We Keep Improving and Adding New Features to Astroid

Check out what we have changed and added to make the Astroid the most powerful Joomla Templating Framework
Version 2.5.419 August, 2021
  • Google Fonts
  • Known SCSS issue
Version 2.5.316 August, 2021
  • Tooltip added on Custom Social Profile
  • Joomla 4 Compatibility
  • PHP 8 Compatibility
  • Joomla v3.10
  • JD Builder v1.11.3 - Free
  • JD Simple Contact Form v1.9
  • JD Skill Set v1.7
  • JD Social Login v1.4
  • Register Login v1.14
  • Position of the dropdown menu
  • Custom codes are now working on the Error page
  • Countdown timer issue fixed on Comming soon page
  • Module Frontend issue fixed
  • Google font display improvements.
  • removed com_config folder (Path: html/)
Version 2.5.212 March, 2021
  • Joomla v3.9.25
  • PHP bug fixes
  • Font Awesome Preloader
Version 2.5.123 February, 2021
  • Frontend editing bug fixes for both J3 & J4
  • Menu type Separator bug fixed for J4
  • Banner layout minor improvements
  • Deleted form folder (Path: astroid_template_one/html/com_content/)
  • Deleted form folder (Path: astroid_template_one/html/layouts/joomla/)
  • Deleted email.php, print_popup.php, print_screen.php (Path: astroid_template_one/html/layouts/joomla/content/icons)
  • Print and Email options for blogs removed in J3
Version 2.5.017 February, 2021
Added Updated
  • Joomla v3.9.24
  • JD Builder v1.11.2
  • JD Register Login v1.13
  • Tag styling issue fixed
  • JS error with Calendar form field
  • Template component updated with scripts and styles
  • Astroid Media Manager issues
  • SEO URL Rewriting issue on error page
  • Menu Options fixed for the menu module especially for types Menu heading, Separator, URL
  • MegaMenu fixes for multi-language sites
  • Author info social icons bug fixed
  • Styling of Joomla's default Notice type messages
  • Templates Zero & One compatible with Joomla 4
  • Banner Height now for devices
  • Joomla 4 compatibility improved
  • Improved Button Accessibility
  • Skip non .css files while CSS Minification
  • Menu Title as a body class (Menu Title = About Us, Menu Alias = about-us)
  • html-j4 folder removed
Version 2.4.728 October, 2020
  • JD SkillSet v1.6
  • Font not loading
  • Div tag reverted back to Section tag
Version 2.4.623 October, 2020
  • Joomla v3.9.22
  • JD Builder v1.10.1
  • JD SkillSet v1.5
  • JD Register Login v1.12
  • JD Social Login v1.3
  • Clear cache improvements in both J3 & J4
  • Debug position fixed
  • Minor dropdown styling issue fixed in J4
  • Content Multicategories plugin conflict resolved
  • Module editing issue in J4 fixed
  • Caret missing from the dropdown menus
  • Google search console conflict fixed
  • Smooth scroll issue fixed in Sidebar Header style
  • Popper.js.map file missing issue
  • Social Icons accessibility
  • CSS file shift minor bug
  • Lazyload minor bug
  • W3C HTML markup bug
  • Blog page error
Version 2.4.502 October, 2020
  • Menu helper php bug fixed
Version 2.4.401 October, 2020
  • Custom Code on menu level
  • Option to disable/enable Bootstrap 4
  • JD Builder v1.9.0
  • JD Skillset v1.4
  • Mobile menu minor style change for Separator menu type
  • Flexibility to shift custom CSS file order
  • Mobile menu none, Off Canvas styling fixed
  • Minification conflict with RSS Feed
Version 2.4.315 September, 2020
  • PHP Bug
  • Page break error on J4 in Template One
  • Preset color in Template Zero
Version 2.4.214 September, 2020
  • Layout path new options added for override
  • JD Social Login v1.2
  • JD Skillset v1.2
  • Font Awesome v5.14.0
  • Google Fonts Updated
  • Modal popup not opening issue fixed
  • J4 Page Break issue fixed
  • Astroid plugin auto update
  • Layout path minor fixes made
  • Adding Multiple classes in Lazy Load issue fixed
  • Bootstrap extensions related issue fixed
  • Minify JS & CSS bugs fixed
Version 2.4.11 September, 2020
  • Leafo\ScssPhp\Compiler issue resolved
Version 2.4.01 September, 2020
  • Joomla 4 compatible
  • Presets
  • Custom Typography
  • Column Drag & Drop functionality added
  • Custom Color options added at Row & Element levels
  • Default font family added
  • Save indicator for signaling unsaved changes
  • Reset button added alongside slider fields
  • Subtitle option for sub menus
  • Block view 2 added in Sidebar Header
  • Article Type & Article badge now showing on Related articles
  • Astroid’s Article and Author Options in frontend editing are now optional
  • Review Article type Position option added
  • Custom Row for MegaMenu
  • Open Graph Options improved
  • Enable/ Disable the logo from header
  • Mobile Menu styling options added
  • Joomla v3.9.21
  • JD Builder v1.8.0
  • Bootstrap 4.5.0
  • JD Simple Contact Form v1.6
  • Disable options added for load Font Awesome
  • All major dependencies like Astroid Core (Options, Layouts and Base Styles), Bootstrap, etc. are moved from Template to Framework with override compatibilities.
  • Improved time To First Byte for fast page load
  • Custom and fully overridable SCSS structure with caching
  • Added custom margin & padding options on Row, Column & Element levels
  • Display message if there is no OffCanvas module
  • Facebook icon updated
  • Improved some of the layout icons #30
  • Load FontAwesome locally improved
  • Social icons issues updated
  • Astroid admin area (Template Options) has become more mobile friendly than before
  • Import & Export feature improvements
  • Minor Google font improvement
  • Menu level Blog Options updated
  • SVG media format supporting
  • Astroid Responsive Typography enhancements
  • Article backend options design changed
  • Minor sub-title changes for OffCanvas & Sidebar Header
  • Improved Frontend editing issues
  • Minor HoverIntent improvement
  • Off canvas link issue fixed
  • Author social profiles saving
  • Article level Image & Links option alignment fixed
  • Missing Preloader added
  • Horizontal menu style issue fixed
  • Custom fonts now working on Coming Soon & 404 pages
  • Article badge issue fixed
  • Article Rating position issue fixed
  • Multi-language mega menu issue fixed
  • Moving section changes are now saved
  • Minor issue with media modules on 404 page
  • Animation Delay & Speed improvements in layout builder
  • The id of generated HTML element’s is become shorter in length.
  • Article Type icon minor style change
  • OffCanvas external URL issue fixed
  • Privacy Link issue with Joomla Contact form fixed
  • Export compatibility issue in Firefox fixed
  • Corrected the place for Joomla Events Firing
  • tags.php file (Path: astroid-template-zero/html/layouts/joomla/content/tags.php)
  • Menu Title as a body class (Menu Title = About Us, Menu Alias = about-us)
  • $sticky-header-shadow, $sticky-header-border-bottom
Version 2.3.012 Deceember, 2019
  • Added the Responsive Typography
  • Added Margin & Padding options at Section level
  • Row level Design Options enabled
  • Added Background Image options on Banner Options tab - Menu Level
  • Hamburger icon color for both Offcanvas & Mobile menu color added
  • Mega menu tooltip added
  • Astroid Shortcut keys enabled. To view the list press Shift + ?
  • Clearing Astroid Cache now also clears Joomla Cache
  • 1 more Telegram social icon added
  • Joomla v3.9.13
  • JD Builder v1.3.0
  • Font Awesome v5.11.2
  • JD Simple Contact Form v1.4
  • Article blog options update on astroid admin panel
  • Blog options updated on Menu and Article Level
  • Sidebar header style updated
  • WhatsApp Social Link
  • Removed the extra default colors
  • Column size indications on layout added
  • Banner Title options issue resolved
  • Notice display after update AstroidMenu.php file
  • Inline CSS on banner removed
  • Missing classes added in modules.php
  • Dropdown menu issue with IE fixed
  • Caret hidden when end level is limited
  • Removed the empty rulesets
  • Horizontal header now centered on mobile view
  • Dropdown spacing issue
  • Video working for video type articles
Removed All you need to know about Astroid Files
Version 2.2.322 July, 2019
  • JD Builder
  • offline.php file added
  • Placeholder added in icon class for custom Social profiles
  • FontAwesome files are now loaded locally and NOT via CDN
  • FontAwesome animations added in the preloader
  • Ability to disable keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom badge Text Color field added
  • FontAwesome Library updated
  • Sidebar header not collapsable upto laptop screens
  • Improved spacing between menu items after dropdown arrow disabled
  • External URL for smooth scroll fixed #58 #60
Version 2.2.228 June, 2019
  • Smooth Scroll feature added. Demo
  • Form folder added in HTML folder
  • Now use keyboard shortcuts to save Astroid settings and clear cache, save the backend settings with Ctrl+ S and clear cache with Delete
  • Update FontAwesome v5.9.0 in Astroid
  • Updated the Drop down menu settings with better settings on arrow and other styling.
  • Language improvements.
  • You can now create folders with numbers in the folder name in the Media Manager
  • Frontend article editing
  • Open Graph settings are now visible at article level.
  • Featured article count now visible.

Note: Patch file is only for those users who are using just one version older of the template and not for versions before that. Also upgrade the framework to the latest version.

Example: If you are using Astroid template version 2.2.1 then use the patch file to upgrade to v2.2.2. Not valid for v2.2.0 and before it.

Version 2.2.114 June, 2019
  • Compatible with JD Builder & Quix.
  • Set separate background colors for Sticky Header.
  • Banner is now visible on the main page and all its linked pages
  • Ability to use images(gif, jpg or PNG) as preloaders.
  • Ability to load modules on the error page.
  • Added label to the dates in a Blog.
  • Joomla v3.9.8 Updated in QuickStart.
  • Support for listing SVG, webp & tiff for images and ogg & webm for videos in the media manager. You still can't upload SVG's but if uploaded through FTP, they will be listed and can be selected through Astroid's media manager.
  • JD Profiler v1.2 Updated in QuickStart
  • Media manager file path improved.
  • Sticky logo on mobile issue fixed.
  • Delete row button issue fixed. https://www.joomdev.com/forum/astroid-framework/3199-delete-row-how-button-disappears#15091
  • Featured article listing is now fixed, giving you the exact number of leading, intro, column and links selected in the menu item.
  • isis.js file is now only rendering for editor-xtd plugin popups on the frontend, thus ending the JS conflict with EasyBlog, JoomDonation and other 3rd party components that use tmpl=component for rendering.
  • Minor known fixes.
Version 2.2.006 May, 2019
  • New header layout added - Sidebar view
  • Theming options added (user can now easily change the template theme color)
  • Row level settings added to Layout
  • Off canvas opening direction
  • Background options added for 404 page
  • FontAwesome v5.8.1 Updated
  • 9 New Google Fonts Updated
  • Mega menu active link color
  • Language improvements
  • Added the missing class "module-title" on split-title module style
  • Missing color option on Background images
  • Dropdown Arrow background color
  • Removed the duplicate "/" from logo URL
  • Removed the duplicate "/" from logo URL
Note: After updating please read the post. Click here
Version 2.1.105 April, 2019
  • Added row level setting option.
  • Added Background Colour option for the background image
  • D Simple Contact Form v1.3
  • Banner options improvements
  • YouTube videos are now working.
  • Language declaration in HTML tag
  • Fixed Stacked Separated header style
  • Mega menu "On Click" working for its submenu items
  • Disabled the dropdown width for "Container" and "Full Width"
  • Astroid menu icons visible after saving
Version 2.1.014 March, 2019
  • Custom fonts (You can upload font files to the fonts folder of your template and can use them in Astroid)
  • Ability to disable Astroid backend pre-loader (You can easily disable it via plugin manager. Search for Astroid Plugin
  • OG for all menu items enabled
  • Added the hover and click options in megamenu as well as for the dropdown
  • Menu Start and End Level on both mobile and site menus
  • 2 New Preloaders added
  • Blog Options also on Featured Articles
  • Added the Gradient option in the layout editor and enabled all the other options(none. color, video & image) at each level
  • Added French, German, Italian, Polish and Russian language translations for Astroid
  • Joomla v3.9.4 Updated in QuickStart
  • Register Login Module 1.11 updated in QuickStart
  • JD Simple Contact Form v1.2 updated in QuickStart
  • Font Awesome Library updated to 5.7.2
  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.3.1
  • Mega menu issues fixed
  • Multiple custom badges on category layout now work fine within an individual color
  • Custom CSS generated through typography is now written in a random CSS file instead of the output directly
  • Frontend issues fixed
  • getTemplate(true) issue fixed
  • Joomla Menu Item Level image issue fixed
  • Date-time picker fixed
  • Coming soon time-zone fixed
  • Typography Field minor bug fix
  • Changed Read time icon
  • astroidradio field now works in Popup too
  • Improved the Mobile menu
  • Custom SCSS file now working
  • Fixed the alignment of Logo-text tagline
  • Code editing popup now open to full screen
  • Internet Explorer Menu styling now fixed
  • Internet Explorer Menu styling now fixed
  • Frontend iFrame preview removed (future feature, was slowing the backend)
  • jqery.jddrop.js file from the template folder. Path: astroid-template-zero/js/vendor/jqery.jddrop.js
Version 2.0.203 November, 2018
  • Overrides compatible with Joomla 3.9
  • Fixed Mobile menu issue.
  • Improved Articles badge issue.
  • Improved Article rating issue.
  • Improved Dropdown menu.
Version 2.0.101 November, 2018
  • Added Global badge option in Article/Blog.
  • Added Global badge option in Article/Blog.
  • Joomla 3.9 updated in quickstart package.
  • Animate.css updated to v3.7.0.
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • FontAwesome updated to v5.4.2.
  • Register Login module v1.10 updated in the quickstart package.
  • Related posts view improved.
  • Tag Positioning Fixed.
  • Column level responsive settings bug fixed.
  • Article rating improved. All settings are inherited from the Core Joomla Vote plugin now.
  • Removed the duplicated modules_suffix class in the overrides.
  • Removed _custom.scss file (Path: astroid_template_zero/scss/_custom.scss)
  • Removed Removed file (Path: astroid-template-zero/frontend/blog/modules/rating.php)
Version 2.016 October, 2018
  • Animation delay now possible on columns, section & element level.
  • Animation delay now possible on columns, section & element level. Astroid now comes with inbuilt integration for the following article types.
    Video :: Add youtube or vimeo video (demo: http://bit.ly/2yDmuhH).
    Gallery :: Create an image carousel (demo: http://bit.ly/2yGIDvB).
    Audio :: Add Sound Cloud or Spotify audio (demo: http://bit.ly/2OsaNF9).
    Review :: Add a review with rating's (demo: http://bit.ly/2ynSerL).
    Quote :: Add a beautiful quote with author's name (demo: http://bit.ly/2J0qYUj).
  • Custom badges for articles (Editor's Choice, Best Seller, Best Price, Hot. Trending, Custom)
  • Open graph : Add custom open graph title, image and description for each article.
  • Column responsive settings : Manage width of each column for all bootstrap breakpoints.
  • Contact information icon color picker added : easily change color of the contact information section icons now.
  • Custom color options in column level.
  • Refresh button added in media manager.
  • Menu module overrides added.
  • JD Simple Contact Form added in quickstart package.
  • JD Profiles lite added in quickstart package.
  • JD SkillSet added in quickstart package.
  • Added option to display social icons on coming soon page.
  • Joomla 3.8.13 updated in quickstart package.
  • IE11 compatibility issues fixed.
  • Header Block module title issues fixed.
  • SP Page Builder compatibility issues fixed.
  • Module title now displays for modules rendering in the Mega menu.
  • Template COPY issue fixed (copying a template from Joomla template manager failed earlier).
  • Improved Frontend UI
  • Improved Backend UI
  • Improved mod_articles_categories overrides
  • Improved search module
  • Improved Search Results page
  • Improved Language
  • Improved Typography
  • Improved articles latest module overrides
  • AcyMailing from QuickStart Package
  • ChronoForms from QuickStart Package
  • Pagination overrides deleted (Path: html/layout/joomla/pagination)
  • media.php overrides deleted (Path: html/mod_articles_latest/)
  • mod_custom overrides deleted from quickstart package (Path: html/mod_custom)
Version 1.3.031 August, 2018
  • Column Level Class and ID
  • Column Level Class and ID banner title input field.
  • Functionality to add Custom CSS and JS files. #15
  • FontAwesome updated to 5.3.1
  • Joomla 3.8.12 updated in quickstart package
  • Register Login 1.9 updated in quickstart package
  • Coming Soon page fixed
  • Error page Typography fixed
  • Debug & Error reporting is now working on Error page
  • Setting export functionality fixed for Firefox alt text
  • Mobile menu issue fixed
  • Body background color issue fixed in boxed layout
  • Body background color issue fixed in boxed layout #16
  • Removed error.php file from template frontend folder.
Version 1.2.116 August, 2018
  • Split title module chrome Added
  • Split title module chrome Added
  • Duplicating Astroid Template issue resolved #12
Version 1.2.014 August, 2018
  • Custom Grid Options Added
  • Section Color Options Added
  • Sub level Menu Options Added
  • Custom Social Profile Option Added
  • Column Resizing Logic updated
  • Font Awesome Library updated
  • Fix Typography issues #10
  • Moved all astroid based templates params to #__astroid_templates table.
  • Astroid footer section renamed to copyright section and merged in miscellaneous
  • Footer Color Option removed
Version 1.1.306 August, 2018
  • Frontend folder override functionality added.
  • WhatsApp language Added
  • Missing Social icons added in Social Profile list
  • px, em, rem, pt, % Units added in Typography
  • Language filtered
  • Banner Element improved
  • Joomla 3.8.11 compatible
  • Social Profile list ordering improved
Version 1.1.230 july, 2018
  • Frontend and Backend RTL Compatible
  • Custom CSS and SCSS functionality added. (Now, you can create your own custom CSS and SCSS file)
  • Bootstrap version updated to v4.1.3
  • Google font loading bug fixed
Version 1.1.123 July, 2018
  • VK Social profile Added
  • Close icon(X) on offcanvas and mobile menu Added
  • Favicon added on 404 page
  • Sticky header Improved
  • Main menu Color improvement
  • Removed extra container from Stacked Layout
  • Removed default location and phone number from Contact information
  • Removed extra margin on logo from Stacked Style 2
Version 1.1.017 July, 2018
  • Section container layouts with more options
  • Frontend editing overrides
  • Added Banner Element
  • Added Banner option in Menu item settings
  • Added Flickr icon to the Social Profiles
  • Updated language file
  • Some other bug fixed
  • Backend UI/UX improved
  • Column calculation with component area
  • Astroid admin security
  • CRSF Token on post requests
  • Import/Export buttons for better positioning.
Version 1.0.203 July, 2018
  • Critical and minor HTML bug resolved
Version 1.0.101 July, 2018
  • Default Parameter updated
  • Off-Canvas and Mobile Menu bug fixed
Version 1.0.028 June, 2018
  • Astroid Framework Initial Release.

Astroid Framework is loaded with features you need to set up a highly functional Joomla website.