it gives you amazing experience while browsing on any viewing device.  


It has the adaptability to support a different kind of users from Agents to Real Estate Owners to Sellers, Companies to Realtor Builder, etc.  

Search Tool

Unlike other searching tools, this Joomla extension provides two searching methods, one is Advanced Search and another one is Locator. These two methods allow the visitors to make any kind of searches of your properties. Users of your site can search by property type, price, location, categories etc.

Custom Locations

OS Property supports over 60 countries location data. You can import unlimited location to denote advertisers locality.

Integrated Google Services

Popular Google services such as maps and Adsense is also included with this Joomla real estate extension.

Multiple Currencies

Does not matter where the buyer or seller is located, the currency mentioned in the price list will automatically be converted to users native currency.

Payment Plugin

This Joomla Real Estate component comes with a few popular payment gateway extensions like Paypal, Stripe. There is also a provision to process the payment offline.


It is possible to manage both free or paid mode with OS Property. Featured state helps to appear properties at the top of the list so that visitors can notice those listings first.

Custom Fields

Any number of extra field can be added under the property type tab that shows details information on a specific product. This awesome feature helps the user when they filter out in Jom Classifieds Search module.

Bulk Import or Export

If you are managing multiple systems to manage your properties, then the feature of this Joomla extensions can help you to import/export property listings to/from OS Properties with CSV and XML format. Later you can integrate these data with other systems.


Another best feature of this Joomla Template is that it can work on any Joomla templates. Responsive Joomla template is one of the best choices if you want to develop a fully functional real estate Joomla website.

SEO Enabled

This real estate Joomla component has the ability to produce user-friendly URL. It can help users to remember the web address.


OS Property comes with Joomla Native languages. Now, you have options to translate your OS Property website to another language.

Third Party Integration

Integration of third-party plugins like JomSocial, Membership Pro, OS Calendar etc. or Social pages like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. is integrated with the OS Property Component, which helps you to form a social network among visitors & advertisers.


This is another awesome feature to improve your communication via your real estate website. You can collect email ids of interested customers and send them a personalized email.

Templates support

If you find difficult to set up a new template, don’t worry. OS Property includes 7 cool real estate templates.

iProperty Joomla Extension

OS Property vs iProperty Joomla Extension - Which One is Better?

Intellectual Property, or “IProperty”, is a full-featured top selling Joomla real estate component introduced by the Thinkery LLC. It is specially designed for independent real estate agents, property managers and brokers to upload and maintain the listings for rent, lease and sale. Upload photo galleries, create agent profiles, add categories and subcategories are few options of this real estate plugin. This Joomla extension also allows users to Customize colors, filters and manage and save favorite properties.

Some of the key features of iProperty:

Import MLS Data:

If you have MLS data, don’t worry. iProperty has a special feature that supports various types of MLS data. There are many formats available to import your data to your Joomla website.

Frontend Editing:

iProperty2 and iProperty3 both support front-end editing. Site administrators do not want to give users access to the Joomla Admin Control Panel. That’s why iProperty provides a front end management panel for agents and company administrators.

With this Joomla real estate extension it is possible to company administrators can edit any property listings, deactivate company agents, enables and disables properties and more.Agents can add, edit and manage their listings, change listings’ featured or published status, and edit meta tags and keywords.

Sliding Effects:

Sliding effects are very important to create an impression in the visitor’s mind. That’s why iProperty brings you one of best sliders to showcase the main categories on the front page.

Fully Responsive layout:

Fully responsive layout helps to display a website seamlessly on any device. This real estate Joomla Plugin can fit on any viewing device irrespective of their sizes.

Track Hits and Contacts:

Another great feature of iProperty is that you can track how many people hit the website URL and the contact button by using popular tracking tool like Google Analytics. Alternatively, you can even install Thinkery’s iReport extension for iProperty. It provides users easy to use graphs with different types of charts.  

Search Engine Friendly (SEF):

All the contents in the iProperty system are indexed such a way so that search engines and web crawlers find it in the top of the list. Their developer’s used correct version of HTML/XHTML and support customize meta tags and keywords on every property.


Nowadays people search for properties from different parts of the world. Many of whom do not know commonly used languages. Keeping that in mind, iProperty used a few popular tools like Falling, JoomFish and a new Joomla Multi-Language Plugins to support a variety of languages.

My Favorite Choice Is…

Both of these plugins listed above have their own particular robustness, although they do share some of the features that are common to any real estate websites. Being said that, our aim in this section is to help you to resolve which would be the best plugin for your individual case.

If you are not really sure where you should begin with, so we would recommend OS Property Real Estate. It has got plenty of documentations, a support team that always helps, and the premium version that you can get if you want additional features.

If you have your mind set on a specific Joomla Real Estate Plugin but are scared of any compatibility issues, perhaps no plugin handles these better than iProperty listings, with their customizable compatibility mode. Easy Property Listings can be the better choice for those agents who want to have an online appointment form to reduce time spent on the phone. Finally, they also provide support for locations, a wide variety of languages and multiple currencies which makes iProperty a good take for listing international properties.

Real estate is a critical market to break into, but it can also be highly profitable. An effective and elegant website will help you get an edge over your competition, whether you are a developer or an upcoming agent expanding real estate portfolio.

If you’re ready to give it a try, all you need to do is to get started by:

  1. Pick up whichever plugin fits your needs the best
  2. Configure it as per your requirements
  3. And finally, start uploading the listings!

Once you are done with everything, then you can do relaxation while thinking some cool jokes for your next annual meet with the realtors.

If you already have any experience with these real estate plugins, do not forget to share your thoughts here in the comments section below! Stay tuned for our next article.

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