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Rsform Vs Breezing Form Vs Chronoform : What is the Best Form Builder Extension?

Every single website needs one form or other to collect unique data or to conduct a survey or create a simple form. Building forms with PHP or ASP are relatively straightforward and coding required isn’t too hard or complicated. But, building forms in Joomla is straightforward and easy. Thinking how??? Joomla provides the various Form builder component with the help of them form creation has been quite simple.

Joomla has a lot of Form Builder Extension out there that can be used to build forms. It requires no technical skills many of us have been using the different type of form builders over the years. 

Before going further, have a look at our previous articles. 

Let’s talk about few of them listed below:

Breezing Form Vs Chronoform

  1. RsForm
  2. Breezing Form
  3. Chronoform


If you are looking for more of like a sophistication, we recommend using Rsform. It has what it needs to take it to another level. It allows much flexibility on how the forms are delivered to your website administrators and submitters as well. They have Pro Version too. I’ll suggest you to ask the developer before to buy to be sure will cover your requirements. Below is the list of features that comes for free and with the pro pack.

Let’s dig into the hot features that come with RsForm:

  1. The most interesting feature is one with Ajax validations for fields.
  2. We can easily integrate MailChimp with it.
  3. If you are looking your form to be in multi-page. Yes!! It is possible.
  4. The ordering of the fields is quite handy. Drag and drop functionality makes it more straightforward.
  5. Rsform provides Multi- language support. It can be translated in various languages.
  6. Option to extend the functionality with the scripting areas, data mapping, and addition email types.
  7. It has built-in form layouts that we can use without any technical skills.
  8. Notifications can be sent out by email to administrators, and the users plus notifications can be customized.
  9. XML exports share them with your contacts.
  10. Captcha, ReCaptcha, 

These are the list of features can help you create the form in quick seconds.

As there are many been used over the years in Joomla. We will shift our concentration on the next popular Joomla Extensions being used over the year’s i.e.

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Breezing Form

It’s always good to know that there are alternatives. The breezing form is quite similar to Rsform the way how it works but, the result is semantic and accessible to screen readers. There are no limits you through almost anything and yet can manage even the most complicated tasks. It has one-page fancy scrolling forms. The forms are responsive itself. No need to have extra designers to spend time on making it available on Mobile devices.

Before we go ahead…let’s discuss more the eye-catching features that breezing form has:

You can build any form you can think of…

  • Form calculations
  • Payment forms
  • Contact forms
  • Google maps forms

Offers three modes for a user all shares same power but each has its taste.

  1. Quick mode:  For people who don’t want anything fancy just want to get done with the form quickly but nice looking.
  2. Easy mode: This mode is basically for the designers, Very simple but powerful in usage.
  3. Classic mode: WYSIWYG editor for creating forms.

Important features:

  •  Simple email system.
  • CSV, PDF & XML export
  • Responsive bootstrap support.
  • Dropbox integration
  • There is an inbuilt extension called Content builder that turns the breezing form into a mighty content construction kit (CCK).
  • Payment integration with PayPal and Direct Payment.
  • No 3rd party extension required it has its multi-language support.

It has much more features to look for… more we go more features we see. Like I said alternatives always feels good to aware of. As we sailing towards the end one of the popular components we have remaining i.e. Chronoforms

Let’s Discuss it.


One more ultimate Joomla form solution, the full range of form creations are possible such as contact form, payment form, article form, survey form and much more…This form has two setup modes, the normal with full capabilities option, and the other one is for the starters, wherein you just need to copy-paste the code into your “ChronoForms ‘Form Manager” in the backend, select your settings and hit save.

Check out feature chornoform provide listed below:

  • Style the form it has different form layout and styles with responsive bootstrap support.
  • Configurable email setups
  • Store user data or form data in Google sheets or database and fetch using the PDF, CSV files.
  • Security and spam prevention tools ReCaptcha, Captcha, Google noCaptcha, Security question.
  • Integrate your payments (Authorize.net – PayPal)
  • More features include File Downloads, File Uploads, date pickers widget, fields masks, Multi pages, Session read and write, dynamic fields events, Auto complete, page redirects , Email verification, Metadata control , Email encryption, and others.


Anikesh Tiwari (Joomla Developer)

Rahul Ahluwalia (Quality Analyst)

Let us do it for you if you don’t want to stick with coding and all stuff. We are Joomla Expert and can help you to integrate and design beautiful and professional form for your website. 

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