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7 Techniques To Generate More Leads From Your Website

In today’s globally competitive world, businesses need to have an online presence. Having a website allows businesses to reach customers from around the globe. However, having a well-functioning website won’t suffice. Your online presence must not only have good graphics or have informative content, but it must also turn visitors into leads.

Unfortunately, turning visitors into leads isn’t as simple as placing a call to action (CTA). But both the marketing and the web design team must do this strategically. To help you out, this article will present some techniques that you can apply so your website can generate more leads.

The lead generation process

Whether you are generating solar leads, or home improvement leads, or any other business leads, it’s important for you to know the lead generation process. This process basically contains two essential components: a CTA and the landing page. The CTA, which is placed on your pages or blog posts, can be understood as a button that directs customers to the landing page when they click on it.

The landing page, on the other hand, may include a form with the sole intention to collect the visitor’s contact information. Once visitors fill up this form, they’re now considered as leads. You can then use this information to inform your leads about upcoming sales and deals or new products.

How to generate more leads

Now that you have the basic idea concerning when an ordinary customer will turn into leads, it’s now time to capitalize on this and talk about how you can generate more prospects. To help you out, here are some techniques you can apply on your website:

Create quality content

To gain the trust of your visitors, you must appear as an expert in the industry. One way of gaining authority in your field is to create original and high-quality content, whether written or in video format.

7 Techniques To Generate More Leads From Your Website

Moreover, having quality content also means that you shouldn’t sound too promotional. Instead, use any form of content to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Your content must serve as a visitor’s resource when they’re looking to solve their pain points or answer queries about a product/service. It goes without saying; but your content must be well-written, original, and valuable. You want readers to actually read and comprehend what you’re saying.

Place importance on valuable pages

As mentioned above, adding the necessary forms is the critical moment of the lead generation process. With that in mind, you should know how to add forms to your valuable pages or those that get the most traffic.

In addition to your website, you can also benchmark the usual lead generators, which refers to places where businesses might attract web visitors. Here are some lead generators you can test:

  • Email: If you’re randomly sending out emails, there’s a chance that visitors may only get to know your website through this method. Hence, you need to attract more of them by sending them a compelling personalized email.
  • Social media: Since almost every consumer is on social media, it’s best to also look into this platform.
  • Live chat: Did you know that visitors may also stay longer on your site since your customer service team communicates with them via live chat or chat bots? Additionally, your in-house marketing team can also attract potential visitors by using auto dialer software. This software will take care of your outbound calls, which should boost your marketing team’s productivity and make your business appear more legitimate.
  • Blog posts: Lastly, having informative blog posts may also be the reason for your leads.

After identifying where most of your visitors come from, the next step to take is to ensure that the page is nurturing your visitor’s interest. For instance, if most of your web visitors come from your social media platforms, be continually active by keeping them updated on your business deals or sales.

On the other hand, if you realize that most of your leads are from your live chat software, then one of the best things you can do is to invest in a reliable predictive dialer. This tool transforms how you make calls in a way that you’ll no longer rely on your work or private phone to manually dial numbers, separating business and private life. Also, a good predictive dialer will have some call metrics available. These metrics can inform your agents when is the best time to make a call, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Design your site based on your customers

You must remember that you’re creating your website for your customers, not for your own good. This means that you must consider how they’ll experience and interact with your pages. So you’ll have to arrange your pages based on your prospects, not on your team.

As easy as this may sound, many companies still find this incredibly challenging. This is because one person or even an entire department may feel strongly against, say, your homepage’s visual aesthetics. In this case, always remind yourself, as well as your entire team, that the website should be about your prospects.

This principle can also be applied when you create blog posts. When writing your content, think about the language you’re using and which jargon or wording your buyers are comfortable with. Do remember that they may not be an expert in the industry, so you might as well avoid overly technical words.

Create a buyer persona

In relation to the technique previously mentioned, you may find it difficult to determine what your potential buyers know and what, as well as what will pique their interest. As a solution to this problem, consider creating a buyer persona.

Creating a buyer persona means crafting an ideal customer. This means that, when creating your website, you must always have a buyer in mind, which means considering the age, interests, hobbies, location, buying behavior, and more. Furthermore, you can also tap into your existing customers’ data so you can determine your ideal audience and what you should be giving them.

Having these necessary pieces of information allows you to tailor your products, services, content, and other web design elements to your potential customers’ needs.

Have a mobile-friendly and responsive site

In 2016, Google announced that they’re going to use a site’s mobile-friendliness as one of the factors when they index. Hence, in addition to having a well-functioning site on a desktop version, your website must also function well on a mobile device so it could be seen on the first pages of Google’s search results.

Because of this, it should be your initiative to create a responsive site, regardless if a visitor is using their phones or laptops. Having a responsive site means that your pages will automatically respond to the visitor’s screen size.

7 Techniques To Generate More Leads From Your Website

Why does this matter in lead generation? Take note that people are always browsing on their phones nowadays. Hence, they may not stay long or explore your offerings if your site won’t fit well on their device. Additionally, despite their interest in your offerings, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, they may find it difficult to find your CTAs as they have to zoom in or out. This results in frustration, which in turn discourages them from becoming leads.

With that said, you’d be better positioned if you consider redesigning your website so it can be mobile friendly. This move is also a worthy investment, given that mobile usage isn’t going anywhere.

Make your forms concise

Speaking of shunning away potential customers who are about to turn into leads, there’s nothing more frustrating than filling out long forms. Visitors won’t bother signing up if your sign-up form is way too long, as it can be misconstrued as additional work before they can inquire about your offering. As an alternative, try to make your forms short by only asking for the necessary information.

Strategically place your CTAs

Primarily, CTAs are there to tell your visitors about their next possible course of action. By strategically placing your CTAs, this means that you should ensure visitors can get from one page to another with ease.

For example, at the end of your About Us page, you can have a CTA concerning how visitors can contact you. This way, after they’re done reading what your business is all about and if they’re interested, they can easily find the button to ask more questions about your products and services.

Additionally, make sure your CTAs will stand out. This can be done by using the proper language, interactive QR codes and attractive colors..

Wrapping up

Indeed, having a website is essential in today’s business climate. However, your website can only work wonders if it’s able to optimally transform mere visitors into leads.

Fortunately, these seven techniques will serve as your stepping stone on how you can generate more leads from your website. From having the right aesthetics, quality content, and a mobile-friendly site to auditing on which platform you usually source your visitors—it’s always best to remember that your site is there for your customers. So you must make sure you always consider their experience when creating one.

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